Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421 – Plumbers Majestic - Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

– Khabib beat Conor, Putin got on FaceTime prior to he even made it to the storage locker space. Trump, sitting president, ex-president, watching all the battles, calling, intends to speak about the fights. Valentina Shevchenko,
every time she goes home, she meets with the
head of state of the country. The listing goes on and on and on. The most effective, , Zuckerberg. I indicate, the listing goes on and on and on. One of the most effective people in the world are all obsessed with fighting. – The complying with is a.
discussion with , the head of state of the UFC, a combined fighting styles company that changed the art, the sport, and business of fighting.And Dana is genuinely the. mastermind behind the UFC. This is the “ Podcast “.” To support it, please. take a look at our enrollers in the summary. And now, bosom friends, right here ' s . Do you keep in mind when'you. saw your initial fight?- I assume so. I keep in mind being at my. grandma ' s house
, and I believe'it was an Ali battle, and all my uncles were going. crazy throughout the battle, and there was just this buzz. and this power in your home that I suched as at a really young age, and I'' m rather sure. that was my initial fight. – Ali was something unique. – Yeah, amazing. I mean, when you take a look around, not simply here in the.
office, yet at my residence, Ali and Tyson are all over. – Would you put Ali as the.
best of all time, boxing? – Well, I would certainly put Ali as the greatest of all time human. I indicate, when you, it'' s simple as a battle
follower to. emphasis on him as a fighter, but when you concentrate on him as a human, and you think about what he.
suggested during that time and location, the things he claimed, the.
poems he created, you know, simply the general.
radiance of Muhammad Ali, the guts, the digestive tracts to have.
the stamina mentally, literally, and emotionally.
to go against the grain as he did it.It was a really hazardous time.
for him to be that he was. Yet, as a result of just how clever he was, and as a result of his individuality, and just how if you took a seat with him, you might be the most significant.
racist on earth. It'' s difficult to enter an area. with Ali and not such as Ali. -Yeah, he ' s all love, humor, all of it. -100 %.- And had the digestive tracts in the ring, and the digestive tracts to take a stand. – 100 %.- When it was hard.
– He could be one of the. all time greatest people. You know what I imply? Simply an impactful, powerful human that took place to be a fantastic fighter. – And often the ideal minute satisfies the great human.
being, that'' s crucial. – I concur with you. And he was the right.
person in the appropriate area at the correct time. And he'' s likewise an individual who utilized his system for all the right things

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

. -To make sure that might'' ve been your very first battle, however when did you fall.
crazy with battling? The art of it, the scientific research of it? – Yeah, I would claim I.
really loved it. So I was an elderly. It was 1987, and Hagler-Leonard took place. And I viewed that battle, and I taped it. And I watched that fight.
like a million times. I was a significant, huge Hagler follower. And I such as Sugar Ray Leonard as well, but I was a massive Hagler fan. And I simply keep in mind, I viewed.
that fight a million times due to the fact that I was pissed off, and I felt like Hagler.
obtained burglarized in the battle. You recognize what I imply? However that was truly what made me start to love the sport of boxing. – The battle of it, like-.
– Yeah, I was 17. And after that afterwards,.
USA'' s Tuesday Night Fights appeared on tv, it.
was on every Tuesday evening, religiously, never ever missed out on.
Tuesday Night Fights.I existed, saw all those fights. And a great deal of the important things. you see in the UFC, not always just the production, but I would certainly say the feel and the style and all those points.
are all points that I, points that I enjoyed concerning boxing and things that I despised concerning boxing, right to the discourse. – You enjoyed and despised?
– Hated, yeah. – [Lex] Hated the commentary. – Particular things that.
I liked concerning boxing, I integrated right into the UFC. Points that I despised about boxing, I saw to it that the UFC.
stayed away from. I believe, I can'' t stand Larry Seller. Can ' t stand Larry Merchant. And I used to watch HBO.
Boxing and mute the discourse to ensure that I didn'' t need to listen to them.Lampley as well, you would invest.
this cash for the pay-per-view to enjoy these people that you admired, to hear these pinheads tear '' em apart while the battle was occurring. – Oh, they were slamming.
– Yeah, 100%. – I'' ve gotten made use of to the UFC, so I wear'' t, I ' m attempting. to bear in mind looking back. – It was poor. – It was poor?- It was truly poor.- Yet the pleasant scientific research, the art of boxing was beautiful still.
Like the tales they told.- 100 %. I wan na do this with you right now. Hey, will you bring your. cellular phone over here and pull up YouTube? I wan na do this for you so.
that you can understand this and understand where I was originating from. – For the commentary.
– Yeah, at this factor in time. – I have all great memories. You'' re gon na ruin it for me. – Yeah, no, there are.
only fantastic memories regarding boxing, but the discussion.
and a whole lot of things, but it'' s exactly how fucking unusual is it that I even cared regarding this. shit then in my life, which time in my life? Like what influence could.
I perhaps carry it? So think of Tyson and how.
much everybody liked Tyson at the time, and listen to.
this, listen to this entrance.

