Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix – Plumbers Majestic - Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Hey individuals. Hi. Hey men, exactly how'' s it going? Introductions my people. Hey! Welcome men. Hi. Hey there. We invite you. Hi every person. So as you can see, I got all spruced up to invite you, our special visitor … … to this extremely unique moment. The globe premiere of Blood & & Water. We hope you appreciate seeing the program as long as we enjoyed making it for you individuals. And also from all-time low of our hearts … … thanks so much for the love and also the support. [hip-hop music playing] [knock at door] [boy] Sis? [female in English] Oh, there you are.

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

[sighs] Everybody'' s been requesting for you. [in English] Everything fine? -Yeah, I'' m fine.- So … why'put on ' t you put a smile on that face then for us in the meanwhile, huh? That'' s better. [laughes] Hey, this is a celebration, alright? Not a funeral service. Currently, won ' t you place this on the table for me over there? 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747 [key-board clacking]- Sis. -'Hey.
Do you recognize when Ubaba is coming? I ' m not sure, however he ' s gon na be below, all right? Don ' t concern. Now offer me a
kiss. [kisses] -Wait, let me go. Gross.- [giggles] I ' m your older sibling. Come on. 1-855-596-0747 Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. No phones, please. [in English] Pay attention, have you seen the suits? I ' ll obtain them. [breathes out] [stifled heart beat] 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747– [laughs softly] -[ key-board clacking]- 1-855-596-0747– [laughes] [scoffs] Sis, he ' s here! Sis! ♪ Delighted birthday to you ♪ ♪ Satisfied birthday to you ♪ ♪ Satisfied birthday celebration dear Phume ♪ ♪ Delighted birthday celebration to you ♪- [lady] Hip hip hip!- [all] Hooray! [in English] Thank you all for being here today.
It actually implies a great deal to us.
Thanks, especially, to those of you who have actually been below on the 16th of August for each single year considering that our attractive little baby girl was born.Seventeen years is a lengthy time to search for somebody. Yet we ' ll go an additional 17 if it indicates I reach hold my lovely first-born woman in my arms again. So please, when you do hope … just ask God to bring her home. To see to it that those that took her are brought to justice. Okay. [removes throat] Puleng … [exhales] … wear'' t fail to remember to make a dream for your sibling. Three … two … one. [impacts] [theme track playing] ♪ Blood ♪ ♪ Blood and also water ♪ – [Siya] Publications once more?
– [daddy] Pause from that Xbox. [Siya] “There'' s nothing like looking if you desire to find something. Love, Papa.”” [chuckles] At the very least this has images. [both laugh] And you, Makhu. If you want to accomplish something in life, first you should … -Create it down, I know.
– That'' s right. Currently, open it. What “does it say? “There is no greater agony than the unknown tale inside you. Maya Angelou. Maintain hoping, love, Father.”” Many thanks, Baba. -Can I see your own?
– Oh, my God. Yours is much more boring than mine. Don'' t be stupid, Siya. It'' s meant to be vacant. -All right.All right.

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

All right.- That'' s not a wonderful word. Are you remaining over this time around? Puleng, I believe you require to be patient with us. We'' re gon na function something out. I promise you. [papa] I ' ll be back recently. Hmm? 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747 [Puleng jeers] This lady. Wow, Zama, wear much less. Puleng, whatevs. So, I met this person Chris, all right? He ' s 17, he '

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

s abundant, he loves to travel, he likes to event, and also he likes my ass.So essentially everything you like? Yeah, specifically. Good friend, can you please choose me to his event? Babe, I can ' t.
The Khumalo National Day of Mourning restricts it. Okay, allow me understand if you change your mind. [Zama] W-w-w-wait, before you go, is this a yay or a nay? Puleng? It'' s a nay for me. Sorry, Zama, I– I'' ll call you back, alright? I have to go. Why is he leaving currently? He'' ll be back soon, fine? Don ' t concern. Every little thing will certainly be great. [in English] I understand.- You told him to go, didn ' t you?- He claimed he had someplace to go. -Why does Phume obtain such a huge cake?
– What? Siya went to Spur for his birthday celebration, but Phume gets a three-tiered cake and she'' s not also right here. Go and also collect up the dishes– -Ma–.
– Go! I'' m going'to Zama ' s. You ' re not going anywhere. We ' ve obtained guests. Puleng! Puleng! [key-board clacking] 1-855-596-0747 ♪ Amusing'thing concerning love is. Eventually it ' s right here … ♪ [Zama whispering] Come, come, come', come! ♪ Eventually it ' s gone ♪ ♪ Funny aspect of you is. You were the one ♪ [Zama]

