The last plumber couldn’t unblock this drain.. So they called me

I put on'' t mind a grease catch people yet this one. hasn ' t been touched in years bloody boom simply like that guys we are back and today we obtained an.
outright Ripper I'' m bloody excited to show you this one just clean the cam up right here for 2.
seconds and individuals this owner he'' s had an additional plumbing professional out and the various other plumbings told him.
now it simply can'' t be removed it ' s a council issue and I told this proprietor mate I
claimed companion he. must have a heart the size of an ant ' s kneecap if he couldn'' t clear this set cuz this is just. a bloody 20-minute task mate it'' s simply what we'do we ' ll check this inspection Factor here and I'' m. presuming she'' s chokkas as well I mean this isn'' t a council concern this is simply a just oh yeah n she ' s. choc this simply a a day-to-day bloody clog companion so what we'' ll do is we'' ll fire the jet up and. we ' ll simply get it sorted people it ' s as basic as that simply try and feed the hose down as. much as we'can before we'F this jet up noise boom we ' re away let ' s obtain it sorted oh oh good something ' s not'appropriate guys. allow uh let ' s let ' s go with a'little an examination all right'guys I wasn ' t certain. if you ' re going to have the ability to'hear me so I ' ll describe what ' s taking place now so the shop we ' re. doing job at it ' s a bakery but it '
s also obtained a little dining establishment tacked onto the rear of it in. a uh parking area behind appearance there ' s lots of little stores and restaurants and all type of little bits and. items down here and uh look the last PL I assumed it was a you recognize a council problem or a bloody you.
understand a stter problem I'' m just going to have a stray down here and see if there'' s major assessment Shaft.
or anything where you can have a sticky bake down yet it doesn'' t look like it we ' ll just have a
appearance. in this unit right here hi it ' s the plumber I'' m simply going to have a peek in this floorway strain.
here and look that'' s that ' s clear as clear might be mate so look'it ' s absolutely not a St issue. or a cancel issue it ' s take a look in below also knock knock plumbing technician hey there okay now we.
can see guys that uh yep look we'' re functioning next door and it'' s just all coming through that we''
ll. have to oh bloody H we'' ll clean this up shut the door below 2 secs okay let'' s go and look
. for an oil band is simply reached be one right here I'' ll tell you what'it ' s a good day'if you ' re a. mate I imply oh look it ' s a bloody day for it if you ' re a simply just wear ' t bloody
sting. me though any type of who look we'' ll have an additional sticky Beacon here we'' ll have assess the scenario.
yet look I think this is where the last time was just bloody offered up well guys it didn'' t take. much bloody effort I'' ve just roamed around into the back vehicle park right here look this oil traps.
Galore mate appearance at that I believe this is the one that we'' re seeking boom b a bloody Grand.
Burglary Vehicle here mate all right here we are allow'' s unload well bloody hell you know I don'' t mind. grease catch individuals yet this set hasn ' t been touched in years all right individuals well let'' s jet into the. uh into the inlet of this oil catch and I believe we'' ll obtain this obstruction rather bloody quickly as I.
was claiming this oil trap mate the owners didn'' t'even know it ' s below I indicate the fragrance to it is just.
something that you you just wear'' t wish to smell it mate yeah friend this is definitely where.
this Bakery is obstructed just around the arm joint of this bloody Inlet right here we so close bloody shed men I think we'' ve nearly. got her the concern is this entire grease catch she'' s established Rock Solid mate needs a good clear out.
I'' m simply going to try and blast the base of this fight simply so that the uh the liquid.
simply can survive from one one side to an additional and check out the drain from the store.
individuals that obstruction is simply blowing via magnificently I mean consider that individuals not.
just have we just made the clients day however we'' ve obtained a complimentary streaming drainpipe to bloody. appreciate friend I indicate speak about 2 St one bird and mate it'' s thicker than I such as to have.
my gruel in the early morning I'' ll inform you that much simply attempt and break this.
up a bit simply so that this bloody oil trap can run rather.
plainly until the owner makes a decision to cleanse it out I'' m mosting likely to let him know that.
it needs to be pumped out immediately late man I'' m still waiting guys I mean.
where on Planet would you rather be no person recommended any area much better than right below currently men she is absolutely Mickey Computer mouse I.
suggest there'' s nothing much better than a bloody oil catch I'' m telling you today check out that she.
is Moving better than the day Shan'' s mounted companion I indicate she'' s barged in'currently she ' s got a few. miles on her and she is running like a bloody dream companion a finely tuned engine what I imply.
check out the state of this companion this has been bloody resting air rotten away for several years it'' s G. you put on ' t want to scent all of it righty we ' ll take a mosy on in right here individuals and have a
take a look at this. inspection factor oh take a look at that she is clear as clear might be friend I discuss the size of.
horizon just in situation you lose it you put on'' t wish to shed them and look at this floor drainpipe below.
guys wonderful all right we'' ve got the Taps working on within and we'' ll have a look and look.
at that guys like magic well it'' s not really magic I indicate we'' ve made that occur ourselves she'' s. running easily well guys you'' ve pleased me once again I'' ll offer you each a success sticker.
for today'' s initiatives and if I can ask the drainpipe cleaning Community the family members as soon as again to.
shatter the like button heading out it simply does marvels for the channel and it just it simply.
actually assists support me men you understand that'' s all I request is a knockout of that light if you can.
wreck it like you'' ve never ever smashed it prior to it would be bloody spectacular companion shatter it so.
hard that YouTube go bloody heck we wrecking that like switch so hard anyhow guys sufficient.
of me rambling I'' ll see you on the following one.

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