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

– [Announcer] Of the previous.
indisputable heavyweight champ, and below he comes, Mike Tyson. As he heads towards the exact same ring, he made his disgraceful.
exit in June of '' 96. -Wow. Among the baddest motherfucking.
walk-ins of all time, incidentally. So what this guy must be doing, and this is just one of the Albert brothers. Close the fuck up. Stay out of the means. – [Lex] Maybe build him up. – Or that, or put on'' t state anything. Just let the fans, that'' s. why we obstructed him. That'' s why we paid our cash. -You wear'' t demand to say anything. – [Commentator] Terrifying, enforcing music. Will certainly he be able to daunt.
his challenger tonight? Will it even matter? I actually believed there'' d. be even more of a surge by the group below, however very combined. Despite a win tonight,.
no issue exactly how one started, he will still have his critics. Following the 2 battles with Holyfield, his stock plummeted, the.
pundits came down hard, feeling they were fooled. That is kos for.
over second-rate fighters.Now the crowd emerges extra. as he obtains into the ring.
But it ' s absolutely nothing frustrating.- What a dick. You ' re right. I don ' t bear in mind that. You'' re right.- Imagine, you paid your.
cash to watch Mike Tyson, and you got ta listen to.
these fucking jerk-offs talk spunk regarding him the entire way to the. To start with, among the.
coolest walk-ins ever before. You understand, very first time.
anybody had actually listened to DMX. – Yeah, that'' s right.
– He ' s strolling into some. terrifying, imposing songs. Will it also matter? You know, it'' s simply. all that kind of stuff. I literally used to evaluate.
every ounce of the production that would happen on television. And at once when I didn'' t. also recognize why I was doing it, however-.
– Yet it'' s in there someplace. Like you were thinking of it. – Right? So yeah, I despised HBO commentary. I believed, you recognize, at the time, HBO boxing was obviously the.
gold criterion for, you recognize, yet when you truly assume about boxing during that time, their production, the only point that altered.
over 30 years was like HD. I imply, also the commentators.
coincided for 30 years.And then you had

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

the moment.
when Larry Seller stands up and essentially starts fighting.
with Floyd Mayweather throughout the interview and states, “” If I was 30 years younger,.
I'' d kick your butt now.” – Oh yep, I bear in mind that, yeah. – I mean, these are the meetings that we need to pay attention to when we'' re attempting to watch a boxing suit.- The level of boxing was good. – Consider a fighter. Boxer has been chosen months, far from their families.
and away from every little thing, training, reducing weight, competing. Then they go in and they.
have to fight that night and then you have to, you know, if you enjoy your resist, you obtained ta pay attention to this.
bullshit from these individuals and then you get talked to.
and your interview is this. It'' s just — And it ' s not practically. the pay-per-view money.It ' s about like

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

, these. are tales of mankind
. Like we should celebrate the greatest kind of like success. ' Reason these are like Mike Tyson '.- So you understand who enters. there and interviews boxers? . Who has educated and done whatever and has miraculous regard for. the sport and the professional athletes. Or you obtained like Daniel Cormier, that was a former globe champ himself and has actually been.
via it, done it, understands. And those are the kind of.
individuals that we placed in the booth, individuals that are really.
experienced in it. Not these individuals that'' ve. never ever been in a fight in their fucking life.- Yeah, yet they'' re likewise both DC and Rogan are like huge kids. They enjoy it, they really enjoy it. – Well, everyone does. I mean, if you look.
at, it'' s the difference between our commentary and what.
I feel their discourse was. We wear'' t hire paid chatting heads. We employ people that have.
in fact remained in it, done it, like it and are super.
passionate regarding the sporting activity. And I would claim that none of them that ever covered the.
sporting activity at that time were.I wear'' t recognize if that was Marv Albert or what Albert brother that was, however he seemed like he'' s a. follower of the sporting activity or anyway. You got me on this and when I. get on this, I shed my mind.- Maybe we wouldn ' t have a UFC if they didn'' t fuck it. up so bad for the Tyson.- It would be various.'You ' re not wrong, you ' re not incorrect'. It would certainly be various. There ' s no question about it. All those experiences. maturing being a boxing fan helped create what the UFC is today. – You know, it'' s fascinating ' cause humans have been. defending millennia and it seems like with the UFC, the price of development is simply crazy. In these last three decades, it looks like we'' ve found.
just how to do unarmed battle much faster and much better than at.
whenever in human history.

– I agree with you 100%. The first UFC happened in 1993. Martial art versus fighting style. And currently over the last 30 years, fighting styles has actually evolved faster.
than, you know what I mean? And like you just claimed,.
combat sporting activities, combating, whatever you wan na call it, fighting styles, it has evolved a lot in thirty years, greater than the last 300 years. – What did you believe when.
you saw UFC 1 with Royce? – I bear in mind everyone speaking that this battle was gon na take place and there was gon na be no.
rules and all this various other stuff and we'' re
like, there ' s. no chance that ' s bullshit. And after that we ended up at. some person'' s house that night in Boston and watching.
it and it was taking place and it was enjoyable and it was.
interesting and whatever else.And after that I

