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This holds true
of Raymond versus Robinson. This is the premises obligation
case, where you, Mr Raymond, endured some pretty
severe injuries on Mr Robinson'' s residential or commercial property.
You ' re asking this court to make an honor for medical bills of $100,000,.
lost incomes of $50,000 and discomfort. and suffering of $100,000, for a complete award of$ 250,000. Is that right? [. Raymond] That ' s proper, Your Honor. And Mr Robinson, you think. that Mr Raymond is accountable for his very own injuries in crossing. your home, right? Yes, Your Honor, I do. Alright, well, allow '
s get right into. the lawful resource, Gentlemen.
Mr Raymond,. inform me exactly how we got below.
What caused you going. to this residential or commercial property?- I ' m a, er
, licensed plumber. -[ judge] Okay.
And I got a telephone call from Mark,.
, a very frenzied phone call, asking me to drop. what I was doing and come fix this problem.
[judge] How long have.
you been a plumber? I ' ve been a plumbing technician,. er, for about two decades.
– [court] Okay.
– I ' ve been dealing with this building. for around seven. So you ' ve done job.
for Mr Robinson before? [Raymond] I have, and, emergency room,.'he maintains me fully used.
Um, I do a truly excellent. work, I enjoy what I do.
I ' ve had the ability to make. a living for my household -for numerous years now. -So Mr Robinson, you had an emergency today? Yes, Your Honor, I did. Primarily what had actually happened was, we had a sewage. develop in the pipeline, and it was starting. to overflow with the grass.
I was getting several problems. from all the citizens.
Yet prior to this day,.
he was your plumber, he was the person.
that cared for your needs. Yes, Your Honor,.
concerning 7 years. I suggest he ' s a great individual, er,. he ' s done good work, um, various other than the truth. that I ' ve began to recognize a lack of efficiency lately.
[court] Okay,. so he ' s kind of your primary person,
despite some ticks. occasionally, -but he ' s your major guy?- [Robinson] Yes, Your Honor.Mr Robinson, this residential property. is an apartment, right?- Yes, Your Honor.- You obtained a lot of bathrooms, bunch of sinks,.
bunch of bathrooms, right?- That ' s correct.
– Plenty requirement for a plumbing professional.- Hm-hm.- How lots of systems? Units, there ' s an overall.
of 45 systems- in the major structure.- And for how long have you had this structure?
I ' ve had this building. for the past 12 years. And Mr Raymond,. what happened on this day? On this day, I obtained this telephone call,.

it was an emergency.So I dropped what I was doing,. I headed right over there in my truck, my work vehicle, parked in front of the building. I grabbed my toolbox,.
I arrived, I can see him waving at me. [court] And the emergency situation, Mr Robinson, was this sewerage develop? Yes, Your Honor,.
it was a disaster. [judge] And it'' s something. just a plumbing technician can attend to -and address.
– Absolutely, and instantly. So Mr Raymond, you were going.
over to resolve this emergency situation? -Yes, sir.
– So then what took place? I parked right.
in front of the building, so I might have access.
to my job vehicle.-Yes, sir.

– I grabbed my toolbox, and I started.
heading straight to him. A few action in,.
and my foot experienced a hole, and I went down, sir,.
I went down and I was harmed. My shoulder, my side,.
my ankle, I didn'' t understand what was
incorrect,. but I'couldn ' t rise. Mr Robinson, did you see this? Yes, Your Honor, I did. [court] Mr Raymond,.
what'' s that opening concerning?- You sent this picture.
– Yeah, to make sure that'' s [groans] I ' m sorry, so that ' s the hole. that I place my foot through, as I was
attempting to make clear. to repair this other emergency situation. [court] Okay,.
and you actioned in that opening?- Yes, sir.
– Okay, and that ' s why
I see you obtained this boot. on your best foot. Is that the foot.

that entered into this opening? I'broke my ankle entering there.I damaged my ankle.
therefore'I ' ve got a boot here, that, I can hardly walk,. I can ' t do much due to it. [judge] Now I see you ' ve got. that shoulder apparatus on, what happened to your shoulder? So, [stutters] I divided.
and dislocated the shoulder- when I went down,.- Okay. and after that, component of that. tore my potter’s wheel cuff, so I had get surgical procedure for that. So this was a nasty.
shoulder injury. [