You can state it, you understand. You'' ll really feel much better. “[ sighs] What? You ' re like, “Fuck!”- Zama. -What? [Puleng giggles] Just how did points go this year? -[ sighs]- Do you intend to discuss it? Nah. Usual. So, Chris, that person ' s totally into me.
I mean, why else am I on the VIP list? Wait, there ' s a VIP list.
for a residence event? Yeah. Possibly that ' s exactly how individuals do it. in Llandudno. Llandudno? Zama, why are we presuming'? Am I also on'this guest list? I wear ' t'know. We ' ll see when we arrive. Kick back, it ' s going to be fine. So, exactly how did you fulfill him? He DM ' d me. [laughs] Okay. I was stalking his Instagram account, as well as I accidentally suched as a photo. he published,'like, 35 weeks ago. I desired to die. That ' s going to be at this party? I imply … [sighs] Suppose these people are dodgy? Definitely no person we understand,. as well as'abundant people can ' t be dodgy. You hardly recognize this individual. Like, what ' s his surname? [in English] We ' ll ask concerns later. [Puleng sighs] [in English] ♪ We ' re going to a part-ay ♪ [both laugh] [seagulls screeching] [Puleng] Why did you allow me leave. the house in a granny cardigan? [Zama] Good friend, put on ' t tension. about garments, okay? Your face makes anything look gorgeous. Come. Sissy.- [girl] Excuse me?
– [Puleng] Sorry.- Your name?- Zama as well as Puleng. Zama can come in, yet Puleng,. you ' re not in the listing. What?- [exhales] I'understood it. I ' ll simply go home.- No, no, no, buddy, wait. Wait. Provide me five secs,'. I ' ll be back today, okay? Offer me five secs. Believe me. You can ' t just
leave me here. Quit there. Next off, come. God. -[ breathes out]- 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747 P! Uh, Addie. It ' s. It ' s great. -You can allow her in

. -Can be found in.'[ dance songs playing] 3,'2, one, go. Ah. Yaas, bitch! Allow ' s, uh, get out of here.Okay. Friend, I ' ll capture you later. Zama? -Ow!- Oh. -Ow.'- Shit, oh, shit. I ' m so sorry once more. Oh, spunk. Let me just– No, it ' s fine. It ' s great. I see you made a new close friend. Does she desire kush? Seventy dollars. It ' s worth it. No, thanks. Attempt not to burn her clothes following time,. and also maybe she ' ll fuck you. [Puleng] Absolve me. [Puleng] Oh, excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me, sorry. [crowd joys] Hello? Can I please have a cider? Hey there? -Can I please have a drink?- Wow. [woman jeers] Mind if I try? [Puleng jeers'] Hey, Jono. Can I have a cider, please? Of course. What are you having? Me? Oh. -I ' ll have a cider also. -Two ciders. [girl] Women got ta stick together, right? I ' ve only obtained the one.- Oh, it ' s fine. You can have it.- No. She ' ll have the cider. I ' ll have a G&T. Just how much for the cider? [gently] Okay, no? Adorable cardi, by the method.

[ dance songs continues playing] [Zama groaning] Ew. Crap. Puleng? Close friend? Buddy, wait. -She can sign up with if she wants.- [Zama] I'' m so sorry regarding that.Is whatever alright? Yeah, I ' m simply attempting to unsee. what I'just saw. Um … Wait
, did– did he just claim. I could sign up with in if
I want? [giggles] Well, what can I state? I recognize just how to select them. Lord. Uh, appearance, buddy, I ' m so sorry. for leaving you hanging. I will locate you around when I ' m done. -Done? Ew. Ew, Zama. -Yes. -Offer me a kiss. Provide me …- Ew. Bye! Ugh! [hip-hop songs playing] [sighs] [Fikile] I shouldn ' t even be here. There ' s a lot of individuals. [person] So after that, inform me to leave. [Fikile] Is this also real? ' Reason if it is, I ' m done in. [individual] This is genuine. [kissing, moaning] [man] Somebody ' s right here. 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747 Does this phone belong to anybody? [exhales] Hey there? [woman] Wade? Wade? Uh … Wade is not below. This is Puleng talking. Simply put Wade on.