type of dropped off afterwards. The very first one I enjoyed, but.
I was too large of a boxing fan. Plus as soon as grappling started taking control of and you recognize, by grappling.
implying the fumbling and the jujitsu individuals had actually simply laid there, you understand, I totally wearied. It'' s funny that I ' m. having this conversation with you now because last night, I was out last evening with my good friends and we were chatting around, '' reason one of my pals.
who'' s a host right here around just did jujitsu for the.
initial time the other day. And he resembled-.
– Did he obtain his butt kicked? – Yeah, yeah, but when you first go in, our initial jujitsu lesson, me, Lorenzo and Frank was with John Lewis. And I bear in mind thinking, divine shit, I can'' t think that I ' m,. you know, 28 years of ages and this is the very first time.'I ' m experiencing this, that an additional human could.
do this to me on the ground.It is such a mind-blowing,. astonishing experience when you do it for the very first time and afterwards you become. completely addicted to it.
And we were training. 3, 4 days a week
, trying to kill each other. and me and the Fertittas and that ' s exactly how we dropped.
in love with the sporting activity. I think that very first time.
that you do jujitsu, it'' s like the red pill and. heaven pill in The Matrix. Do you wan na believe that this. is the world that you stay in or do you wan na see what.
the real life appears like? – It'' s equally as an actual red pill. – It really is.- You realize, divine spunk, all that spunk chatting I ' ve been doing concerning me being a badass,.
you realize you'' re

not.You get controlled by an additional.
person, you realize no. And I indicate dominate. I indicate completely treat you.
like you'' re a little youngster. And after that we had the opportunity to roll with a lot of different individuals at the time due to the whatever. And we wear'' t have a. excellent connection in all yet I'' ll inform you this, Frank. Shamrock was available in one day and Frank Shamrock had me in side control.The pressure

that this man.
placed on my breast made me tap. Seemed like there was a vehicle on my upper body and with absolutely no effort from him. It was absolutely simple and easy. And when you train with.
somebody that'' s at such a level when you'' re not, it is the most humbling, mind-blowing experience you.
can have specifically as a man but as a human. – Do you remember, just for enjoyable, do you remember what your.
best submission was? – Yeah, so when we initially began.
out and began doing it, I had a respectable.
guillotine initially so I'' d capture a whole lot of.
people in guillotines and- – So you'' re alright getting on base? So like your guard is quite good? – Yeah, I was alright with the bottom.Yeah, I was okay with being on base. I was comfortable there. But you understand what I never suched as? I never ever suched as gi. Like we began fucking around. with a gi in the start. That ' s exactly how we began. And afterwards when I took the gi off, I seemed like I had no submissions '' cause I couldn ' t grab onto anything.So afterwards, I went all no gi and I never ever wished to wear a gi. – And it'' s interesting ' cause. no gi has actually come to be large'currently and there ' s a great deal of interesting people. I got trained with Gordon Ryan and the degree there is just interesting. It'' s end up being like the science and it looks like dealing with now. It looks even more like dealing with rather than with the gi, in some cases it doesn ' t. fairly look like fighting. And I seem like it'' s transferable to real MMA fighting, no gi things. – Or road. – Road, yeah.
– Right? I suggest, if you begin.
off in your very first year, you'' re in a gi, guy, you better hope guy'' s obtained like winter months. coats on or something if something happens in the street '' reason in my opinion, I know all the jujitsu fucking individuals are gon na go nuts over this, however in my point of view, no gi.
is way better than gi.

– That'' s why I additionally do judo. So in the street circumstance, if you'' re comfortable on the feet and you can clinch and you can toss, because many of us use apparel, particularly in Boston in the winter season. – Right, precisely. – So if you'' re comfortable on the feet, you could still succeed there. The trouble with jujitsu is most individuals are not.
comfortable on the feet, the sporting activity of jujitsu. Lots of people kinda wan na reach the ground as promptly as possible. So what'' d you believe of Royce back then? Like in the very early, like what, '' reason it blew a great deal of people'' s minds that there'' s like even more to this problem. -100 %, and the truth that you had like these guys like Ken Shamrock that were jacked. And you had all these wrestlers or the big, enormous men that they had in the.
different weight classes and this slim little guy like Royce was around defeating everyone. I indicate, if you consider the.
method the Gracies played that, you couldn'' t have a better ad for Gracie jujitsu at the time.

– But likewise like for MMA, since there'' s just a lot. of surprising elements. A great deal of people ' s forecast was incorrect. – Right.
– They didn'' t think the skinny man would certainly win and they'' re like, “Oh shit,'.” there ' s much more to this.
“- What ' s the real gorgeous. feature of jujitsu? It ' s like when you talk regarding, if you intended to get your. child right into a fighting style, should I put my daughter into karate or should I put her right into this? You put your little girl into jujitsu 100% because it'' s not regarding size or strength, it'' s concerning technique.And you provide

your child.
a lot of jujitsu and a bit of Muay Thai, you recognize? – Yeah, she comes to be harmful. – It'' s like the excellent combo. – Yeah. – '' Reason you can put.
your child into anything. Your kid can get in some, you understand, boys are gon na find out how to combat and they'' re gon na do whatever,.
yet girls are different. And the various other thing, I suggest, this is the greatest selling.
point for jujitsu for women. I indicate, when a lady, no.
issue exactly how large, how little, can place a person to oversleep.
3 and a fifty percent secs.

– What'' s the origin story. of the UFC as it is today, as you have actually created it and you and Lorenzo and.
Fertitta bros developed it? – It started with John Lewis, you recognize, and seeing him, Frank.
and I were out one night at the Acid rock and John Lewis was there. And he'' s like, “Oh, that ' s. that supreme combating person”.” And I was like, “” I know him.”” And Frank'' s like, “I ' ve always wanted to find out ground battling.”” And I stated, “” Yeah, I'' m. thinking about it too.”” So we went over, we talked with John Lewis and we made a visit to.
duke it out him on Monday.