Raymond] It was extremely,. extremely negative, negative hurt, yeah.Mr Robinson, that had.
to be surprising also to watch? I suggest you see him decrease,. and he ' s rather badly harmed. Were you worried? Currently, yeah,
. yet at the very same time, Your Honor this injury was based.
on pure negligence. -Just how was he responsible?
– [Raymond] I wear'' t assume so. Well, for beginners, he went through the turf,. rather of the sidewalk, I mean. [.
court] Well, what ' s the injury. of going through the yard? I walked with my grass. today to get to my automobile.
The important things here is,. there was a check in the lawn that stated deflect of the grass. [court] Did you see. a maintain off the turf indication? [Raymond] There was no indication. there when I existed.
[Robinson] That ' s not true, Your Honor. There was a sign right there. [court] Well, you remember.
a'sign being there?

Yes, Your Honor,'. I ' m the one who placed it in there.And if it existed,. you didn ' t see it.
I did not see it, I was,. I was handling an emergency situation, -and he was standing–.
– For him. For him. I was coming with him. My most significant issue is that this. should never have taken place. He ' s right, this was oversight.
It was his oversight. [court] So Mr Robinson,. is this the indication you'set up? Yes, Your Honor,. this is the indicator that I put up.
[court] Mr Raymond,. I can ' t see just how missed that one
.- I didn ' t see it, sir, I was–.- [court] You were concentrated -on his emergency situation.- I was, he was jumping up and down swing his arms at me. You didn ' t anticipate that. he was just kind of going to lolly trick around. on the sidewalk and
take his very own time, hey? The walkway was two feet.
from his automobile door. He selected to stroll. through the lawn. [

judge] Well, you sent a layout type of laying this out.-Yes, Your Honor, I did.- Will certainly you put it on the podium. I want you. to explain this for me, because you saw the entire point.- Currently where are you?- [Robinson] I am right below, just outside the main entrance. of our major building. Essentially I made the call first. -Okay.- And after that what happened is,- this is a one means road.- Alright. This is one means below.
He comes by doing this, and then he parks. the automobile right below, given that the motorist ' s side is on. the opposite side of where I am, he walks. the side to get the bag.
– I needed to order my toolbox.
– Okay. Now,. I am'signaling I require you. You ' re not stating come right here,. you ' re saying go around.
I'' m stating I need you, yes,. due to the fact that I ' m attempting to wave him in the direction. of evident walkway that ' s best following to where.
he'could ' ve walked. So Mr Raymond,. if he ' s informing you walk around, I indicate, I recognize that, emergency room,. a'septic soup in a house is not'an advantage, yet

it ' s not like. any person ' s going to die.-I understand what he ' s claiming,.
– Okay. but I ' ve collaborated with him. for so lots of years.- Yeah, so? -He wasn ' t stating walk around, he was saying hurry.
– Yeah, that ' s, no–.
– Rush, overcome here, -like he was annoyed with me. -And'you were trying to reach him.

Yeah, he was currently annoyed. that I wasn ' t being fast enough, so I was going.
as quick as I could.So Mr Robinson,. you can go back to the platform. Mr Raymond, I desire you to go.
there, and you inform me what happened. Use this layout. -Okay, so take your time.
– [sighs] Thanks, Your Honor.- So, inform me what took place. – This is specifically just how it was. The problem was up below,. I could see him, swing at me, being agitated. I knew that this was where. I was mosting likely to have to function.
So I wasn ' t mosting likely to drive. on the turf to obtain over there- and develop more of an issue. -You didn ' t have to do that. -So I have my vehicle there, so–.- Yeah, park you vehicle there. [judge] You park your truck,. and after that where do you go? I went right to him
, which hole. took place to be in the means. And right there, in the center.
was where that drainpipe opening- is that you tipped in?- Now, had there been an indication, there ought to have.
been an indication by the opening. There need to have been.
something there to caution– [court]

