Luigi’s Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To… A Pipe?! – Plumbers Majestic - Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

Luigi’s Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To… A Pipe?!

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

So. Let'' s finish where we left off. We ' re decreasing to the. Armory Space. What took place? How did that even happen? Oh, I need to obtain discharged. That'' s why I obtained what I was doing. If you copulate and also you fire, I wear ' t assume there ' s any type of near right here. Where is the closest one? Probably in that hallway. Or the grandma or the resting space, as, I suppose.Yeah, that ' s kind of bothersome.'Mm hmm. So this space might not be that
since they'' re done in chess, so it suggests you can sort of control. Right below. Wonderful. It still functions, also though it'' s not dark. I presume they all do that.
I believe that electricity is regulated by ghosts. Currently I make use of simply candle lights therefore I think they might warrant it like, oh, it'' s not the electricity. The electricity is functioning. It ' s simply, uh, they block any resource of light with their macabre powers. Something dumb like that. Since if not, just obtain a generator and also fix this shit from day one.Okay, we have fire. We require, like, different elements in the very same area. That would certainly be so stupid. If it ' s single one by one. I got not a problem. I got no problem with it. Enjoy him do that throughout the day. His body and the roof of the skies. Hmm. What ' s up with him? Oh,'it ' s his. The shield is type of like in his spawn location on the ground, I guess. I guess not. There'' s no armor there. Doesn ' t seem like it'' ll exist unless they spawn together randomly. Mm. If we can regulate it with packages. We'' re all excellent. Begin. Oh. Oh. Pretty tidy to me.
I don ' t think so far I need to make those five. Yeah. Nothing in there. Nothing in there. Nobody in here. Not'significantly to speak of.
Don ' t get struck by the stupid mace at an unusual angle.
Your vacuum cleaner can cause it if you had enough

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

time.They ' re breaking my sock rather conveniently, though usually they'' re not that experienced at it. What the heck am I doing? As well as I'' ll turn about. You desire in below? Mm hmm. Sort of perplexed by this frown. I wear'' t recognize where they are. Yeah. . I ' m not seeing anymore boxes. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. What is this? You have to draw the
mirror off for one reason or another. I wear'' t truly see what I would do. Perhaps I have to hit the piece of armor. You can consider what else would certainly be. I must place down my vacuum so I don'' t obtain hit from a distance. Oh, no. These points, anything but this. I was hoping not to see anymore of these till Vanguard or Fox claim one of the most bothersome adversary in video gaming history. But that they'' re hard. They ' re simply curious as hell. Okay. That ' s fine. Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm. It ' s fine. This area is simple. Individually is always very easy. Mm hmm. Oh, spunk. Mm. Switch and also interactive gameplay yet again. Incredible. Oh, what a fantastic technician.
Which is possibly not mull over, however they probably simply didn ' t. think about this with the 200 out there.In truth, if someone discovered this, they probably would have gone. out of their way to repair them. Mm hmm. Right. Mm hmm. It ' s great. It adds a strange, intriguing layer of obstacle. with needing to save your resources. I sort of like it. Initially,.
I was puzzled, but then I discovered.
exactly how to truly conserve my aspects. Mm hmm. So assume around. Ideally there'' s not an additional one. You imply a few of the huge blue one? That kind of thing? Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Virtually. Mm hmm. Mm. Hmm. Hmm, hmm. Hmm. That'' s great. And this set I should. You reached be kidding me. Yet I presume I have enough. It ' s just tiresome
to rest right here throughout the day. doing that. Mm hmm. Mm hmm'. Mm hmm.
I virtually put on ' t wish to conserve it,. however I possibly should prior to the man is in situation he does some silly

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

cheese as well as destroys me. Keep going. Maintain it going. Obtain them on the ones in the sixties. for the hundredth time. Mm hmm. So , so tough. What a fucking adversary to eliminate. And it'' s truly includes in the experience,. doesn ' t it? Oh, this is just how I liked it, also. Of that was when the very first one was dead, as well as. I'didn ' t think I ' d have to encounter anymore.
I recognize I need to visit my granny,. yet that component is fine. There ' ll be like three together,. and also I can most likely simply, you know, space them out in the space. Mm hmm. Please, say goodbye to in this room. Please, say goodbye to. I can ' t take any type of more now. Hmm. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Thank God. What ' s next? You type of

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

hit this middle on.Dude, what? Are you major? I could really run out of fire. if they'' re all going to resemble that. Hmm. What the heck am I such as? This is the tiresome area, the most convenient however one of the most tough examination of patience.
you'' ll ever experience in life. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Oh, crap. I need to just go afk as well as do something.
after I tap the t-shirt, however I have to hold back my flashlight though, also, at the exact same time,.
however. As well as you have to bind rather well.

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

Hmm. Mm hmm. Are they all going.
to be like this? Mm hmm. I can'' t also think. Mm hmm. Look just how little fire I'' ve made use of. I ' m actually obtained it conserving it currently. Mm hmm. This is so excellent. Like, I
might obtain two even more,. perhaps also three even more, possibly 2 to 1. I put on ' t wish to have to do that. Mm hmm.

I obtain soft light on this area. since I don ' t have sufficient fire. So stupid. Hmm. Hmm.
Hmm hmm hmm. Hmm hmm hmm hmm. As well as this wouldn ' t be really hard. in the initial hidden estate either, since, you recognize, these points have no home, so. it ' s not like it ' s hard that method either.'They ' re strike patterns are simple. They'don ' t have any assistance. Hmm. What ' s the point.
in placing this many around, specifically when you can control. their generates by hitting them like that? Just how several could be lost? There could be three laughs. Oh, yeah. Oh, dude. What are you doing in there? Mm hmm. This is the giant space, as it shall now be named. Eternity. Hmm. I'' m in fact stressed I may lack fire.
if there'' s two more. Mm'hmm. It ' s actually spectacular. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I indeed. If there'' s an additional one', I ' ll presume there ' s 2 even more. and try to obtain them both at'once.That ' s the only means I can save this. Mm hmm. So silly. I indicate, I can ' t even think it in fact shocked by this room. That would be the most convenient room ever before,.
because all you have to do is secure zero gulps absolutely no. Wellness goes so stupid. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Hmm hmm hmm. Well, allow'' s see where we are. Oh, yeah. Possibly this is the last one. I imply, it type of has to be. Mm hmm. Oh, wow. What an odd area. There were just, like,.
2 actual ghosts with HP. Yeah. As well as they weren'' t even especially difficult. Like, the getting kind. Mm hmm. I guess I'' m overstating.
just how hard those are normally, however, since having the added health and wellness.
truly makes them a higher risk. As well as the initial.
you might just tank their heads due to the fact that they have extremely reduced quantities.
8, ten and 20.

By right here with 200, you actually need to account.
for them in the long term. That changes your entire viewpoint on it. Can we just finish this? Mm hmm. Mm hmm. 10 more, 9 more are one and 6. So still. I'' m going to be cheeky and also just. Whatever bites out or something,.
I better simply appreciate. Mm hmm. Okay. I obtained it. Might not even lead to the following space,.
but it would certainly simply make good sense if it there. Yet why don'' t we conserve by taking a move? Oh, it remains in the basement with the fuck. Don’t bother the. We do a cellar room, then we can make use of the mirror due to the fact that they'' re great and put on their. Oh, we obtained it. She wasn'' t really also attempting to wonder if you can do it.
with the cloth at the ideal angle. Most likely not. Exists a little openings in it? Obtain some assistance and conserve. Oh. This will certainly be the various other space,.
not the Eskimo area, I assume. I think that comes last prior to Van Gogh or they'' re connected in some way, I think, or at the very least they'' re two of the strongest market.
ghosts in the game.Well.

Eskimo ones. Excusable because he doesn'' t spawn. in the ads, obviously. So it'' s absolutely nothing.
like any of the typical bits are a joke. The only point that'' s hard in this are the truth in great deals. So let'' s drop to the basement. On the left side.
I am going to require. a couple extra alcohol, yet I can get them whatever at the

end. if I have there.This area is mosting likely to be a problem.
with the silly dirt to make it through. Oh, this spunk. They maintain baiting me.
through those traps. If you gon na like the excellent angle,.
we'' re not opposed to obtaining him in. He'' s just mosting likely to escape like a bitch. When can you just hear him usually.
whistling such as this? I guess I normally wear'' t. time out it in a tranquil setting similar to this. That is unusual, though. You hear this on the pause? Me? Well, can we defeat this dust mask? Since I can'' t fucking move. Yeah.