– And we informed Lorenzo.
and Lorenzo came with us which was the start of completion. We began doing jujitsu and began to fulfill a great deal of the boxers. And we resembled, at the time, there was a preconception affixed to the sport that these guys were despicable,.
disgusting humans, which was the outermost.
thing from the truth. These children had all mosted likely to college, had university degrees, a lot of them, '' cause they battled in university. And we started to meet some, we enjoyed the different tales. You had Chuck Liddell that had this Mohawk, resembles an ax killer, but finished from Cal Poly.
with honors in accountancy. Then you had Matt Hughes,.
that was this farm young boy, essentially survived a farm. Therefore there were all these cool stories with all these good individuals that weren'' t what individuals. thought they were. And Lorenzo and I constantly really felt.
like there'' s something here.If this point was done the.
best method, this can be large. And what was insane was I was.
in a contract arrangement with Bob Meyrowitz the.
old proprietor of the UFC, over Tito'' s contract and Chuck Liddell. They didn'' t even want. Chuck Liddell in the UFC. I was attempting to obtain Chuck in the UFC and they didn'' t even want him. And we obtained right into this contract.
conflict over Tito'' s agreement and Bob Meyrowitz claimed, “” You understand what? “” There is no more money, okay? “” I don'' t even understand'if I ' ll also “be able “to place on another event.”” And he flipped out. We hung up the phone, I.
literally grabbed the phone and called Lorenzo and I said, “” Hey, I simply obtained off the phone “” with Bob Meyrowitz, the proprietor of the UFC. “” I assume they'' re in trouble. and I think we could “get it “and I assume we should. “” You need to connect to him.”” So Lorenzo called Meyrowitz.
and I wear'' t recognize exactly how, I put on'' t keep in mind the timeline, yet within the next two months, we ended up possessing the.
UFC for 2 million dollars.

– And you'' ve claimed that you.
fought a great deal of fights during that time. – Uh-oh. I mean, the very early days.
of developing this firm and building the sport, it.
was the wild, wild west, male. It was crazy at that time. Yeah, I was essentially up in arms on a daily basis with all different kinds of individuals. Plus, typically, there'' s bad individuals that are associated with fighting, male. There'' s great deals of negative people. And we had to sort our method through that for the initial seven, 8 years. – So generally, there'' s like corruption and people kind of steal cash. They'' re believing simply concerning themselves, not the bigger company. – Well, allow me tell you concerning this. I imply, I wan na say it.
was the Netherlands. I wear'' t keep in mind precisely where. It can'' ve been Amsterdam. I indicate, MMA promoters were.
like auto bombing each other and afterwards the other guy shot.
up the various other person'' s home with maker guns.And that '

s the sort of.
shit that was going on. I'' ll inform you the story. So Affliction, do you bear in mind Condition? – Yeah.
– So there was a guy. I wan na claim his name was Todd.
Beard or something like that.This man made use of to text me everyday when they began their mixed martial arts point, telling me he was gon na kill me. – [Lex] Like legally death risks? – Properly gon na eliminate me. You punk motherfucker. I'' m gon na fucking kill you. You wear'' t recognize that I'am and what I ' ve done and odds and ends. I think this guy would certainly get intoxicated or do medicines every evening or whatever his offer was. This person would call me, text me and intimidate my life daily. I utilized to go, “” Fuck you.”” – You stated, “” Fuck you.”” – Oh yes, particularly at that time. Yeah, however I suggest, this is the sort of crap that took place in the very early days. This individual who was one of the proprietors of Affliction resembled one of the, you recognize, not an excellent human. Allow'' s placed it that way.- What regarding the service side of it? It'' s hard to generate income in this organization. – Yeah, we weren'' t making money. So, you know, attempting to build this point, corrupt, the people that benefit In Need Pay television at the time were bad men, you understand, and that point was a.
fucking complete syndicate. God, I wish I could.
remember his name today. He made use of to run In Demand and.
he was a fucking crook. Then he comes and.
starts running DirecTV who we constantly had actually a.
great connection with. He'' s the reason we left DirecTV and stated, “” Fuck it, we'' ll simply go streaming after that.”” Yeah, I wear'' t remember his name. I'' d have to ask Lorenzo. – So in basic, simply in this whole area, there'' s a great deal of shady individuals. -Everyone you handle is taking care of a lot of various forces and your hands remain in a lot.
of various companies, you understand, from the venue business to the product organization.
to the computer game company, the pay-per-view service, you understand, the checklist goes on and on.
of all the various sorts of the manufacturing business,.
of all these various, you know, when I initially began this, we had a production team.
that was the manufacturing group that remained in it prior to we got it.So there was this.
case with Phil Baroni where Phil Baroni, we.
did an interview with him and Baroni turns out in the interview when they'' re talking to.
him and goes bananas and I thought it was incredible. So I'' m like, “We'' re gon na leave this in “. “We ' re gon na leave this interview in.”” And the manufacturing people.
were saying with me. They'' re like, “We can'' t leave this in. “This is absolutely amateur.”” And I stated, “” I put on'' t offer a spunk'. “” This is what we ' re doing. “We ' re gon na do this and clip it similar to this “and do it like that.” We ' re sitting in the place that evening and'I lean over to Lorenzo'.