It ' s his mom. Please, it ' s urgent. Does any individual know where Wade is? He ' s by the image cubicle. [hip-hop music proceeds'playing] [Puleng] Wade? Uh', just one second. [cam shutter clicking] Yes, who ' s searching for me? Oh.Hi. [scoffs] Not me. Mommy. Guy, she ' s waiting. Oh. Oh. Mo– Mom.
Hi, Mother. [stammering] Where are you? You ought to ' ve been house hours ago! Did you comfortably fail to remember. that you ' ve obtained a curfew? -I ' m sorry. -I want you home today! -I ' m sorry. -Do you hear me? -Yes, I will.
– Now! Au revoir. So, um … Where did you discover it?- [chuckles] In the couch. – In the … [

exhales] Certainly. Um, please, can I obtain … Can I get you another beverage? One more cider, perhaps? [sighs] They ' re all out.
I tried already. Okay, just how is this? If I can obtain you a cider,. will you assist me evacuate? Depends. Just how rapidly can you get that cider? Voila. That ' s disloyalty. I didn ' t understand there were policies. [laughs] I– I ' m Wade. You are? Puleng.
Puleng. Okay. [Puleng] How do you recognize Chris? Um, we ' re at the same institution,. Parkhurst College. We ' re not pals or anything. He just. asked me to do the picture booth thing.
– Hmm.- As well as you? I ' m a plus one. It ' s a long tale. [electronic camera shutter clicks] Ah,'no. -Please don ' t. I despise images of myself. -[ laughes] Oh, wow. [jeers] That ' s really okay.- You ' re actually efficient this. -[ laughs] Um, I have an excellent subject. Do you … understand this girl? '… You remind me of
her. Like the shape of your faces. as well as something concerning your eyes.
[Puleng] What? She ' s means also pretty. [Wade] She ' s a ' ight.- Yes, you ' re right, she ' s
entirely hideous.- Mm. [

chuckles] [Chris] Yo, everyone. Relocate more detailed. Fiks, make your means up, please. Fiks? Fiks? Ladies and also gents,. your birthday celebration woman, Fikile Bhele. That ' s Fikile,. the one I was simply speaking about. It ' s her birthday celebration,.
naturally, if you didn ' t recognize. [Chris “] Happy 17th birthday celebration, you old hag. I like you. Now, let ' s consume! Is it Fikile ' s birthday today. or during the week? Uh, it ' s today. [Puleng] She shares the same birthday. as my sister. Ah! That ' s cool down. Where is she? Oh, uh, she ' s out. with some close friends, I believe. 1-855-596-0747. Crap. Um, I have to go. Puleng, it was outstanding meeting you. I would certainly enjoy to remain in touch with you.
on Instagram or something. Yeah, just browse “that Puleng.
” That Puleng. Okay. Okay, bye. [songs continues playing] [fireworks taking off] [songs discolors out] [breathes out] [breathes out] [light button clicks] Ma. [clears throat] I ' m sorry. I didn ' t wan na wake you. When we have a home

Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix

filled with guests. I expect you to stay home. You might have at least reacted. to my texts, Puleng, I had to discover. from Zama that you were fine. I just required to clear my head. What ' s truly taking place, Puleng? Looks like all we do is fight. Hey. You recognize just how much now indicates to us– Just how much it indicates to'you and Ubaba. Siya and I play along. simply to keep you as well as Ubaba delighted. [in English] And we never ever did. [sobs] I just wish we might move past this, Ma.Not commemorate her birthday celebration anymore. Not blow out these candles and make a wish time after time and invite these people to our residence. [breathes out] I simply want … you would like Siya as well as I. as long as you like Phume. That ' s unfair. I enjoy you and also Siya. with everything I have. [sighs] Can I rest currently? [sniffs] [man] Begin, Puleng! [indistinct voices] [strikes] [mommy] Puleng! [train] Puleng! Select it up!- [guy 2] You obtained this.- [lady] Run! Come on! Obtain the ball! Come on, ladies! Begin! [crowd cheering] [stifled] Pal, are you okay? Are you okay? Okay, great. Emphasis. [phones chiming] [lady, typical] Run! What are you doing? Come on, man!'Come on, Puleng! Come on! [