Like the appropriate angle. Right there. Right there. Actual farther away. Yes', well, as we can currently, I'' m not getting blue ball. I ' m getting blue balled. Obtain it. Is there booze? Yeah.
I believed the dirt morphs there. as well as so there ' s insufficient space for it. So you either off the display. Okay. So we can'' t go that means due to the fact that
. it bugs out and I get stuck on the roadway problem addressing for the last time. Emergent vibrant gameplay for the win. Oh, spunk. Just how do I get this done? It just blows up as well as breaks down.
on the wall. Oh, my God. You go by doing this. I just stepped over it in some way. And it froze momentarily there. I think it'' s right here. I assumed that was it. It must be. Ha ha. Right. So I put on'' t know what ' s going to remain in shop below. Oh, spunk. We do a triple take for all memory.
I mean, sort of a tight area'. to deal with below. Oh, I ' m not even going
to be able to do it unless there ' s a component in here,. because, I imply, I ' m in shock that. Yeah, there'are component ghosts. It ' d behave. if I could see what ' s happening, actually. Yet,'like, where ' s the ice? Right there. The ice. Ice? Well, a minimum of now I know I can use it', I
presume, as'much as I desire. What ' s that? Where is'it coming from? Where is the ice

house coming from? If I do these and afterwards it ' s. not there anymore, it ' s something behind that box. I ' ll simply assume. it ' s always going to exist. Take a look at that. And also simply use as long as I'want, I. Maintain going back and forth between them. Do it the whole way. If been running so difficult. So hard. Wow. Running. I ' m frozen in concern of the rise this silly ramp though if I ' m going

to but I can ' t get the in high gear take zero take I simply suck them. Ah, the foolish ass. ramp up there, the very first collection of a third one, which you are assuming a little bit regarding for a little bit. But I got upstairs. That was my actual schedule there. Like, can I stay up? Avoid of the resort by the bomb? Right here ' s the ice I was searching for. It vanished. I was right here on this pet crate, I guess. So can I. Can ice these clowns down? You can truly do as much as you are at the watch. See to it you put on'' t miss out on a
place. or you'' re dead. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We. All right. It'' s not that difficult'. It ' s simply type of caught me unsuspecting. And I'' m glad I learned.
where the aspect is. So we can depend on that. Our surviving the dust space, though. All right, let'' s go. As well as try to be a bit tricky with our approach. Technique with.
this is you reached say a little bit further away.

Or else it doesn'' t register, naturally,.
since you'' re greater off the ground. Yet of program. Obviously. Where the fuck is all right? We'' re just the same with it. Simply respond.
when you leave the room anyway. So it'' s not like it ' s. worth clearing out as soon as, I wear ' t think. But you are up leading with a great deal of talent. So silly. As well as he'' s got over that leading right stuff, right? Yeah. By that. Allow ' s see if we don ' t relocation'. What happened was whatever ' s great. Yeah, every little thing ' s fine. Thank you. Apparently I can'' t see anything new. I feel in one’s bones it ' s like anything. except at the video game, apparently. What am I doing? Oh, I can just rest below and spam.
the ice all day. Like I don'' t have to do me out. If you in backward and forward, back and also forth,. you can use as long as you desire. It doesn ' t also matter. I suggest, you obtained to get the timing.
kind of right. Oh, well, then when we run out, we can just reset.Do it once again. Yeah. You believe a great time.
is that he truly dropped near it once again? They'' re all on one side also. So it should be easy sufficient to claim I shed my setting. I keep spinning around for no factor. He'' s rotating around for no factor. No factor. There could be multiple seasons. I'' m not making up bars. Just how careless I'' m. being with my health. I'' d say they ' re all obtaining quite reduced. Fill up once more. I think I can ' t. He just stuck over there. Well, extraordinary. I actually conserved some of my worst. efficiencies for in 2014. I was getting cocky with that.Oh, you understand, what am I doing? We. It is the simplest him. You can just abuse the eyes. Just how am I being successful? Hmm. Mm hmm. Oh. I need to simply go in with an element.
so I don'' t also need to fret about it. Sort of. I see you going on fire, I guess. Well. It doesn'' t actually matter. They ' re not flamingos. They'' re simply normal penguins. Yeah. Manage the dirt, employer. Once again. That'' s the hardest boss of the
video game. surviving this darn dust.Dust devil.

Um. Uh. Should we go now? I'' m over every one of them. Probably blowing the game out. Oh. Yeah. Let'' s obtain him out there. Got him out here. Got to be a little bit farther away. They'' re attempting to even obtain the individuals to vanish right below to this silly. He'' s messing up my vehicle locks on them. If they'' re in your variety, he constantly gets on top of this one.
in some way. I may just be supported really supply. However he didn'' t raise on it this time around. Let ' s claim you decreased there the first point you. Oh. Okay. Come on. He'' s hopped up on that particular negative child.
whenever thus far. What the hell is? To greater. I put on'' t understand what the point of making.
you do that every single time truly is.All right. Wait the entry in the meantime. Remove this dumb eco-friendly. I imply, that was rather much inevitable. Basically. I imply, actually unavoidable. Divine spunk. It'' s mosting likely to be hostile.'I wear ' t understand what the fuck else to do. We can take them out.
prior to they take us out. I presume if we simply go complete aggro and my patience has reached its absolute restriction. Silly ass purple goats. I don'' t also care. if I hit this fucking piano. This room is not worthy of my life. Just walk in as well as you are under. In some way she didn'' t pass away there. See what ' s taking place as well as I'' m down to 10 HP and also I want to, if I can try. Oh, yeah. Now I'' m doing my worst now. Yes, I might finish it tomorrow, but, man, I simply desired to be in advance of routine. Make up for the other day. Mm hmm. John. There was something currently.

I mean, this is so simple. I can do it.
conventionally, like with no elements. Yet for the 2nd part, you know. Hmm. Among the stupidest again. All do I have sitting area and the woman vendor and also the pottery area. That'' s four and 5. 6 right here. That will be the Eskimo Pie. Can'' t obtain as well close. Otherwise it doesn'' t job. Then they morph right into another airplane of presence. Get out of the method. You hit that? Hit him with that said. He must die in one hand. Whatever. Dumb round. Begin. I get up on top of the. Not functioning any longer. I functioned the first 2 times without me.
even trying.Am I mosting likely to be able to cite this set? What the heck? Oh, my. I just discovered so difficult to inform. It'' s an awkward angle. Come on. Oh, my. Hmm. Oh, nice. Nice begin. A-plus. Badgered out'. I can ' t up the door. As I occurred in a very long time.
It in fact happened in the sapphire. and a pair of times, yet not when I actually counted. That'' s the only bug whining around.
this entire point is occasionally the. I couldn'' t pick up the letter,.
but that was conveniently fixed.I simply took a min. And also after that you can ' t occasionally doors arbitrarily, which after a really challenging. space can be a buzzkill.
However after that you can ' t go out and conserve it. also as you catch the boo
. However after that if you. leave the area, you ' re stuck. It ' s just irritating. What I'' m saying is this is the worst river.
to have to come through each time to you are the component. However I'' m not stressed over it. We ' re not going to be able.
to ever catch this man.

It appears like I'' m exactly on it.
Well,. you got to keep moving at an unusual angle, and I'' m like, there. This one is exceptionally annoying to do. I extremely. I indicate, like, virtually impossible. Yeah. I'' m not bothered with you. Yeah. So let'' s not also worry about the ice.
today. Let'' s simply attempt to see'. if we can ' t obtain these any type of excellent tae kwon do. They maintain going forever? Yeah, that'' s the impression I'' m obtaining. They may just come over. Which would certainly be fair.
for this part of the video game, truthfully. Around. I had a possibility. You therefore practically got struck there. These bombs are actually poor in a space.
such as this. We could. I presume it secured me there a little. That gives me resistance. Maybe I can do it in this way. So there'' s no stage two, for God'' s sake. As well as to be truly angry here, to simply reveal.
I can do it like this if I needed to. The bomb hit me, so it conserved me from that. I believe they have as long as I desire. They'' re not there

now.And I understand this so silly. Why am I similar to this? Triple take. Dual take. At least you got to begin right here. You got to take place. Darn. Press me right in the fucking edge. You'' re pretty low, however I can ' t get you. Hit me with the bomb See me now put on'' t hit me with the bomb Wait ones. The ones that put on ' t obtain hit by the bomb mosting likely to Iran. Double take, please offer me some hearts. You'' ll obtain that target, that hard, really dangerous territory,.
as well as they'' ll drop like that. Please choose it up as well as determine what didn'' t pick it up. And I got hit attempting to choose it up and also we. Easy area. Easy room? Yeah. I'' m sure there ' s much more encounters here. This is what always takes place. I start a new space'. I believe it ' s going to be easy.Hmm. We actually only have 3 more areas that can potentially.
be testing this one. Van Gore and the resting room.
prior to the little lady in bed. The lady in bed, Eskimo.
as well as the pie are all going to be very easy. The ladies are constantly quite easy. The 3 more areas. That'' s all we require. This is among them. So you can abuse the components.

If I intend to maintain a great deal of fire, I play, but I'' m not doing as well good. The most likely be this into the sitting room or area. Those 2 might connect as well as then I believe.
you deal with to ask all last and after that you got the location or ultimately. Maintain it going. Keep it limited. Think you can get closer at the end? Possibly when it'' s reduced? I wear ' t understand. Such a foolish space to have to go via every time. Absolutely absurd. Also in the normal video game. It'' s just tiresome, especially.
when you'' re composing a silly vacuum. Begin. Don'' t obtain by this stupid butt Bob goes put on'' t hit, hit. I put on ' t have to move here.