' “cause 'the battle ' s coming up.I go, “Wait ' til “you see.” this fucking interview “with Baroni.” They didn ' t fucking do it. They didn ' t do it. These men were guys. that were self-employed guys that helped Showtime at the time or something like that.- I would state, yes.
– I actually went, got.
up from my fucking seat, returned there, “kicked the. “fucking door of the vehicle open and I'stated, “You motherfuckers. “You ever before do that again “and I ' ll fire every fucking among you. “Let ' s simply put it in this manner.” Finished up firing every one of them anyhow and opting for a whole new staff. However these were the sort of points that at an early stage, there'' s so much things. I mean, I might rest
below. for fucking three days and stroll you with all the stuff that utilized to take place back in those days. However it was the wild, wild west, man. – But how'' d you determine, how ' d you know how to.
offer with all this mess? First of all, to discharge individuals, to terminate people that aren'' t. doing a good work, all of

that.Like exactly how to be a leader, exactly how to be- – Well, that'' s things as well.
I indicate -.- Magnate.- Obtaining in, in the very early.
days, there was 2 employees, me and one more lady that.
helped me, for my firm prior to I started doing this. And after that we gradually.
started to bring people on and you begin to construct a team. Then before you understand it, we had 10 people. I indicate, we used to do our.
Xmas events at that time also. There'' d be eight to 10 people.
at our Xmas event. However a great deal of it is you discover as you go. You know what me and the.
Fertittas learnt about manufacturing when we got this UFC? We had like, I wan na state.
we had 2 or 3 weeks to manage an event.This is what

we understood concerning manufacturing. – Actually?
– Jack shit. So we needed to dive in.
and we needed to learn it. We needed to figure it out.
and we knew what we desired. We recognized what we suched as. We understood what we were looking for. It'' s nearly constructing a good team. And I believe that ' s among the points, if you wan na
speak about. what I ' ve achieved in the last 25 years of my life, I'' ve been actually efficient developing teams. – Currently have a vision of what you want the last thing to appear like and afterwards build a team that.
can bring that to life. – 100%. Well, you have to have the vision. Without the vision, there'' s nothing. To make sure that ' s type of what I do.I am the vision part of this thing. We'' re gon na open a PI in Mexico. We'' re gon na do this. We ' re gon na do that, you know? And after that you build the group.
ahead in and assist execute. – A great deal of people that do.
fighting promos stop working. You was successful. Again, it'' s the lengthy chances. What ' s the secret to your success? If you were simply looking. back throughout the years.
– Well, the trick to. success, I would claim, to start with, is interest and consistency. You have to enjoy what you do. You have to rise every day. And I get below daily.
at 9:30 in the morning. When we offered in 2016, a great deal of individuals in the.
business made a great deal of cash and they all took off and they retired. Various other than the Fertittas,.
I made one of the most money. I'' m still right here. I obtain here at 9:30 every morning. Last evening, I left here at 8:30, you understand? And I put on'' t understand'exactly how late. I ' m gon na be right here tonite, but I enjoy what I do.We stand up every day and work. I function equally as hard.
now as I did at that time. The distinction between back then and now is I don'' t have to do a lot of the shit that I wear'' t really like to. do,'like spending plan meetings. I wear ' t like spending plan conferences. I endured sufficient. fucking budget conferences. Terrible budget plan conferences. Dreadful. We ' re shedding countless dollars a'year and I ' m in these spending plan conferences. So I reach choose.
what I do these days. Back in the very early days, you.
wear'' t reach pick and choose.You have to be associated with every little thing. – So prices, you'' re simply. checking out costs and things. – You literally go with line by line every fucking number in the firm and where did the money go.
and how can we save prices? Exactly how can we do this far better? Exactly how can we, you recognize, they are brutal and they'' re multiple times a week and- – Most likely assists to deeply value just how much this shit costs though. – 100%, well, you have to recognize that. In the early days, when.
you start your organization, you have these individuals.
that, when I hear them state, you know what, I wan na benefit myself. I wan na develop my very own schedule.
and I wan na do all this. It'' s simply,
if that ' s your. assumed process entering into it, you ' re never gon na be successful. You have to focus.
to every detail of the service beforehand. You'' re associated with everything. There'' s no day of rests,'there ' s no birthday celebrations, there ' s no fucking Christmas,. there ' s none

of that shit.I actually relocated the.
birth of my second son for a Chuck Liddell fight. We had a Chuck Liddell fight turning up and they'' re like, yeah,. your child ' s gon na be born upon this date and I'' m like,. yep, that ' s not gon na work. (laughing) We'' re gon na have to take him previously. So they essentially gave my wife a C-section and took my son early. – You'' re all
in. – Done in, yeah.- And the fascinating. point, like you stated, you ' ve said that you could. care much less regarding money. You ' re doing this for the love of it.- Yeah, I was doing this when I was broke and I'' m doing this currently when I ' m not broke. I ' m doing this because I love it and I feel like there ' s so much more to do and this is absolutely my passion in life. It ' s like the round. We'' re doing the ball