lady] What is that? [indistinct chatter] [stressful songs plays] [exhales] [indistinct chatter] Why are individuals gazing? I had a negative video game. Jeez, so what? Hey. Puleng, what ' s this about?- What?- Look. Well done, P. You screwed up that video game, didn ' t you? Maintain going like that,. we ' ll finish up at the end of the league.Jeez, let it go, Nate.
I ' ll gave up when you stop screwing us. out of the period. -[ Nate] Bitch.- You know what? Possibly if you gave up. the steroids a little, I may be able to see. past your fat head next time. Know what? Perhaps your dad needs to ' ve. sold you right into slavery as opposed to your si– Fuck off, Nate! Nobody cares what you think. Fuck you. That are you even? Good friend, I truly think. you need to see this. -What are you on concerning? – [Zama] Puleng– See your mouth, you fucking Neanderthal. [women shrieking] Fuck you as well as your whole family members! Don ' t speak about my fucking household!-
Obtain this bitch off of me! -Puleng! [Puleng] Did you understand regarding this? [Zama] Truthfully, I didn ' t,
good friend. I just saw it after the suit. It ' s all bullshit, though.
None of this holds true. [woman]

Julius Khumalo,. the daddy of among the abducted infants in the relevant Point of Elegance. Adoption Company scandal is thought to be part. of the kid laundering plan where he is currently'presumed. to have actually offered his child woman just before she was born.Come on, allow ' s go. [breathes out] -'Sir–. -[ male] You don ' t have to clarify. I ' ve seen the news,.
as well as I ' ve called your parents. They will be collecting you soon. I ' m sure you men have a great deal.
to chat concerning. Having stated that, Miss Khumalo … the information about your daddy.
is no excuse of what you did. In addition, your qualities have spiraled, your averages is going down,. as well as the instructor says you ' re not concentrated.

I imply,. and now you ' re entering fights? Yet, sir, Nate began it. You physically assaulted her.I desire you to recognize, only you can pick how you react. to different scenarios in life. In various other words,.
wear ' t blame Nate for your response. Your response gets on you. Consequently,. there ' ll be a corrective hearing in your honor on Wednesday. You can go now. Your parents will certainly be here soon. And also please, get on time. I ' d hate to'suspend you. Can a person discuss what ' s going on?
I wear ' t comprehend. -Why are they bringing this'up once again?- [