Allow'' s see what occurs. You can blow up the bombs.
also on that terror, although I put on'' t understand what ' s taking place. there, to'be straightforward with you. I couldn ' t really describe that. We can take these. I put on'' t know just how. I didn ' t head them there. I could require to end that for today.
and also just complete it tomorrow at extremely shelter. In the meantime. Reason. I just. Yet it actually was working on that one,.
however. I wear'' t know what that'' s around. The negative ones are in fact irritating.
for once right here because there'' s so much going on in.
such a percentage of room. I can'' t do anything regarding it. It in fact removed somehow.So maybe you can just take those out
like that when you'' re double take dual taking something.I just intend to complete.

Been an impressive experience, yet I put on ' t like right currently. It'' s remarkable that I can get through all those tough rooms, but my love of play is so sporadic. When I need to be good, I'' ve been good. Yet after that I get actually lethargic and dreadful. We simply spray them down with the fire and after that fret about a silly butt bomb. Ghost or what are pissing me are. Well, I simply take it. Ron. Come on. Yeah. Tough stuck below. For no reason. Had a great deal of easy spaces in this field for I can'' t also grumble, especially the roof covering because it was so broad from the before that only had the bowling ghosts.I ' m not really that bad until now. An area was the worst of the day as well as I one shot at that. I'' m. Shed to dirt. Great. All right, so what can I do right here that will make this a viable experience now? Exists something I can do? I'' d like to think I could stand the aspects. That'' s what I actually must do. Play it safe and also span the elements. This dumb butt bomb is right in my face all the time.We had 2 of them right below. In some way I lose my objective. They are all 3 of them with each other. And so foolish. That one ' s going to break with as well as strike me anyway. Now I require some ice for this because I can ' t do anything, apparently, without every one of the. A best time to get secured, so I put on'' t concern regarding shooting that silly ramp. That'' s not what I was trying to do. Order the ice. You can use it as high as you want.
That ' s the video clip you knew after that. A lot as you blink this one, move away. You can fill in between events so you can just absolutely spam it like a degenerate that I am. Just keep going. Both sides. Both sides. You can make use of as much as you damn well please. No issue. Not a problem. I didn'' t mean to do that spin there. How did that happen? Well. Oh, what an unusual placement to be in. Still a full spin course from our flash crowd. I wear'' t assume I ' m really in the mood to do that today, but I'can state I'' m simply negative. I ' m constantly type of bad. This is especially poor. Can I finish off that 44 one a minimum of? Probably in a body of one and pass away from that. I tried gliding sliding circles to remove the 10 one and also almost do away with the 49. Doing just fine. If I saw you at the ice once more, we can do it all over once again. Okay. Finish them off with the ice. 15, 10 and also five, zero. As well as it'' s this guy. After that we had those 2 last resort. There is no instance to. Given the dimension of the room, that could actually hold true. Due to the fact that. Only five. Oh, the ice. Oh. It went out. Okay. Cause it went out that fucking best time. He had, like, 10 HP laugh. They were all that. Madam. Hmm. Will I do in different ways that time, I didn'' t even understand I was a teen priest. Now I did that well, not a model performance. I had actually basically done it. I was claiming that essentially there could not be a stage 2 because because I'' m reasoning in regards to the initial, there is no reason why they placed 3 crowds like that together in such a tight space that makes it hard enough without needing a 2nd phase.So however, we ' re so close to the end, it would be validated in having 3 stages even with that, since this is virtually that there ' s like 2 more rooms with crowds which which is mosting likely to be the resting area and the, I guess, Van Gore count because he generated a lots of mob. So that ' s basically all we obtained. You have a component guy, a little lady in bed as well as the Eskimo dude.Is it? I ' m. Excellent. Don ' t get injured by this foolish point.

All right', we just stand'below. So of the gringos. You don ' t actually see these too many areas. I ' ve seen them a few times, however'they ' re quite unusual.
So I ' m not moving. And bomb ' s probably going to hit me currently. I just. Like, just how am I meant to punch everything on one side? Well, strive mode player, incidentally. Difficult setting veteran. That ' s so ludicrous'exactly how they can do that. They were ridiculous. As well as they wear ' t surrender. They put on'' t go away when they miss it. The majority of them disappear. He just keeps coming. What the fuck is occurring now? I put on'' t know what this is. If the eyes go off right here, just spam it, spam it. That ' s just how you get the spam it.
Somehow they avoid it at an unusual angle and afterwards make it through and also punch. That ' s took place a lot.
And also it ' s tough to even see because you have a stream of eyes covering them
, however it ' s tough to inform whether they ' re icy or otherwise.
Yet right before you run out, you can blink up. You can flash. Am I right now? Flash Phi Phi Phi Phi. Okay. Or obtain the ice again prior to they spawn or otherwise prior to they spawn. See how I didn'' t hear Flash currently. I was right on him. This component is drawing me currently. Was obstructing itself versus the regulation. We can keep it like this. Virtually got hit by that. It'' s a good setting, though. A flash amount. Keep them there. Maintain them there. Pretty wonderful position. Blink them again. Keep. As well as they ' re very, very wonderful. Reliable alpha approach and plasma. Plasma. You have the ice, ice, quick freeze as well as flash ice.These 2 together must be able to complete off the 51. That ' s why. Keep'them there. Keep them there. You do all three with each other if you truly wish to. Well, the danger is, though, they might obtain an awkward angle like they do often. Oh, surface that on a class prior to you run out of juice and get some ice. Oh, shit. This individual'' s nearly dead anyway. Oh, my God. This purple ones This is the one-time where the purple ones. have in fact been actually aggravating. Oh, God. Right here, Dodge. Right there. God, below. In between two bombs. And also I question that both of them. That the fuck is this that you ' re having fun at today? You realize you value your last moments, who you obtained the privilege of passing away to have the same minutes that they get by. Hopefully there is no 2nd stage, however there may be. Oh, yeah. Allow'' s hear these clowns initially to find out.Maybe if I suck them both together. It or is it? Well, whatever we can as ice as well as simply ice them anyhow. You wear ' t also need to save it. You can just go nuts if you have as long as you are.
Oh, good toss. It moved down the ramp and I. Perhaps I need to just save it though, because I can burn the source on the various other one. And also it ' s easy as can be. Fifty percent of'the playthrough is just going to be the moment of retelling this.You could ask
for ones with. Wound up shedding 2 no

HP mods, by the method. So mechanically advanced you never ever even reach see what they can do, but they didn ' t even make a computer animation to polish them. That ' s exactly how threatening these things are. Also'the quantities are better due to the fact that you can draw them typically. Mm hmm. It ' s more ice. Or is the second one right there? That ' s a bad area. I assume we saw the back-up that. Oh, we can simply elevate our mast. We ' re right in the aspect. Anyway, if you fire it like a shot,

it should do even more damage, like a bolt. You can ' t really see'me do it currently. You both gobble some ice. I'' m not below any kind of'extra. I can ' t actually hit him on there. I possibly might rise out of the. They did not. Exactly how come I didn ' t hear in there? He. Where are you at? Where are you at, bro? How do I maintain fluctuating the incredibly as well as show up below on such bothersome angles? And also you ' re just trolling me. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I believe I can get you from there. Maybe not quite. He ' s amusing anywhere, however where I want him to spot. Why, you should have the ability to hit him from there. I put on'' t think it. You can ' t. I have to go down. I ' m not getting anywhere. He ' s just immune today. I can ' t hit him at all, Larry. I mean, it ' s fuckin time it'. Oh, my God. My arm is harming. Easy.'There can ' t be one more stage. This area ' s mystical. It ' s also little to validate. I shouldn ' t reward you quickly.

. Those grabby ones would certainly be a problem right here. Not to give them concepts. Oh, no, no, no. Oh, these points were actually bothersome here.
I'' ll give them credit report. The first good use them I ' ve seen until now. Active with beer. No, no way. Grabby one on command. Mm hmm. Oh. 3 of them. Yeah. I presume I might ice them all. Very same thing. I can do it in kind of an intentional method. Like I can flash or ice kind of in any type of and any manner that I want. I simply do this until you run out and then flash and afterwards do it once more. Mm hmm. Nothing really to'fret around. They can ' t even walk towards me since they ' ll get frozen, as well. If something, I ' ll enroller a bit of a negative turn away'. They ' re right on top of me. Fantastic Spon. Yes. Uh, give me the ice, please.He informed me. As well as behind there, he trolled me whenever. That'' s an extremely bad place position. I dislike that. Oh, check out that. Take a look at that. That ' s why I despise those points. They can hit you just regardless of what.
Via the sun without any kind of wind up entirely fucking garbage. I hate those fucking mobs. So. As well as I always shit. You understand, like this up until we see another thing on. Mm hmm. So much for no second phase or no ordering ones in this area. Not precisely what I asked for. You recognize, there'' s this virtually lined up, practically practically arm of the important things that I can receive.