, why? Why would I do the ball'? It ' s gon na cost me a bunch of money. It ' s actually challenging.Most people think it can ' t be carried out and you ' re checking out unusual angles, various points taking place. inside other than the fight and all this various other things, yet yes, I ' m doing it due to the fact that it ' s amazing and it ' s difficult and it ' s difficult and I think that if anyone. can do it right, it ' s us. So why not take that difficulty?- It ' s in fact why I
' m below. I ' m going to the sphere
for the very first time ' reason I ' m socializing. with Darren Aronofsky who'create the. thing that ' s in there currently and I can ' t believe you ' re thinking about,
I wear ' t understand just how you ' re. gon na resolve that problem.- There ' s lots of challenges. to fix for this one. Several puzzles.- So just how, can you'speak with that? Like what are fascinating challenges that you ' re encountering? -Yeah, so there ' s a lot. So you have the octagon. And then behind it is the world ' s biggest display ever.So what is the style? How do you configure it'? First off, it ' s. extremely expensive to shoot and the layout for the round. Angles, we were discussing today, I simply had a large meeting today regarding the round this afternoon and seeing to it that all my divisions, all the information that I want all start to come with each other.
below in the following 2 weeks. I want the creative, the commercial. I have some objectives. I will certainly tell people as we obtain closer what I'' m wanting to accomplish with this apart from placing on among the best, most one-of-a-kind showing off occasions of all time and most likely the best combat.
sporting occasion of perpetuity. Yet yes, I imply, there'' s difficulties. There ' s a shopping list of. difficulties for this thing and as well as the reality that it'' s on a Mexican Independence Day and we'' re gon na weave in the whole history of battle in Mexico.

– Yeah, good.
– Into this occasion. – However the production, I.
mean, this is funny '' reason you were just speaking about understanding nothing concerning.
manufacturing numerous years ago. – And currently I'' m taking on the sphere. – The hardest manufacturing-.
– Ever before. – And that will be live? – It'' ll be live. It'' ll be reside on pay-per-view. It ' ll be stay in the sector and it will additionally be in film'cinemas.- Nice. So'there ' ll be a, it ' ll be shown, will it be shown at the sphere later too? Like will you attempt to produce an experience?- ESPN ' s doing a doc on it.- Nice.

– The production of the round, yeah. – Are you feeling excellent regarding it? -Oh yep, I feel unbelievable regarding it. I can ' t delay, it ' s gon
na be fun.- I can ' t wait to see. how you fix the puzzle.
– Thanks.- One more guy that I. seem like couldn’t care less regarding the cash is . Exactly how crucial is he to the. UFC, to the increase of the UFC? And what in basic do you enjoy concerning Joe? – It'' s a truth, he.

doesn ' t appreciate money.And he did the initial 13. programs for cost-free for us. – Yeah.
– You know what I imply? That went to a time when we were injuring and he'' s like, wait a minute, you want me to do the discourse? You ' re saying that I get.
to rest in the most effective seat in your house and watch.
these defend cost-free? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I'' m in. So, and after that obviously when. we transformed things around, we made it as much as Joe. However Joe is just one of the things.
that I enjoyed at an early stage about, so I'' ll tell you the tale. So we purchase the UFC,. they ' re based in New york city. We ' re moving the business.
workplaces to Vegas. So I need to fly bent on New.
York, enter into the offices and begin experiencing every little thing and determining what.
requirements to come back to Vegas and what we can just toss away.So they actually had. a VHS equipment and a TV and there were a million.
tapes in this area, man. So I didn'' t know what tapes were, these most definitely we have to.
keep or these we wear'' t need.
So I had to rest there and go. with every single tape.
And I stood out in a tape. and there was an interview on the Ivory Keenen Wayans program.
The oldest Wayans sibling. and he had a talk show at the time and he had , the guy from “Anxiety Aspect” on the show.And he was promoting “Worry Factor”” however all he would certainly discuss was UFC. And he was discussing just how people think that these people in the.
fighting styles flicks are difficult and he was speaking about.
what UFC boxers would do to these fighting styles people if they ever obtained their hands on them. And I was like, this.
is specifically what I need. A guy who isn'' t terrified to talk his mind and recognizes the sport in and out yet extra notably is.
incredibly enthusiastic about it and likes it. So when you see Joe Rogan on camera and I was talking around.
the paid dock chatting heads that they had in HBO.
boxing that were terrible.Joe Rogan does

not come.
off as a paid chatting head. He comes off as a guy that enjoys this. And so very early on, no media would cover us. So I had to acquire my method onto radio. So we do these radio excursions. And they would drop us in. You'' d have to obtain
up. at 3:30 in the early morning in Las vega on the West Coast. And they, ' reason there. at 6.30 in the morning in New york city and Boston and Florida and all these various other areas. So they drop you right into.
these markets to do radio. And the fighters were terrible at it. Competitors rising at 3:30 in the early morning specifically leading up.
to a fight, never great. They seem like they'' re tired. They act like they'' re weary and they definitely act like.
they don'' t wan na be on there. And it ' s bad radio. What you can ' t have
is bad radio. So the only two people that.