Julius] Relax down. There ' s nothing
to understand.It ' s simply this journalist who ' s trying. to make a tale out of absolutely nothing. Some evidence from one more kidnapping case has actually made them take a look at Phume ' s case once more. What did they discover? [Julius] Not a lot yet, except my name turned up
. in some documents that'' s creating them to assume.
that I did some terrible point. But the cops will quickly realize.
that they were extremely incorrect. Why didn'' t you inform me? I assumed I had time to prepare you individuals. However these journalists, you recognize, they wan na offer newspapers.
so they defend an exclusive. We wanted to safeguard you guys. No, you decided that. Pay attention to me. You require to trust me. Don'' t believe everything you see
. current concerning me. Soon there'' ll be great deals of lies.
that they'' ll publish. And also Phume'' s instance? What occurs to it? It may be resumed. We'' re not exactly sure yet. Okay, wrap it up. You ' re not meant. to have fun with that point prior to you sleep.
However that ' s what makes you the finest sister. a boy could request, eh? You allow me do things that our ma won ' t.Ha ha, extremely enchanting,. but flattery will certainly obtain you no place. Offer it right here.
[exhales] 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747 1-855-596-0747 [exhales] [jeers] Crazy. [breathes out] What are you getting at, Puleng? [exhales] [exhales] [ambient music playing] [breathes out] [songs stops] [Zama] Mm. Warm, warm, hot. These images wear'' t do Chris ' s body. any kind of justice, right? Friend? What ' s up? Are you all right? Yeah, I ' m penalty.
– Don ' t wan na talk about it. -Oh, good friend, I ' m really going crazy. So, like, Chris welcomed me. over to his place this weekend break, right? Oh! Did I inform you what happened.
the various other evening when we mosted likely to his? Mm-mm, mm-mm. Zama … [scoffs] I saw it all. Thanks. [Zama] What are you checking out? Fiksation a lot? Look, if you'' re right into furburgers as well as things,.
I completely sustain you.Zama, no, it'' s not like that. I just … Her life appears pretty perfect; that ' s it. I recognize, best? I absolutely enjoy her life. I indicate, her papa ' s a millionaire. Academic honors. And her blazer is just ridiculous. Yeah, and Chris can not quit chatting.
regarding her swimming abilities. -Jealous?
– [jeers] Me? -Mm-hmm.
– No, I'' m not. She ' s pretty.
Sports Illustrated SA. intends to profile her. They state she may go to the Olympics. There needs to be something wrong.
with this girl.Maybe she has 13 toes, as well as perhaps that ' s her secret to swimming.- [both laugh]- Shh! [both giggling] However you need to be much more concerned.
regarding Chris. I mean, what'' s he concealing? He ' s perfect, nè? Oh, look at this … Take a look at this picture, close friend. The genes of the man. [Zama sucks teeth] Genetics. And afterwards? Zama, I need to go. [breathes out] “Parental permission if minor.”” [clicks tongue] Crap. “” Payment of 2,500.”” Steep, not impossible. “” Results are not always ensured.”” [breathes out] It'' s worth a shot. [key-board clacking] 1-855-596-0747 [soft chuckle] ♪ The method you sippin' ' on that container ♪ ♪ I can tell you obtained a whole lot on your mind ♪ ♪ If you require somebody to hold ♪ [bell buzzing] ♪ I'' ll be below when you come … ♪ Hey. Glad you made it. [laughes] Wow, Parkhurst is … stunning. Yeah. As well as my mother'' s. the initial woman principal. A major'' s son? Yep. Yep. Oh, um … Follow me. – [whistle impacts]- [crowd applauding] [supporting, chanting] [whooping] [marching band music playing] [whooping] Whoo! Just require to obtain some images.
for the magazine.

[drum defeating] [smothered sound] [Puleng breathing] [race starter] Establish! [whistle blast] ♪ I'' m travelin ' for you. Don ' t you' understand? ♪
♪ I ' m hustlin ' forward. For you currently ♪ Go, go, go, go! ♪ Coming with you'. In the rapid lane ♪' ♪ I'' m playin ' on my radio ♪ ♪ I ' m goin ' no place. Don ' t you recognize? ♪ [buzzer blaring] [group cheering] [commentator] And also it ' s an additional record.

for our brand-new champion.Congratulations, Fikile Bhele. [Wade] Agh, I require to obtain closer.
to Fikile. I'' ll be back now. Hey, do you need assist? I can hold your lenses.
in situation you need to switch. Many thanks. That'' s really pleasant of you. Yeah. – [Wade] Fiks, quick pic for the Gram?
– [Fikile] Yeah. Yet let me shower initially, okay? [announcer] Successive is.
the children' ' open assortment relay. [group applauding] -Is it always this frantic?
– Pretty much. There'' s an also larger one.
happening in a couple of weeks. Last year we did this point.
where we had, like, flags … Like disco spheres and … Hey! Hey, put on'' t you require to get stills.
of the following race'' s schedule? Uh, possibly. Spunk. Could you ask Fiks to wait on me, please? Yeah, sure. [announcer] Please, could all guys listed.
make their means to the platform? [exhales] [breathes out] Hey, pass my bag, will you? [silently gasps] Hey. Cider lady. From my party. Are you at Parkhurst? I'' ve never ever seen you before. Uh … No. No, I'' m