Mr Robinson. has this indicator right there.- I did not see that indicator.
– You needed to pass that'method, it was one method,. you had to pass it.-You saw the pathways, right? -Yes, the side, yes, however if I obstruct. the walkway, Your
Honor, then that ' s going. to restrict traffic, due to the fact that I '
m going. to be working there for some time. It ' s a one way, male.
So I reached park where. I can access my vehicle to obtain back and forth. and get the devices that I need.
So, but you believed. it was an emergency situation, and you needed. to arrive right away. I treated it like. it was the emergency'that he was allowing. me understand it was. [judge] Now, Mr Robinson,. you can see however, I mean, his heart ' s in the appropriate location, he ' s trying to reach your. disaster as soon as possible.- You see that?- Yes, Your Honor. I saw him up there,. and he was up there,
waiting. [moans and sighs] -You can return to the platform. – He was waving his arms, it was an emergency situation,. and I [. stutters] treated it like an expert,. I went as quickly as I could.He ' s never ever scooted. a day in his life, Your Honor. Yet he needs to have. been scooting enough for you to hire him.
over and again, right? [praise] You stated you blew your shoulder.
out and you damaged your ankle joint? [Raymond] Yes, sir, my ankle joint. was damaged completely with.- Okay. -My shoulder was disjointed, and I tore my potter’s wheel cuff. Well, I see right here.
that you are seeking $100,000 in previous clinical bills.You had a great deal of clinical. treatments for these injuries? Yes
, yes, I did.
And I see that you have.$ 50,000 in lost
wages.'I take it this ankle. and shoulder wear ' t allow you work- as a plumbing?- No, I ' ve been off of job.
I can ' t do anything, apart from. just wait and recover right currently. So'Mr Robinson,. do you see the position at the very least, that he ' s in?- Er, no, I don ' t, Your Honor.
– Okay. This is his neglect.
This is his. negligence, Your Honor.- Okay. -He ' s been complaining to me for
the previous year and a fifty percent.

that he has bad knees.So difficult good luck and carry on. He'' s been making use of the poor knee.
justification for life, so I think that he decided.
to rest on himself, since his knees.
were harming him. So discuss the yard and stay clear of.
the sidewalk right there. Allow me reveal you. -The braces that I have–.
– What are you obtaining– – [audience moaning]- Let me show you the dental braces. -These are over the counter.
– Okay, alright. They'' re not clinical,. they ' re to aid me to do my work.
I'' m a plumbing,. I ' m constantly on my knees.
[judge] That was a little.
greater than I intended to see, yet I appreciate. you doing that now. I just wish to show.
you so you can see, these are not to help me walk,. they ' re just, I
' m a plumbing professional.
I'' m on my knees a great deal,. this offers me sustain like a back brace would certainly give. me sustain if I ' m lifting. Well, you ' ve simply provided. a whole brand-new significance to the plumber ' s split. [all laughing] Constable Matt,.

if you would let him, emergency room, allow the sheriff aid. you draw your trousers up.Thank you.
[audience laughing] -I ' ve got them over below. -Taking one for the team,- Sheriff.- [laughing] [constable] You good? Alright, I almost. got it right here.- Thank you. -[ judge] Alright. Thanks, thank you. You are filing a claim against. Mr Robinson for $250,000. Component
of that is $100,000. for pain and suffering.
Inform me regarding your. pain and suffering.- What have you been with?- Okay, so, this has affected my whole life. My whole life,. 24-hour a day, I ' m hurting. Now, this didn ' t used to be.

I'separated and dislocated. the shoulder when I decreased. Component of that tore. my potter’s wheel cuff, so I needed to obtain. surgery for that.I ' m Captain of my bowling team. We were going to Nationals,.
and we had to surrender, due to the fact that I can ' t bowl. It ' s among the things. that I ' m good at, that
I truly like doing. I let them all down, as a result of his neglect.
My biggest issue is that this. must never have actually occurred.
Mr Robinson, you can see. that this has impacted his life, right?- Yes,
Your Honor.- Even if you wear ' t believe it ' s your mistake, you can see. it ' s had an effect on him.- Yes, Your Honor, I do.
– I indicate,'bowling, pass times. Also taking a shower. takes regarding 2 hours. You understand, it ' s hard when.
you can ' t even wipe yourself. Well, I would ' ve
offered. Sheriff Matt to go home with you, but he didn ' t. like drawing your pants up. [giggling] [applause] So, if you had a chance. to claim something to Mr Robinson, I indicate
you all had. a connection prior to this, what would you claim to him.
concerning what you'' ve been with? And Mr Robinson,.
I desire you to receive it.Mark, I have actually been functioning.
for you, I have actually been faithful for 7, 8 years,.
something like that. Whenever you require.
me, you trust me, and I constantly do it. I might not always get.
it as quick as you desire, however these things require time. And now I'' ve been wounded, and after that you'' re adding.
disrespect to that injury. The most significant point that I want.
you to bear in mind here, [court] And obtain this, receive it. Yes, yes, Your Honor. is that you installed.
that drain in the very first area. [audience groans] [judge] Mr Robinson,.
he installed that drain that he stepped in? It was an unique project.
that needed a certain amount of concentrate on it. I recognized he might get it done.-So I tasked him to do the work.- Currently Mr Raymond, I mean are you informing me. he failed to remember that it was there? -begun currently. -Let me show you, that'' s right,- I did install that–. -Exactly how is he liable – for a drainpipe you put
in?- Allow me show you why. That opening had this.
on top of it, to cover it. This is the safety function.
that takes place top of the hole. So when you mounted it,.
you put that on top? [Raymond] I place this, and this is a sign, this is an indicator that.
there'' s a caution. There ' s a something right here,.
don'' t action on that.
Mr Robinson, do you remember. when he mounted it and these points were existing?- Yes, Your Honor, I do.- Okay.And so, er, were these points existing
. the day he fell in the hole? -No, Your Honor, they were not.
– Why not? They weren'' t present,.
due to the fact that a crew participant of the lawn cutting company.
that he referred me to, ran over that exact same top. So on the day of this loss, those points,.
that cover and the flag, that Mr Raymond put.
therein, they weren'' t there.
It took place the day. prior to the event, Your Honor.- Well, why not replace it?- Well, I needed to, I placed the indicator down, because I didn ' t. have the actual top, like the cover to it,. to set up. Did the sign keep.
people off the turf? Your Honor, it actually did. Had you seen that sign, would certainly you have. utilized the pathway? I wear ' t believe I would certainly have, due to the fact that it ' s not a warning indicator. It ' s much more, that
indication resembled. I ' m trying to expand my turf, please don ' t kill.
it by walking on it. It doesn ' t claim you ' re around.