might pull off these radio excursions were me and Joe Rogan.So me and Joe Rogan would alternating doing these radio trips. around the nation. – Simply speaking about fighting, discussing what this whole point is. Like obtaining individuals thrilled. – Two individuals that are actually right into it and enthusiastic concerning it and love it. And it'' s one of the. features of Rogan too. Beforehand, nobody. understood the ground video game. Joe Rogan would certainly stroll you
. through what was happening literally before it would certainly take place. He would certainly tell you the configuration, what was gon na come following and whatever. He just definitely expressed.
perfectly, wonderfully and people at home began to understand.And the impact that Joe Rogan has actually had and remains to have on. this sport is countless.
He ' s the greatest podcaster worldwide. And he gets on the UFC.
pay television 14 times a year. And he'' s always speaking about the sporting activity. It'' s immeasurable what this person has actually provided for this company and the sporting activity. – Yeah, still to this particular day. Like I'' ll have dinner with him offline. He'' ll just chat combating. Simply loves it. Enjoys every facet of it. – Yeah, Joe Rogan is among those men. I saw that early on when, why would certainly you pursue.
the Concern Element person? You recognize, to be such a vital element to not only the firm, but to the sporting activity. I saw it in the fucking.
meeting on Cream color Keenen Wayans. – I value loyalty a lot. And I keep in mind there was a minute, not too lengthy earlier, maybe a year ago, when I was resting with Joe and he had a call with you.Joe was obtaining terminated for something. And they didn ' t desire him.
commentating the battles. And you on the phone offered.
your resignation over this. I obtained teary-eyed over that. That'' s such a, you ' re.
a great male, you recognize? -Thanks.- That was effective.
– Anybody that is with me,. has actually been with me, understands. When you ' re with me', you ' re with me. It ' s a two-way street. It ' s not a one-way street. I ' m not one of these guys. that is gon na roll over. And it ' s like
undergoing COVID. I wasn ' t laying any one of these people, several of these individuals have. been with me for twenty years. We ' re gon na lay ' em off? This motherfucker will certainly melt. Shed prior to I would certainly do that to my people.
It ' s simply never ever, none.
of that kind of things. -Yeah.- Is ever before going to happen while I ' m right here. I can ' t claim what ' s gon na. occur when I'leave, but when I ' m right here, the. people that are with me and have actually been with me', they. understand exactly what'' s up.And Joe knows what ' s up. And once again, it ' s a two-way street. Joe Rogan has been very devoted to me, and I am very dedicated to Joe Rogan.- Lorenzo, another individual you. have close friendship with. You seem to have been.
incredibly efficient together as service companions. What'' s the magic behind that? – Yeah.
– Exactly how can you explain that? – I love '' em. Lorenzo and I function actually well together because we have two.
different individualities. I'' m the individual that constantly,'I ' m going below. Lorenzo is constantly below. You might stroll in a room and claim, “” Lorenzo, you simply shed $10 million. “” Lorenzo, you simply won $10 million.”” It never alters. And I'' m a man that goes like this. So we nearly balance each various other out. There'' s a great deal of'points that. he ' s truly fucking excellent at, and there ' s a whole lot of points. that I ' m really fucking proficient at, and they'' re both on the.
contrary sides of the spectrum.

– So that reasonable point served when the UFC was losing money, and it was unknown.
whether it'' s gon na survive those reduced points.
– 100%. What'' s incredible, when you.
think about the tale of the UFC, at the time, the gambling enterprise.
company was cranking. And Station Casinos was killing it. And Stations, their cash from Stations is what was moneying the UFC. Then in the '' 08 -' 09 collision, the UFC was eliminating it in '' 08 and ' 09, and the casino businesses were harming. So timing on whatever, the.
manner in which it all worked out, couldn'' t have actually functioned out much better for them, and certainly for all of us. When you assume regarding the.
UFC and just how big it is and just how much it reaches and.
the number of individuals it touches, the Fertitta'' s siblings made.
a $2 million financial investment, then placed in another 44 million, and look at just how numerous lives.
that financial investment has transformed over the last 25 years.It ' s

interesting. – And it'' s additionally insane, simply. neglect the organization of it, simply the effect it has on.
the background of mankind in terms of this is what we do. We'' re descendants of apes that combat, and this is like the organizations that catalyze the.
development in just how we deal with. It'' s crazy. It created a whole new sport. – That individuals around the.
globe take part in currently. Literally, there isn'' t a put on Planet that we'can ' t get a competitor from now.- You claimed in the UFC 299.
post-fight press meeting that often fighters may whine that they get paired up on even chances, but that'' s in fact when legends are made. I think you provided Dustin.
Poirier as an example. Can you clarify on that a little bit? Like what makes a tale, what.
makes success in a battle? – So behind the scenes, competitors are an extremely.
paranoid number of individuals. They'' re extremely paranoid, and there'' s been this style with fighters where they'' re trying to get me beat.We wear ' t