I don'' t have to back out and also get even more. You ' re doing it on time. In a timely manner as well as series. In sequence. Got rid of one. I have 2 blue ones, big one. Simply watch out for the shock wave. Oh. It was such a negative performance. Hmm hmm hmm. Hmm hmm hmm hmm. All righty, after that. Well, what was that? Simply stand there as well as take it upset. Like what? What am I doing? What am I doing? You can just spray. Like, what am I doing? Mm hmm. I wear'' t comprehend'what I ' m doing. Hmm. But that wasn ' t clear. I keep asking myself if that'' s great.
I believe he still does it, however it doesn ' t trigger. Mm hmm. If he ' s iced up, I put on ' t know. Mm'hmm.

But simply put on ' t allowed him do it'.
At the ice, struck the ice. He ' s trolling me with the ice position. Yeah, man, I. am so reckless with the manner in which I play. Absolutely awful. Yeah. Good position on that ice. Really outstanding. Top rate. Top rate positioning. Essentially, simply maintain them.
in a straight line like that. That'' s perfect. That ' s excellent. You simply keep pumping them punches. You are in the spray as well as straight line. You believe of as much as he can. I can'' t obtain struck. Hopefully there is no 3rd phase to. However there may be. Maybe there'' s a pattern that every area. that a third stage from this point like an area of what if I should attempt to get the ice? I'' m not mosting likely to be able to. He constantly shows me right there.Amazing.

Well, rolling on the ground in the edge. Nice. Great. Just be client. He shows up at some point as well as we go so we can room race. Right. As well as watch. The other one generates in a strange area. Hmm. Hmm hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm hmm. 1611 the battle on the. Why have I shed to the component of this? To be clear. That'' s what I lost.

Or I lost to that element.Go.'My papa. I think I ' m done for the day. I understand. Tomorrow. I indicate, I could try another like that'. That ' s rather a lot all I can take such an easy space. It ' s a pity. Oh, fuck him. Mm hmm. I was on such a roll at the start. I'' m very dirt. The whole I do the very first component. Silly bombs? I wear'' t understand. You ought to disabuse eyes the entire way. I imply, there'' s no factor not to. Watch this shift. The measurements of fact precede.
and time. Adverse effects of cleansing your residence.
with a vacuum cleaner. While writing claimed vacuum, I intend. Sorry regarding those later.I.

If Poulos is actually the 15 and you begin with him or you need to have 20 to obtain to it, I mean, do you only need to capture.
5 more for the remainder of the game? The rest are optional. Like of these environment-friendly ones. Attempt not to move way too much from a place,.
although he is sort of gliding regardless. Oh, terrific. So I don'' t recognize, male. I'put on ' t recognize. I ' m not as well sure concerning this.
I can ' t'obtain hit by the aspect. ghost paneling. That ' s a large issue'here. It ' s clearly the very first time it ' s occurred. To ensure that ' s not the sort of thing it'should ever happen, you recognize? I imply, they shouldn ' t be able to. move is the point. Yet they both backed out and also still strike me. These men are fantastic mob. Actually dynamic, exciting, intriguing,. just amazing opponents. They'' re really, I'guarantee you. And also I ' m satisfied that you don'' t appreciate them.
when you'' re through usually, but there'' s so a lot to them. they can obtain out of any situation.They ' re agile. They'' re active. They'' re just amazing. They bump you very aggressively. Exactly how are we going to phase two of this anywhere? Oh. Ow! Oh. I always want to complete this today. I'' ll be. As well as tomorrow will be simpler. I'' ll just be a number of market guards.
and I'' m boss. Literally one area.
with enemies as well as a sitting room. This brings about the resting area.

I'' ll just try it with. I had actually done it to regarding like an aspect go shopping, which is, I guess, a way to penalize. Although I'' m sure this wasn'' t their intent.
or way to punish you for resting on the element and just spamming it.
as well as like having an internet aspect that does penalize you a bit,.
but it'' s quite simple to avoid and it simply implies you have to replenish.
type of even more routinely. I obtained type of complacent there. To be honest,.
I neglected that was also a point like getting hit by booze. But I always need to remind myself.
of auto mechanics like that. The aim of our liquor, however they'' re. the least harmful points in the game. Picture being lower on the position than those purple bomb going down moron with no hp. Oh. A number of good, efficient.
back to back days. It'' s sort of upright a sour note. I assumed I might actually wrap it up.

Already to 90. Great begin though. I always go on at the start with 100% uniformity, so allow'' s
not. try to strike them at the start. Allow'' s simply attempt to relocate away.
and blink them. That would be my perfect position. They do appear coming out for a while. These eco-friendly line. Yeah. We'' re going to be definitely destroyed.
at the start, like we always do. To ensure that'' s a great place to be in his flash,.
that. And also then keep it going, keep it up. So if he comes from the right side, he'' ll wind up obtaining hit.
with them, becomes from the top. I can just blink like I did. The only problem is.
the timing is is not lined up, which is extremely irritating, however.

We reviewed the timings align, which I believed I existed prior to.
I got hit again. That'' s constantly great,'but I ' m not truly with the ability of doing that. What? What a sad fucking performance. I just. Yeah, I believe I'' m done for the day. I simply can'' t focus somehow. I put on'' t know what ' s wrong. Yeah. Inform her all three. There is simply 2. Well, I ' ll take a little there and also listen to the resignation in my voice. These are included. Oh, my God. You recognize, we. Component. I truly simply intend to do this room.The.

It'' s such a great way to end. Hmm. Hmm. I really put on'' t think. the one in charge is going to be a concern even. However, for whatever it'' s worth, you obviously do that tomorrow. Well, and at this point, I need to. I constantly obtain stuck on the dumbest fucking room,.
the safari area. I'' ll provide myself the advantage of the uncertainty.

I was actually a fucking scary. As well as allow them find out more and after that do it this. It'' s similar to, come on, make it with. Make it through. Burn these fools. Oh, good. Wonderful start. I think the doors pestering out everything. The game wants me to give up. It'' s such an untrustworthy, difficult male.
that it even triggers the video game to randomly boggle.
and prevent you from falling back. Simply eliminate your spirit even much more for no reason. Doors will certainly be secure.
suddenly, arbitrarily. Incredible. Just how do you just make me have to do.
the wonderful point again? Although, I presume because I obtained hit there by the foolish farm ghost. It'' s okay. May also conserve me the problem of passing away. And you simply can'' t over it. Is this dirt cloud, please. Oh, Ma. Thanks. Yeah. That'' s gone. I put on ' t understand exactly how this works out. And like the tarpaulin Facility kind of. Excellent. It ' s gone. Such an unpleasant angle.'That ' s really extraordinary. It'' s like, wait till they explode, but they can'' t open a door any longer. Obviously I can. Crazy. You go from being a god to a fucking moron as well as 3 hours of gameplay.Yeah.

You simply sit here for stating it. What happens if I. How might you relocate an inch.
as well as they respond on your dumb ass? I can'' t. I can ' t. You recognize, at'that minute, it ' s like, man, you can ' t even relocate an inch. Like, what the fuck am I checking out? Oh, I ' m so foolish. I go up the dumb butt ramp? No game says no'.
That ' s two of them with each other. Currently we ' ll see where. or if the third one originates from. So everything. This is great. This serves. Let ' s you have a lot more ice after the truth. I must do it extra similar to this position. So the component goes.
There ' s no threat. That ' s also out of line. with where the bomb person usually spawns. But that ' s all right. You get the ice, get ice and flash them out preliminary the ice.Even extra so on the ramp. Leaning down. Flash everyone out. Unless they originate from the top.
as well as secure below. Or I presume they could come from.
directly behind me to me. He'' s going to get this punch. Get on my guard down, no inquiry. As well as a semi disrupts your flash when you yet was afraid that. FIERSTEIN Oh, quiet. What the heck was that? What? What'' s also here? Oh', it ' s the ice residence once again. All night was remarkable. Oh. Okay. Okay, I get it. I comprehend. It'' s simply not implied to be, I think.

His body concerning me. I'' m done. I ' m done. You were really one of my worst.
efficiencies. Yeah. I'' m making this area. appear like it ' s actually challenging when it'' s not at all like an aspect.
undergo in me a couple of times over that poor placement. As well as you just obtain them from the left side,.
not the ideal side like that. So half isn'' t a pass either. That would certainly have been excellent. I type of watch out for the icicles.
since he'' s going to get you from right here. Oh, yeah, that'' s great. That ' s great.
You need to have the ability to see him. prior to he hits you. Last time I didn ' t see him in any way. Yes. I wasn ' t focusing in this way. Oh. Oh, so dumb. Where the hell are you? And I require you to show up to hit me. Yet you won'' t appear. And I actually require to suck you. Are I virtually via? I'' m most likely about toss. Throwing is a gotten skill.
that I'' m a master. I have no reason to also go how to obtain them from the left without spawning from the left.