to transform your entire life,- as a result of carelessness. -He'' s got a point. [Robinson]. You ' re not.
buying that though, – are you, Your Honor? – He ' s got a factor.
What does it matter. if the yard requires a cut, or if we reached lay fertilizer,. or if individuals like to have barbecues available, and we put on ' t. want individuals walking on outings. It doesn ' t matter.
We just require that people. to recognize the message on the indication, and to not stroll on the grass. I'assume I ' ve listened to enough. I'' m ready to render my decision. [applause] In every individual injury situation, the complainant must.
verify 3 points. The plaintiff must prove that.
the offender did glitch, which incorrect.
triggered your injuries. Mr Raymond,.
you were plainly injured. You were harmed.
when you entered an opening that you didn'' t. remember was there, because the cover was missing.
and the flag was missing.Had they been

you would certainly'' ve run right around them,.
and solved his troubles and you all would certainly.
not be here today. That'' s appropriate, Your Honor. [court] Mr Robinson, you believe.
he put the hole there, he should understand that, plus you obtained a large sign.
saying remain off the lawn. The walkway.
is 12 to 20 feet away. He could'' ve done that,.
and fixed your trouble and we wouldn'' t be right here today. Yes, Your Honor, I imply,.
there'' s no method you fail to remember a job that you do. That kind of hits usual feeling, but the legislations.
past typical sense, it'' s quite technical.And the technical.

part of the regulation states that when you are a land proprietor,. or a structure owner, you have a responsibility. to maintain the residential property, that is, in its risk-free. condition, you keep it risk-free. The problem I have. here is that it was safe when Mr Raymond placed that. cover on, and placed the join. However when you recognized that your men. had actually struck it with the lawnmower,
currently it became a hazard, that he wouldn ' t. always understand about.
I find, Mr Raymond,.
that you have actually shown that Mr Robinson was wrong.
in not at the very least informing you about this opening being there,.
or at least replacing the cap.I find that you have shown.
that his wrong in not replacing the cap created your injuries,.
and in that regard, I'' m going to honor.
you $100,000 in clinical expenses, $50,000 in lost salaries,.
and every dime of $100,000.
for discomfort and suffering. Thanks, Your Honor.
[praise] For a complete honor of $250,000. I find in your favor.
and versus Mr Robinson. That is my verdict, and this matter is adjourned. [applause] [storyteller]
Our lawyers throughout America just seen this case.
for the initial time.
Allow'' s hear what.
Gary Martin Hays has to say.
Mr. Raymond was able to prove.
the accused'' s neglect by utilizing a representation revealing the place.
of the mishap, plus pictures depicting the opening.
without the drain cover. Currently, it'' s so crucial to get photos of the scene.
of an incident, in addition to any type of condition.
or tool that might have cause the injury. Strong testimony and exhibits will truly assist you describe.
what occurred with great detail to a court.

[applause] [significant songs]

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