How to Use Plumber’s Putty | Repair and Replace

[Songs] hi I'' m Vance and welcome to fix and replace plumbing professionals putty is a clay-like material made use of to make water tight seals on faucets and drains it'' s not a sticky and it doesn'' t bond to surface areas so it'' s very easy to use and remove first it'' s best to cleanse both surface areas that will certainly reach the putty take a bit of the putty and roll it right into a snake area the putty around the area you'' re sealing forming a complete ring currently mount the piece and apply stress the excess putty need to mousse out over the side following tighten with a wrench to secure it right into location now use a cloth to cleanse the excess putty and test for any kind of leaks plumber'' s putty is helpful however is only planned for areas that are not visible it must never ever be made use of with plastic or granite as it could leave a stain as a guideline of thumb plumber'' s putty ought to never ever be made use of with pressurized links threaded steel or plastic fittings need teflon tape or pipe joint compound to make a great seal also when fusing two plastic pipes with each other abs or PVC concrete should be used instead if you such as this and wish to see even more tutorials and informative videos then register for our Network and if you require help you can call or check out an AM moving to speak with our well-informed team many thanks for watching you

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