So I finish this person. I'' ll finish my coating far. If he'' s we play. He will hit me, though,. although he is dead. I suggest, is there an area below that like safely to low on exactly how ideas for fuck'' s benefit on that protects against the bomb from the left to because it'' ll slide down the ramp.
so it'' s no hazard to me. Allow'' s try to get this one over with. The 2 of them purple. Another obvious. Richelle, where the hell is the ice area? No, no. Don'' t obtain hit by the ice. So he'' s going to be also near that. Can'' t be down the ramp. As well as it'' s not like I need to conserve it.
anywhere, yet is to have it sometimes.Somehow he went to 170621.

We have to hit this point similarly that we ' ve been doing. That ' s not an excellent placement. These men are really mobile, though. So when you obtain one, it'' s okay. Type of. He needed to stay here and I shouldn'' t be able to move.
from there. You simply intend to float about.
on this stupid parking area site? Makes a bit extra noise. You going back and forth. A lot fun doing this each time. I love it.Punishment for falling short
and also playing like a professional dancer. In stage 2, we will have 2 of the red ones as well as two of heaven one. Basically the large one. You guys go all out if there'' s any kind of. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Like ice is a worry,
yet I'' ll just have to reset setting. I was truly good. I can grab the arm
as well as come back in time. Therefore these. Remove that arm. No, no, no. You'' re dumb. 21 is constantly such a low HP that is spoiled. So please don'' t struck me in the eyes.

Luigi's Mansion Super Hard Mode Episode 12: Legendary Plumber Loses To... A Pipe?!

Those hits for 20 as well.They ' ll obtain pinch hit five. It ' s an instant 20 right hit'for yet it. I don ' t think that. It ' s simply dispiriting.
So it ' s a little bit flexing how great I'' ve obtained, however I ' m bad in any way. That was the high minute was all over him. As well as also that day before I did both the Astro Observatory point and the haze once more. Various other space, the projector.

As well as like one series. One after the other. Oh. Of all the areas, I wouldn'' t have believed this set would be such an issue. And by this one, I wear'' t suggest the dust room, however I additionally put on ' t like it due to the fact that I ' m to 90, which is just fantastic. Terrific. No God like me Buble. Come on. That'' s real. Vienna. So you have by the dumb few anyhow. Have by that. Fantastic. And the door appeared like it was melted out, also. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. That'' s useless, huh? It'' s unfortunate. Currently return tomorrow. As well as round at my very first effort. Well, I gathered the last space. I have to do this one, and afterwards the fucking sitting about. Those are both main ones. Bangor ought to be fine. Hmm. Everything else is. This tape, this space series. It'' s like, I did this for you.
As well as if I have that mindset, it ' s a joke contrasted to it.It ' s not even close.'I guess it ' s a little more
claustrophobic, yet you have infinite element too. You put on'' t also have to preserve it or anything. The means I needed to fucking press the water from the cell, literally, because it was water. Wasn'' t that what it was? I believed I had to press something from something to definitely maximize it. I don'' t even have to do that here. I can simply spam it. There ' s no justification for this room taking this lengthy. Uh'. It ' s like I ' m tilted. Yet why am I also informed that I did respectable? That this area doesn ' t deserve to induce tilt? There is nothing is.

You are the most convenient fucking area in the entire game. Stand there and stand the fucking crap. Don'' t obtain struck by this stupid butt ghost aspect. All that indicates is I need to reset regularly. Like I should draw it up really frequently. Which means I shouldn'' t preserve. I must simply spam it, however I'' m forced to restore. So put on'' t fail to remember that. Great to me. Appears getting excellent in this manner. I just. I put on ' t recognize what to say regarding that. And it ' s bugged out again. Are you joke me? All right. All right. Well, I wish I understood why that took place, yet. Oh, well, the one disadvantage of this playthrough, it'' s been quite minor, though, thus far. I am happy to have rested. Oh, crap. If only we would certainly do it here, so I would certainly understand to stop, lest we go all the method down there and afterwards does it for some inexplicable fucking factor. Let'' s do it right here once more for the millionth time. Cut the dirt.

Grab the dirt. I claim, can you. I don'' t have the perseverance for this crap today, as well as. Lost to dirt. Shed to love. Lost to fuckin component. Water component. Ghost doesn'' t truly have a great ring to it. Shed to a power loss to a source. Shed to a shed ammo, inanimate ammo, something like that. Shed to ice. That was really unfortunate to her. I can simply blow them up a bit. So there'' s no risk, right? Perhaps not. I put on'' t assume there ' s any type of shortage of crucial elements. That ' s. why I ' m not fretted about that facet. I simply. I ' m not utilizing it to my complete'advantage.
Possibly I feel bad for it. somehow, yet nothing to show. I ' ve been via. a few of the hardest rooms conceivable. Fantastic. We increase there a little bit far from it, so simply push and also press. She ' s reached enjoy where or if the other ones generate and we can keep re-filling. So he shouldn'' t be able to hit me. from here. The ice goes would get concerning 50. with a full slate of that large ice goes.
over 300 bombs away from everything.I would like to

choose that up. He ' s not mosting likely to let me. They ' re not going to let me.'Jesus Christ. So you can be patient. That'' s not going anywhere. They remained in the same area.
with that said stupid box with the mouth. I'' m not a huge follower of that. That was so disruptive.
that it triggered me to obtain hit. Did my fault that? Don'' t get struck by the ice element. below. Simply wear ' t obtain a hit. This put on ' t get hit. as well as you get hit by that instead.

Oh, this. Shed it all the method. Melt the ice. Okay. I put on ' t think I can do this. The different level. really felt that I sat in a line, obtaining slanted over a very easy room. You simply sit here and also do this, this all you need to do. I what is challenging concerning this in any way? Infinite. I put on'' t even have to preserve it. Do it for all 3 of them as well as just reset once when you'' re ready. I'wear ' t know exactly how I ' d be able. to finish off. Those shouldn ' t hit me over here. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I ' m dead. I ' m dead.
Yeah. Great telephone call. You. You. We. I just wear ' t obtain what it is. concerning this area that throws me off a lot. Hmm. I assume go in there. We burned with the fire on them. That actually is important, that it ' s fire.But whatever aspect, as close as they took place to pick it up. or to head out of my way, I simply promptly use it if I need to. This dumb ass room. Hello. Oh, my God. This is just a low effort area. Not truly a hard space. Things. My indifference. The sitting room as well as me system might be extremely difficult to cross that bridge when we come to it. If we also have to. All right? I mean, we will certainly need to, I'' m certain. I wear ' t see exactly how

maybe optional. Omar. Yeah, over there. It ' s so weird just how this creating the vacuum cleaner point functions,. yet it nearly doesn ' t job'. Like there ' s numerous points like that dive. and after that pest it out or make it screwed up. So it'' s like that near not functioning. and being stuck, however'it hasn ' t really obtained me stuck. It ' s difficult. Like it ' s borderline unplayable, but it'' s still playable and it'' s practically a hard mount in as well as of itself with the means
. that you need to work around pests. And also it'' s not really even insects with just the technicians. and the physics that I type of do without any activity in any way on my component. Hardly. They simply bombard me like,.
what'' s taking place? Yeah, like, can you offer me a 2nd. at the start below in secs. One, one sec, one sec, brother piece. Oh, desire they can do that again up until they'' re dark. I just keep it'' s a strange place, you understand, and see what ' s happening. Have time. Okay so I ' m midway there aren ' t my this or.

I imply midway in the direction of the ice.So we remain below. We remain here. They ' re all 3 and one line. So'let ' s go back and forth. Love probably going to end rather terribly, yet they'' re so quickly, that punch. Yeah, that is impressive. They truly are legitimately difficult out every single time I have to say that. It'' s not also due to great deals. I mean, even one myself. It'' s seriously. if you ' re not all set for it, as we'' ve seen, is that 200 HP is overwhelming. So we require that component. They'' re mosting likely to take forever. to provide it to me.'Yeah. So we don ' t intend to be as well close. to the ice aspect. Both sides reset on the half of that. But from right here, I ought to be entirely secure.
on the appropriate side.So what do I do currently? They'' re all three in one spot.'So it ' s simply Malcolm. states, Malcolm, stand here and just do it. Milk these three suckers with each other is whatever amount of damage I do is good because it'' s all free. and it ' s all on point. You'' re not going to obtain far better.
than that. Flash them all together easy so we put on'' t have. to provide all like that. However if you can, it'' s good. Just lower them out. Give me some ice. Offer me some ice, please. It really you theorize,. yet I can barely relocate due to this foolish butt concern technician. Oh, can I. Can I move, please, for a 2nd? What'' s that suggest? Move by a straightforward flash crowd.

He doesn'' t want your flash today. Okay.
Do away with that. since it ' s going to strike me, and you can simply. spam it as a lot as you want. No trouble. Even on phase 2, you can do the exact same. Yet imagine being this difficult. This is such a fucking joke. I nearly feel poor for doing it. This is. I seem like your head.
Of course. Give me the ice. Provide me the ice at the reset. a couple of times where he appears. There he is. Excellent catch. This is a bad angle to do it.