not.Well, I'' m Fikile,.
yet you can call me Fiks. Fiks, grateful you waited. Can I obtain you.
with your medal on the podium? -Yeah.
– Thanks. 1-855-596-0747 Shit. I need to go. -I'' m sorry.- Why? There ' s six even more races. I thought.
we might hang around later. Next time. I'' m sorry. I guarantee. What ' s so vital? I'' m late for my disciplinary hearing. Huh? Okay. 1-855-596-0747 – [clock ticking]- [breathes out] [in Zulu] She'' s not answering her phone. [in English] Okay, everyone, thanks for coming. [panting] What'' d I miss out on? [muffled] Puleng'' s acting as if.
nothing is taking place; meanwhile, she'' s concerning to be gotten rid of. [voice echoing] [normal] I'' m talking with you. Puleng, your mom is talking with you. What is wrong with you? Answer her. Uh … Sorry. What was your concern? Where were you, Puleng? I forgot. I remained in the collection doing some job. Makhu, you failed to remember? I put on'' t buy that. They sent out a person to seek you.
all around the properties. And I tried calling you a million times.Well, they must ' ve missed me. I ' m sorry. Well, that won'' t sufficed this moment. You'' re grounded till your suspension.
mores than. Offer me your phone. -Pa.
– Offer me your phone. [door slams open] The stubbornness of this child,.
I can'' t believe it. Thandeka … [in English] Let me handle this. [Puleng] For for how long?- Mr. Khumalo?'I ' m Captain Manah.
– Puleng…-I ' m jailing you for human trafficking. -[ trainees gasp]- You can remain quiet. -Human trafficking? [Manah] Anything you claim ' ll be held.
versus you in a law court. -Ma?
– You deserve to an attorney … [in English] … one will be supplied.
to you by the state. – [Thandeka] It'' s alright. -Do you recognize your civil liberties? -Why are they taking him?
– Every little thing'' s gon na be fine. I do, yet … -Baba.
– Puleng, wait. -Baba!
– Wait. My little girl. -Every little thing'' s mosting likely to be fine.
– Mother, do something! [cameras continue clicking] Baba! What are you doing? [sobbing] It'' s all right. Shh. [sobbing] It ' s okay.
– [sobbing] -It ' s alright. [in English] For all this. I know it ' s a mess. I recommend that we keep Puleng and also Siya. as away from this as possible. [Julius clears throat] Your mommy'' s ideal concerning this'. We ' ll have to maintain our range in the meantime. I wear'' t desire you as well as Siya.
to get blended up in this. What'' s occurring, Baba? I thought you stated it was nothing. Puleng, I require you to trust me. This is really made complex. Made complex? Puleng … I think Ubaba'' s had sufficient for today.Let ' s

let him arrange this out. The attorney will be below quickly. Maybe after that things will make feeling. – [Thandeka] Allow''
s go. – [door opens up] See you later on. Ma? We can'' t simply leave him therein.Well, we don'' t have a selection, my love. Wait. You wear'' t really believe he did this? He asked us to trust him. Let'' s start with that. However for now, Puleng … till every one of this is sorted,
we need to keep our distance. [Siya] So when does he come house? [” SMA”” by Unpleasant C playing] Truthfully … I put on'' t understand. We ' ll need to wait as well as see
So, we just wait and see. if Ubaba ever comes house? What can we do to assist him? Siya, the attorneys are on it, okay? They know what they'' re doing.Seriously … what concerning us? Can ' t we do something'to help a lot more? [breathes out] Okay … I could have a plan. [Siya] May? [breathes out] Okay. I do have a plan. ♪ Send me away ♪ ♪ Send me away … ♪ [exhales] [gets rid of throat] Ma? Sorry. ♪ And also I'' ll follow you like A-B-C ♪ ♪ You act like you in it however ♪ ♪ You were never right here with me … ♪ I'' ve been believing. I wear'' t wan na go back to Meadowridge. Not after today as well as everything
that'' s happened over the last few days. Ma? [in English] You'' re right. Ma? Have you ever came across Parkhurst High? [motif music playing] ♪ Well, I'' d pay to locate you in our story ♪ ♪ Where our shows link in glory ♪ ♪ I can feel you in my spirit ♪ ♪ My heart is bruised
As well as you'' re my healin ' ♪ ♪ Blood ♪ ♪ Blood as well as water ♪ ♪ Blood ♪ ♪ Blood and also water ♪ ♪ Blood ♪ ♪ Blood and also water ♪ ♪ Blood ♪ ♪ ♪ [music ends]

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