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honest reviews and advice. Ha! Hello! Hah ha! Hold tight! And welcome to today's video. Oh, my God! Today, we're going to be looking at automatic air . Now, you might've seen one of these in your heating system somewhere or anywhere that needs air venting from it automatically. This is a bottle-type air vent, so we're going to have a
look at this one today.



Also, what I'm going to tell you how to fit these onto your system. And, more importantly, where you're likely to need to fit them. These can save you a lot of time when it comes to filling
up a heating system, and obviously you can see
if you have any air locks because automatically even air out of high-out parts of pipework. So, let's have a look at where we can fit these in, and also how . It's going to be a bit of a weird video because my wisdom tooth is playing up and it hurts like merry hell. So, I've taken loads of painkillers and put stuff on the tooth, so I can actually talk to you normally, which is obviously a great relief for you, but not for my wife. Anyway, let's go and enjoy the video! And, enjoy learning
about these! Hold Tight! So, firstly, the good thing about automatic air is, if you have any kind of run of pipe that goes up and down, or up and down like that. A lot of the time, they'll have an actual
manual air vent on top.



And, a lot of the time, the complete incomparable
idiot who put the system in, didn't put an automatic air vent in, or any air vent at all. So, another time what you'll do is you'll be installing a tee, either soldered or compression, but try to use solder. It's better. And, then you're going to instal your automatic air vent in the top, so that can actually let air out of the system. Now, the thing about
automatic air is, that they're automatic because
they shut themselves off when water comes into the system. Very, very simple how they do it. They have a small float of air inside, so when water comes up to that float, the float lifts up and
shuts the valve off. Now, the automatic air vent
I've got with us today, I'm actually going to
cut in half in a minute, so you can have a look inside and gives you a really good idea about how they . Now, there's a couple of things you need to remember
about automatic air vents.


They can sometimes get slightly blocked up at the bottom, which means they don't fully shut off. Now, they have thought about this and it can happen. Is they've left this top nipple or nut, so you can actually undo it and do it up, and actually seal it because they do sometimes go wrong. So, anything with a moving part and especially if you've got water in it, they can often clog up and get dirty and go wrong like that. So, you'll be looking
at having an air vent on a high piece like this. There is another thing you need to consider
about automatic air vents, especially when they're near the pump of a heating system. So, if you've got your pump here like this and it's pumping water this way, you really, really, really, really don't want to put your air vent on here, okay. You do not want your
automatic air vent there because what can happen is because it's pumping water here, it can sometimes drag down our air flow.

And, actually allow air
to go into the system and off and around. So, you don't ever want to that. Always try to put your automatic air vent on the pressure side of the pump. You can find that out if you look on the side
of your pump yourself. And, I've got one here. You can find out which
side your pump's going, and have a small arrow on it like that, and that will tell you.

So, we don't want our air vent here, but we do want it here, okay, because the water's being pushed and it'll push that up. So, let's have a look inside this automatic air vent quickly. And, give you a quick idea about how they . So, like we said earlier, on firstly, we have our small nipple that we can do up and undo. They've very kindly put small holes in the ends of it.

So, we can pop this down on here like so. And, tighten that up on to that. And, that will stop any air coming out, should it leak all the the time. Also, on the bottom of this one here, you've got straight-on 15 mil compression fitting. Now, a lot of the time you'll but a new automatic air vent. And, they'll not actually have this. Sometimes, they'll just have the half-inch male thread, which is annoying, because you've then got to buy a female thread to 15 mil adapter, or sometimes they'll actually have a small adapter with it already that has a kind of a
small valve jumper in it. Now, the idea of that is, that you don't have to turn the water off or drain the heating system down to remove, or maybe replace, or service the air vent.


The idea is that you
slowly undo the thread and as you're undoing it, the valve jumper comes up, its got a small rubber O-ring on it and that seals the water from coming out. Regardless of whether you think its got a valve jumper or not, don't take the risk, okay. I recommend you drain down the system, dissipate the pressure before you remove or do anything to these. Don't trust the small valve jumper that it might have on it, okay. So, let's cut this apart and have a good look in here.

So, put this little piece in here and start to cut. (saw running) (screeching) So, here we have the piece. This plastic piece stays up here, and as you can see, we've got our float in here. So, on the bottom if there's air in here, this float will just drop
to the bottom like that, act on this small arm here, and then let air out of the system through the hole at the top. Now, as water comes up
into the bottom chamber, it pushes this float up like this. And, acts on this white arm here to shut that valve off. And, then allow no air
to come out anymore. So, as soon as this fills up with water, that goes strip and just
shuts off like that. You see the way it works in that little arm there. Just boop right that. Shuts this valve off.

So then when there's water in here, it can turn off and you won't have loads
of water coming out. Now, as I said, you can sometimes have
a problem with these. But, a lot of the times though, it'll actually get stuck up like this. Just make sure as you go around, grab yourself a hammer and just tap these around, and that sometimes helps there. And, also the other annoying thing that can happen is these can actually allow
water to still come by, but then you've got the backup of having our small nipple on here, being able to do that up and then turn that off. So, there you go! That's how these small automatic air vents work. You can see now inside
how the gubbings all work and everything like that. These are often used on horizontal runs of pipes that especially used in bungalows, where you've got long
runs of horizontal pipe that do a slight lift up in the middle, and they'll put the
automatic air vents there.

If you've got an automatic
air vent like this in the run of pipe going up to it, try and get it about a foot above the pipe you're trying to vent. And, then also put a small isolation valve in there as well. So, if you've got any problems, you can turn the isolation valve off whip this out, have a look at it, and then give them a good
go and over like that. If you think we missed anything out today, do let us know.

You can comment on the videos. You can get to us in a load of different ways. First, you can visit our
website, Remember that you can
subscribe to our videos. We upload every week, or we try anyway. I think I've done quite well actually for somebody's who's got a toothache today, I think. Maybe, it's all the
beer I've been drinking. You could also as ever get a hold of us on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Give us a laugh on Facebook. Do both. You guys send us those pictures of the plumbing disasters you've been coming up against, or all the crazy things you see on a daily basis, which we re-tweet on our Twitter and our Facebook accounts, so you can see that. And as ever, if you've got any problems, you can ask the , so you can ask us on the comments section below, or you can do that on
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And, if it's a good enough question, and we think that it's broad enough and it will help out, we'll answer it in our next Ask a video. I'll see you guys later! I'm actually going to go and have an absolute wild of a time out in the sunshine. And, it's going to be an absolute class way to spend the day. You know– In fact should we get George, he's not been on for a while, has he. Yeah, buddy! Want some scrubs G? Big G scrubbies, get your gut out. Look at that. Meow. George is particularly proud at the moment because he left me a little package on the drive in the form of a dead mouse with its guts ripped out. George, say hello to all the people. Everyone, see you later. Hold tight!,
honest reviews and advice..

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