I put on ' t like do it on the best side. That was a best angle. I ' m not taking note.
You can tell we can basically complete these off. with this. See just how he revoked it. I wear ' t know just how he does that. My mom can end up off. rather a lot all three today. The charm of that, John, is not 100%. However and also we in fact soccer is the one instance where it'' s alright. Really rarely. I recommend that, though. Currently we have these two and I need to do the very same thing to them.I bag plus I can double take them. Maybe that repairs that, but that cares? Allow'' s simply do it like this. And again, we can be.
we can simply rest right here as well as spray. We put on'' t also have to take care about. Mm hmm. Other than 10, the oh nine, if you go full spray, which is a ways, but you can obtain still concerning 50%, about 50 per storage tank, if you will. The exact same one. Yeah,.
we have like 80 and memory campaigns. Yeah, perhaps I will. Space examples,.
however I need to keep fucking resetting them. 20 even more times. A lot fun. I enjoy this auto mechanic a lot. Dynamic problem resolving and also problem.
solving at its finest. Which it really is. Because I'' m sure this was never planned, yet it'' s developed some unique scenarios.
without a doubt, and also resource monitoring as well as the like, which I wear'' t mind in any way. However in this case it'' s really not due to the fact that you have limitless eyes,. so it doesn ' t even fucking issue below. Imagine coming up with these techniques.
as you go like it'' s outstanding though.

Holds true. Is mosting likely to go to the very least.
two of the grabby ones and two of the huge blue ones generally. They'' re really hitting on this much with the exact same thing. I'' m doing this moreso to save. time, so I put on'' t to keep resetting.
I maintain neglecting that. due to the fact that you wouldn ' t anticipate it. However I obtained to advise myself, just how much did I simply do? Wasn'' t I simply a 99 did threat? What the fuck? It ' s much more powerful.
than anything else on the air. Oh, my God. Turn up below. Which. Show up like a little friend. He goes a bad angle. Isn'' t that such a weird angle to 11? Oh. Uh oh. That one ' s all right. Why wear'' t reset. Simply maintain doing it below. After he said it, just do it. Simply do it for me. However how difficult? After that we go on to web page 254 health. Okay. We need to spray them down. I think there will just be four of them, which is flawlessly workable. Again, I wouldn'' t be able to cover the element similar to this. if there wasn ' t an element in

the room.So I put on'' t anticipate to count on that. I'' m just claiming if you have it, you can make use of that part of the game,.
as I constantly claim, part of the game. If there was an ice,.
I would certainly simply do it with our eyes. You'' ve seen me do the safari around. Like, however I did it.
great or saved it better, please. He ordered the ice for face to start. This is a weird placement. I don'' t really like it, but flash him out.
Yet it looks like we might not. have outraged both of the red ones.
We may have just obtained one. which is wonderful and make
it much easier. on Ring of a wear'' t. I was mosting likely to state don ' t allowed the ice point. strike you, yet I let him strike me anyway.
Okay. We are all 4 currently. in activity, which is poor, but we can go a little closer to the ramp here., I mean. Oh. Oh. Okay. Oh. I wear ' t even need to tinker my flashlight due to the fact that. Why does it really feel like there'' s five? Currently, I wear'' t need to tinker my life.
due to the fact that I can just extend it.You wear'' t have to be a tactical top priority.
to do it such as this. This is all you need to do. Actually just do this. You'' ll pare it down extremely quickly. That'' s all you obtained ta do. Flash about a hr.
prior to this one hit, you get hold of the ice, put on'' t get struck by it again. You have to get them to find at an angle.
such as this. There'' s just one. Look just how far they had from below. That'' s crazy. All the way down the ramp. Not indicate that I need to do. We'' ve almost eliminated one of them. Abusing elements. I never ever knew it would involve this. I certainly didn'' t. also think about this as a mechanic entering. I didn'' t even understand you can do it. Like I just ever did it to our show. All of it, as well as goes to damage their point. I didn'' t also understand. you might simply spam it on these normal on long as you are.

You simply offer me a 2nd.
to pick up the that, please. Like I say, I know you intend to simply do the computer animation till the end of fucking time,.
which is right. Offer me like 1/2. Do Fox claim. Oh, that is an actually dangerous position.
up on the top like that. Oh, spunk. That box is my most significant hazard right now. I maintain fucking.
up their placing a lot, now they'' re all on the top. However it'' s really harmful to do this. Ooh, I put on'' t similar to this position. I'guess I ' ll take this flash and fire small. Great flash, though. I'' ll see to it you obtain it. Don ' t get struck by it.
Oh, this Finnish crowd,. if they put on ' t aggro a million times over. Oh, wear ' t struck me from behind. Don'' t do it to me. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Reason it being hard to do even with the elements like what the his.Oh he'' s got ten laughs. That ' s a plus I'mean. I can ' t inform if there ' s four or five. Can ' t seem to get it via my head. Well'currently there ' s a maximum of four managers. Keep doing it. Oh the fucking shirt. Yeah. So now they'' re. not competing, which is nice, however that'' s fine. Oh, nearly wasn ' t penalty. So there ' s three laughs for certain. Feels like that may be all. You recognize, there might be one more stage. This is how it'' s gone. Whoa. I put on'' t desire them to do a shock with that,. and also I may not have the ability to see it. That is the issue and the uncomfortable position. He'' s regarding to do it. He ' s doing the animation for it. FLEISCHER Multilateral. Yeah, I can do it. Quick, fast, quick, fast, quick. Because we'' re always so tight and he'' s in a strange spot of that box. Don'' t manage. The dumb ice goes. I'' m also close. I ' m too close to the rate of the turning is really.
that'' s one of one of the most destructive things that can hinder you. It'' s simply hard to obtain utilized. to exactly how slow-moving it is to turn fucking crazy is obtaining hit there. is that moment he ' s stuck on something. Okay, Fischer, I'' ll get this to you. There ' s like, two laugh. Possibly three in some way. Or if I overlooked or one. That'' s amusing. This ought to be truly the last one. Complete cheese with the components and also totally worth it. First area.

I'' ve simulated that. Really? So I believed you just need to ice up the bottom of the. Oh, that'' s for the bull right now. Need to ice up like all-time low of this. Oh, perhaps I won'' t have the ability to,. since it ' s in. All right, in my vacuum cleaner. What will I do there?'What the fuck? Don ' t inform me if they can constantly come back.

and also number it out. I put on ' t also intend to fuck with this guy. I simply disappear. I wear ' t want to fight with you. I just disappear. Disappear. Have to strike the sea somehow from below. I truly put on'' t recognize how to do that. Problem fixing in the name Lorna. So it'' s not functioning. What are. Are you kidding? Wow. Oh, no. Don'' t struck me. Don ' t hit me. Oh. You recognize,'you leave right here. Save it. So I can ' t make use of the booze pad out. Just thing I need to fret about. is the boot. I'was to the fucking'component years ago. I ' m unsure how
I ' m gon na ice the water here. or the acid or whatever. Demonic butt'. It is. Take care. Don ' t want
to respond that boo. and also have it hit me and also I ' m sure that ' s. what ' s mosting likely to happen.Stupid ass simply for me. I could'' ve utilized that faster way,.
but I can'' t. It ' s stuck up there. I vow it exercises in such a weird method as if you'' re. trying to make the video game harder. You may state, alright,.
we can'' t utilize any shortcuts. But it doesn ' t state that. It simply unintentionally makes the shortcuts impossible.
since of the fucking vacuum. It'' s like, unintentional. It'' s such a strange.
however ideal consistency of the light. The secret. You can'' t work on the treadmill.
while riding a vacuum fast enough to get the trick.

So you can'' t use that shortcut. As well as you'can ' t use this shortcut because can I'get with below currently? I ' m simply tired. Okay? Simply keep away from the stairway. Don ' t come near me for'the very first time. I ' m actually frightened of a boo. due to the fact that I don ' t desire to fuck with. I recognize. Can you simply let me throw it back, conserving it in some way, as well as determine.
how to ice this fucking water? It needs to be. Where? Well, is this where the run finishes? Because I can'' t fucking do that. I came down far sufficient. You fucking kidding? And also if I had died to that last component,.
you'' re likewise after I was done.I ' m so poor at bearing in mind stuff like that. It took place to me twice,.
and also I'' m still fucking vying for it. Yet. Wow. Oh, yes. Simply recover right up. I wear'' t recognize what he ' s going to be for, however there ' s not lots of options active. What the fuck? Well, let'' s simply get this 50 hart below in the courtyard. So it'' s a quite trustworthy. Oh, wear'' t let me down, pal. Whoever you are. Isn'' t that the whole play as well as a loose idea? Rose my game we.I wear'' t understand that they ' re expected to be. Only mosts likely to. appear like is the sphere player. Hmm. You'' re practically there. 76, that child or never ever has hearts. Nearly never had a 50. As well as he typically doesn'' t even have 10. Hmm. I'put on ' t know why. And it ' s so aggravating to enter into since whenever you try to hit that,.
you unlock. I'' m. Shh.

Mardi Gras.
Well,. that ' s basically adequate for today. I intend to identify this stupid.
ice thing. Find out where this child goes. I might do a number of war picture.
gossip. It'' s not the resting about. I could be able to simply do it anyhow. Yeah. That'' s great. That ' s the best bar for difficult stuff, right? I'' m shy. The child area'doesn ' t have. However. All right. Hmm. I indicate, type of careless with alcohol,. yet it doesn'' t matter, however. Hmm. Let'' s try to ice up the silly point.
I mean,. this isn ' t truly part of the obstacle, but some of these dynamic challenges.
have been enjoyable. So allow'' s attempt to figure it out. But we can'' t figure a way to make it very easy. Bend down a little bit or do it from listed below. It can'' t seem to flash a thing like that.

Dual tap, possibly. Idea you have to maintain it.
constant in a stream. I'' m sure there ' s still a means to do it, but this is just one of those points that you can simply do typically due to the fact that it'' s literally simply freezing my butt. I will certainly attempt my finest not to have to do that. Oh, I assumed making use of a component those actually makes them explode,.
I think. Are you serious? Silly door bug once more. I major.

All right. Good idea I saved. Yeah. All right, let'' s do the dirt area for the millionth time. Hereafter area, you just have to do it. Face the last manager over to this Eskimo guy. Oh, my God. I wear'' t believe I obtain the individual.And also I'' m rather low. That ' s not mosting likely to occur. Well. Similar to mulching the mushroom. Just waste your time. It doesn'' t even do any type of damage. They possibly should do harm in mostly 50 or 101 glossy
since they'' re so rare that I can manage. They really rarely generate throughout fire. It'' s usually much like a or like the heart rate goes often leave, but they'' re rather unusual overall. I wouldn'' t even mind it resembling a. round. We can. Uh. Here we go. Oh, begun. So we ' re just having a really difficult. time opening doors. Lately, that'' s been a reoccuring style. Possibly there'' s some weird method. I can suck the boob that would force me into that flight.

Make use of heaven and also ice at the exact same time. Oh, we need to be down, though. Yeah, I'' m not getting in. I can ' t think this is a problem that I'' m having. Right here. I can fire it at a good aim, like right here. A dumb ass point. If I simply land it precisely, there can be harder to hit than the moon. Literally. What the fuck? Yeah, I suggest, come below. Dude has done even more damages to me.
than anything else in the game. What'' s occurring? Why can'' t I also transform my name? It'' s just Violet. What the fuck? I can'' t even aim up or down. How can you not right here? I wear'' t obtain it. A little bit too expensive. Don ' t manage that foolish butt point. I reached go, like, right on this thing as well as maybe shoot it. It'' s like going anywhere. Like, how come the shooting, it becomes useless.

I'' m certain there ' s a means to do it. I ' m just not comprehending it.
But you ' d have to be a little lower. on'the ramp possibly to do it from right here. It ' s a gesture. It ' s virtually adequate. Yeah, the almost. Right. However that should function unless you count. It ' s as if you have to do that specific. Any type of weird physics with this box that I'can currently. You never really fire appropriately. I ' m uncertain why that is. Absolutely nothing that you made me intend downwards. . Is there anything I can do here? I just feel like he must be able to
do it. from this angle. Why is this unsatisfactory? How can this be? What could I possibly do?'It ' s a little expensive, so. I'don ' t recognize. I ' m okay. She kind of noises. I ' m on yet up there.
You fucking. If I go super fast, I ' ll still
be leaning down. by the time I rise there. Oh, I can ' t even.
rise in the initial place. What?'Oh, my God. Yeah. I just need to hold it. for a certain amount of time. I don ' t remember it being that environment-friendly. Anyway, I believed'it was simply claim water. and also you had to freeze you. That part ' s a bit greater. And also I can hear it here. So, Steve, that. I actually intended to have the ability to do. I such as does break my immersion if I'have to leave just for this part. I put on ' t understand what else I can potentially fucking do'. Also the idea of Boo Boo possibly won ' t work because. The angle just isn ' t mosting likely to be right. Well, yes. I don ' t have a lot of a choice. Simply for that literal fuckin thing.We will do that. I suggest, we ' ll do
the after stroll around. due to the fact that I simply can ' t do it.
That ' s not like that ' s. really a really skill based point. It ' s simply you'can ' t do it. So just for that component, so we wear ' t need to finish. the fucking playthrough.
Hmm. It ' s kind of unfaithful, yet I really feel like there ' s a bout.
that I can ' t gotten over, so. Oh, or I can do anything else. I'' m going to capture any actions,. and I can'even get the secret. In reality, I ' ll penalize myself with that. I ' m just going to ice the thing. Only point I wear ' t recognize.
is whether I remain there. That. Similar to this. I rest and go out the area. Currently, if I leave that to Sylvia, that ' s all I'have to do. Not. Also make myself. have to come back and also obtain the key. I won ' t even benefit myself though. I hope it remains there even if I quit.I ' ve currently. This would be a fucking nightmare. What'I are worthy of for needing to rip off. I expect it feels nice to be able to do that though. Mm hmm. I presume I might wait. And I ' ve done the ice thing.
I'really wear ' t recognize if that ' s even true. Really simply intend to
see where does he go? So you can see. what I ' m anticipating to. As well as I really hope the ice is still there. Otherwise. the fucking just do it in one shot.
So allow ' s simply be for the pot

area'. The individual with the pots,. then the course will be that. Ask him all the ask. together with the van door.So I ' m missing out on where the resting room is. All right. Oh, you know, we do this. Faster. Faster. Begin. Faster. Sorry. Till the very end.'They get the liquor. When they secured rooms was going between them all. I ' m presuming it won ' t be so frozen. I put on ' t recognize.
I think. What the fuck is that? I presume that ice makes me lose. control of my hair. What the fuck? It iced up, like I can ' t action. What the fuck? I presume you ' re just not meant to do this. Whatever. All I would be doing resembles fucking lines. anyhow. Yet it breaks the game. I can ' t move. I'can ' t do anything. Are you kidding me? I ' m done. I indicate, I ' ll do that tomorrow. That. We just have a couple of areas. The resting space, the bedroom. That ' s commode. Area per room.That ' s for. And also then the last bar issue. Fuck it. I wish to see. What ' s next? Oh. I always simply wish to see what room we have to anticipate. Perhaps I ' ll even do it.
Mm hmm. And now this certainly the ice was still there. However anyhow, all we ' re doing, speaking of. essential, is we can'' t obtain to that track.
Mm hmm. And she composed the game like it just

iced up. I think you ' re not expected
to walk over. ice with a vacuum. Is an interesting thing
. I never ever would have assumed of that. previously. Hmm. Oh, that actually crossed my mind in life. prior to riding a vacuum over ice. Oh, yeah. And also water so loud. Practically as loud as dark spirits.
Water. Right. I believe this is to head to the resting space. for one reason or another. I ' m stressed with that. You ' ve stating that resting room. Sitting space, sitting room. No. Where that is. I ought to ask him how. I assumed you had to keep going back and also forth. Maybe the Eskimo goes to the sitting area. I need to wait anyway. Possibly the Eskimo women are sitting about,. sitting about. We go to the next one.
and afterwards you most likely to the park, go from there,.

and'after that the park person drops the band or I have no suggestion. Let ' s rush this. His motion looks different. Maybe it ' s the Powell version. It doesn'' t seem the exact same.
as what I'' m used to. Mm hmm. Simply save it. Mm hmm. Yet there ' s only two bargains. I had to repair.
The 2 bodies. that I had to repair the entire video game. And also in spite of some small insects here.
as well as there, that didn'' t restrain my progress. The 2 were. Madam Claire Roy I couldn'' t choice up the letter,. so I simply needed to grab the letter.And then the other thing is what we simply saw,.
needing to stroll over the water. If you were to play this yourself,.
those are the only two things you'' d need to keep in mind. You may have to do those. And also the letter can get aggravating.
because if it reacts, after that you need to have a conserve documents, like obtain one online.
or something that takes you as near where you were as possible before Location three or releases or whatever. And after that you all need to.
go with that again on typical just to obtain the letter as well as turn.
it and also then you can go back.So you can sort of mirror your progression. So simply do as high as you have to. to return to that point without having to beat the whole video game. You can constantly like I said,. I ' m sure there ' s conserve data'prior to each employer at the least.
for speed instead. But you shouldn'' t have to do those points. Yet I'' m really like tough stuck right here,.
I believe. Yet I almost. It'' s. We can determine that. Ask the one individual. I guess maybe we need to go get fire.

That would certainly be. I think there'' s fire therein, though. You got us. Come on. Here we go. I wear ' t respect the bull right currently. And I see this fire in here.
is how we need to bother with. This thing has actually simply been running from the start of time.
and it never ever transformed the light, the candle lights,.
they just remain on permanently. So you have to dodge and forget, I think. If they strike me on the base. Really hot. Me also, huh? I mean, that can. This year, I'' m. mosting likely to Mount Detroit. As much as. What were you thinking? He was our father. Had far better already paid a rate. Learned your lesson. I wear'' t know. if I ' m supposed to be utilizing fire or have more time or is have to wait till the campfire is burning normally.

He'' s a little late to the celebration, though. I ' ve been establishing fires for a very long time. Just been oversleeping right here. All right, so either warm space or rest space. Those are the.
just 2 we can do. Oh, yeah. As well as. I'' m presuming it ' s the sitting space. No, it ' s the part. Hmm. Only there was a mirror that I have to do this dumb crap,
however I won ' t have to'do it again.
up until the last master. We ' ve really done'whatever right here. that I require to. Come on, begin. That'' s not mosting likely to Chase Boozer out right here,. since I ' ll maintain you doing the fucking dirt. I ' ll do them a fifty percent or'something. Oh, spunk. Hurry up. It ' s embeded a chess. Not the sort of trust I such as to be stuck in either. If you know what I indicate. Mm hmm. So what do I have to do? Allow me get a heart.
Uh, you go to the party, person. I presume we can get the heart. from the sculpture once more. And ranch in that one. My.'Exactly how do you ensure I wear ' t neglect? I have to make a save'data for Van Gogh.Or is that. I ' ll be really awesome to do it.
Obtain possibly. The only one more area. that must be Opposition. We ' re virtually done right here. Hmm. Mm hmm. So the components were on my side. today. Hmm. You know, no lights right here. But there is a light below.
that'' s type of on a, uh, is it out this side? Yeah, that ' s right below. I believed this was Lead ' s room'. because it ' s a reverse. I guess I did it. Wait. Where? What regarding the pot guy? Are. Way. I'can ' t also do this. I need to. I ' ll be. I ' m puzzled. Oh, no, no. I'put on ' t intend to spoil this. I intend to do this later on. That was enjoyable, though. I did. That ' s going to be the actual last was. Forget back after that. I ' m puzzled.

Exactly how do I get to the person? Exists no lock on the door? Oh, there ' s no like I can simply do it.
Which most likely leads. to the resting space. So allow me do that anyhow. We like a little incentive point. prior to we do'Van Goor, and afterwards I ' ll save it. That was right. That was Lead ' s space all along. Yet I didn ' t mean'to go there.
Yeah. Keep pushing the Rockwell. Physician. Allow me do the component for which I need ice. I ' m certain there ' s ice therein,. yet it ' s just get it anywhere. What we saw from the Van Gogh space was, is discover five of the orange ones.So he might find five of every one, which when it comes to the. purple ones, would certainly be simply fucking big.'Or we. like it so we put on ' t wish to do this one.
Apparently we never ever needed a secret. for the man to begin with. We might just go in there. He must prepare resting area here currently. Well, I thought. I want she'' d get this sight. We'' ll have possibilities later, I'' m sure. Mm hmm. Uh, what am I supposed to be doing? Yeah, well. Exactly how do I hop on the place? Oh, yeah. I believe the information collection can'' t truly test you that I am down. Easiest thing ever. I assume I got ta inform that animation. I try to check out or compose. Nice, very wonderful. But it'' s a'light. Doesn ' t bother me at least. 7, 7, 4, 7. Perfect performance. You understand, he states he'' s gon na quit me in among the jars,.
but it doesn'' t actually do anything.I guess he makes those pots of mad about why he simply sits there as well as he'' ll claim, taken. All right, simple clap. Most convenient point ever. Just how do you quit? Wait. What? Wait. Where the heck do you reach sit? In a space, nevertheless. What? Uh. It couldn'' t be from Van Gogh or removed. I can'' t think about any kind of various other space. What the fuck? I ' m certain she

is. . Oh. What various other area exists? What'' s that room there? Oh, that ' s the porch on the right. I ' m entirely. Which is. Money. I thought that'' s where you obtain the secret. The five resting space right here. The only various other point you'' d be it
' s fan. gore, yet. Pretty certain it wasn ' t. I believe he just requires you to discover a great deal. What the fuck? Just how do I not know? Perhaps the closed space. Because situation. Yeah. Mm hmm. Uh hmm. Yeah. I put on'' t know.

Allow me wait. Go back to. I think it would make sense. Possibly, however they ' re both optional. If you return to the closed
area,. see if there she enters there to gobble. There probably are. As well as they ' re not just to the covered room. or the resting room. Finally. The majority of awaited space ever. Mm hmm. That was the factor was, remember also. Do you need to be warm to do a room like that? Mm hmm. If you copulate approximately the top.
Bob out of the sealed area. and also most likely Hilton goes there. The only thing that would actually suck is if you require a specific aspect.
that I don'' t have.
They ' ll have to leave. and also come completely back once more

. Hey, you go left here.How come I couldn ' t solution the phones? That auto mechanic didn'' t job. Yes. I could get a boon out right here, but. With any luck there aren'' t excessive HP. Oh, my. Are you kidding me? You recognize what the fuck? I can picture physics. This one ought to be saved. Can you have the whole various other space.
next to it to recall on? I put on'' t know where the fuck it is. Oh, my God. I ' ll just do it later on. I have various other chances as well as. They got the key from up right here. All right. I need to have. Yeah. So the closed area has to drop something. I didn'' t also attempt to do it before. I just utilized it this video game. I utilize the mirror and also return to base. So there need to be enemies in here. Mm hmm. I presume when you open up the breast, he glides away to cool the sand structure. So I need to go. What the heck? Are you kidding me? What am I going to have the ability to make with that.
given that I can'' t climb that bush? Right.

If I can'' t, it ' s just how I constantly take upstairs. You ' ll be gone now. Oh, spunk.
There ' s 3 simultaneously. And not for five, 6, 7,'. whatever way.
All right, well, that ' s evident. So, anyway,. what I anticipated from the sitting that they all signed with each other to. What the fuck? What the fuck is that? This is off. I ' m not gon na be also crazy about it, yet I guess I need to treat it like it'' s. not optional and also make it interesting. A room such as this was deserved.
at some point, though, there'' s been extremely few like it where you simply need to deal.
with the fucking lots at as soon as. You can'' t utilize it. You can ' t escape it. Have to do it. I suggest, obviously I can use an element, you understand, why wear ' t we just make the copy today given that we might do Vanguard anyway.

We'' ll make your data three. Russ might contribute to that cigarette. This is 38. This is the gore. So we would certainly go on and we would certainly do the covered area, the resting space, the bed room. As well as that will certainly be that. That'' s all we got. Then Gore,.
and after that we'' re finished with the game. So these are optional. So I don ' t also need to bother with it. However just to make it fun, I can certainly do a. I sort of wish to make believe like.
it'' s not optional and also I have to do it.So it ' s just overcome this challenge. You won'' t really feel total otherwise. Something I put on'' t appreciate getting 50 boos, however this does feel pretty innate getting all the Portugal'' s. I. Yeah, there ' s only two there. One'' s Van Gore, as well as one'' s a whole lot older. So this is one of those spaces where I suppose you simply need to go hostile and also give in.
like normal. You can'' t select in the edge. You can'' t. I mean, I possibly still could, yet you just have to play more rhythmically. Oh, this run back is mosting likely to be a discomfort.
in the butt stuff all the means. Oh, but I can make use of the safety helmet, but it'' s not going to assist me much. All right, allow'' s make it through. I was in fact shocked.
when I saw the number of swallowed.I resembled,.

Oh, there'' s three, there ' s 4. Fucking eight. Oh, my. Yeah, up there. I sort of spend. Do it once more. So when I open that upper body, they all swan with each other. She doesn'' t simply state. Maybe I should attempt to open up a different chest.
as well as see if another thing occurs. Like possibly open this data. Absolutely nothing. Nothing. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So. Somehow the absolute worst one. This is a blue. Nobody appreciates that either. Yet maybe I can'' t leave without taking. How much? Please don'' t tell me that. Please. Oh, come on. Don ' t make me have 3 star. Guy. What the fuck, man? Don'' t inform me various other. Allow me open this. Oh. This is the exact one that'' s sort of area on. Now, allow'' s just phone in circles as well as see if we can generate something. Possibly we can prevent every one of them from signing simultaneously or something. Possibly I can press it with the elements of it.

If I do it like this. Also if I get them.
like 2 fifty percent or something, that was an excellent chunk. However I'' m not mosting likely to have any kind of more. to save at the end. They simply think of just how to approach.
this. One, two, three. You need to take the 4th one for that. You truly have to get.
some great socks off. That'' s the only method you'' re mosting likely to do as long as you can. However wear'' t overdo it. You ' re done. That ' s excellent. Fine. Oof! That block with the flashlight. Wait for the opportune one to do. Quickly as you have a little bit of daytime. I do seldom have. Maintain relocating a little. That was a bad effort,.
yet I think I shouldn'' t have actually done that. Poor. Poor effort. Negative effort by Kenya.

Two or'three or 4.
It ' s fine,. however I put on ' t believe it ' s mosting likely to happen. Bad effort. Okay. Do admit your blunders like that. That was simply a total greed. Total greed. Now while they'' re all iced up. I think I can take one. Oh, I'' m simply tossing currently. Started our double to a movie so significantly, they shouldn'' t also have to do anything.
there, however. Is What am I doing? It'' s hard for me to provide more than two simultaneously over. I will certainly claim I can'' t go five on something insane. Oh. Now, you began rather well.

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