identify who wins and loses. If we did, we'' d be the WWE, fine? You do. I'' m the bells and whistles man. I see to it that as many individuals that we can perhaps let recognize that you'' re combating on Saturday recognize that you'' re fighting on Saturday. Who you are, who you'' re violating, and why individuals ought to give a crap. That'' s what I do. After that the evening you appear, I put on the most effective live.
occasion that I potentially can, and I place on the most effective television.
program that I perhaps can. As soon as that door shuts, it'' s all up to you. You figure out whether you shed or not. And if you get right into a setting.
where you come to be so paranoid that you think that the powers.
that be right here are versus you, and you attempt to guide on your own.
far from specific battles, which'' s one of the large points that takes place in these other organizations. In these other organizations, the prisoners run the asylum. So if they wear'' t wan na combat negative sufficient, these other firms wear'' t push, and they put on ' t do this, and they put on ' t.We placed on the most effective possible.
matches that we can make.And in this company, you
could be an older competitor, yet if you'' re still placed in the leading 10, there'' s young guys coming for you, awesomes. Young killers are coming out, and they want your position. So you being the expert that you are, need to prepare yourself to go in. And everyone was stating, when we made that fight with Saint Denis, that Poirier remained in big difficulty. That'' s outstanding. That assists develop the whole thing, that Poirier. And after that Poirier goes out and does what he did that evening. That'' s what makes fucking tales.-'It ' s interesting, ' cause. occasionally being the underdog is a really great point. for the long-term story of that you are as a boxer. – Particularly when you'' re a huge name, and a name that people identify, and a name that individuals recognize. And they'' re like, oh man, I keep in mind Israel Adesanya. and Sean Strickland. 100 out of 100 individuals understood for sure that Israel was gon na win that fight. And here comes Strickland. And we could go on for days with this, you recognize what I suggest? That is what produces famous minutes, legendary battles, and it'' s. what constructs celebrities and legends.

– I indicate, probably, Conor.
McGregor with Jose Aldo. – Yep. Conor McGregor with a number.
of individuals initially. People said he couldn'' t wrestle. Individuals said he wouldn''
t be. able to protect a takedown. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Nate Diaz versus Conor McGregor. You recognize what I suggest? – And Conor McGregor against Khabib. Underdog, most likely. Yet if you won, there'' s. an opportunity to win. If you won, that'' s tale for me'. He ' s now in the conversation with the best of all. time without argument.- And if you consider the manner in which Khabib ran via many people, Conor hung tough, you understand. – Yeah, it could'' ve been.

– Made a fight of it.- It could ' ve been.What do you consider that competition? It ' s one of the'wonderful. competitions that you ' ve made. Conor McGregor versus Khabib.- Yeah, I mean, at the time, I was unbelievably slammed. for creating the place. That had the scene with the bus in it. You know just how the fucking media is, but they were stating that I was courting the violence that took place. I'' m informing you a story. Telling you a story of how we got here and how large this battle is and how bad the blood.
is between these people. And I imply, I believe that'' s. what we do the very best work at is informing the fucking stories of why. We enter into Monday, it'' s battle week. We obtained a whole listing of.
things that we do combat week. And afterwards you obtain right down.
to the press conference on Thursday, the weigh-ins on Friday, and after that the battles on Saturday. Currently, my individuals fly back home. They go to sleep on Sunday.
evening and it'' s Groundhog Day. We wake up again on Monday.
and it starts all over again. Every weekend break, every Saturday for a year.So there

' s great deals of tales.
that requirement to be told. There'' s great deals of, when you assume.
about what I take on, whatever takes your.
focus on a Saturday night is my competitor. – So you'' re constantly attempting. to construct a foundation for fantastic stories. And like if the boxers tip up, they step up and they can.
with each other develop achievement.

– That'' s it, that ' s precisely right. So when we are on the internet, like.
when you reach the UFC, I mean, you just saw it with MVP. You'' re gon na see it with Kayla Harrison and so numerous others that have.
come from various other organizations and they get below. They see promptly the distinction in between combating here.
and battling any place they were before. It'' s not also similar.
to the effect it has on you when you leave whatever.
company you'' re with and you concern the UFC. And I assume that it provides a sense of, “” Holy shit, I can truly.”” I indicate, MVP, when he came, I imply, there were probably much more people at the press conference than.
any fight he'' d ever before battled in Bellator, you know what I imply? And you really feel that energy.
and you feel the difference of the influence of being here.And I think it takes a whole lot of. these men to another level
.- Yeah, simply the aura of it, similar to this is where you ' re.
expected to tip up. Yeah, it'' s the means people. really feel concerning TED Talks and offer lectures. This is your moment, you obtain 15 mins and you much better say some interesting spunk. And Kayla Harrison, by.
the way, is a badass.I can ' t wait to see what happens there.- She was walking. with this sleeveless tee shirt
the evening of the fights and divine crap. She is jacked, man, it ' s insane.- Two-time Olympic gold champion. You wear ' t fuck with those individuals. You win a medal, you ' re. constructed from something unique
.- So real, particularly in Judo. -Yeah, especially in American Judo where you wear ' t have several. educating companions that are great.
– That ' s what I ' m stating.- So'you much better fucking benefit it. Outrageous inquiry, yet. who ' s in the conversation for the biggest of perpetuity?- [Dana] Jon Jones. -So you ' ve

spoke about Jon Jones, but what are the metrics involved right here?- He ' s never been defeated. He'ruined everybody. at light heavyweight, which at the time was. the hardest weight course in the company, in the sport. And after that I moved up to heavyweight, won easily at heavyweight. And when you consider a man and you take a look at what he was doing outside the octagon at the very same time, which shouldn'' t belong to it, shouldn ' t become part of the equation, but when you do, wow. Jon Jones, there'' s no dispute. Nobody can debate that'' s. the best of all time. It ' s absolutely positively Jon Jones. He'' s never ever shed.
He ' s never been beaten.

in the octagon ever before.
– To make sure that ' s one of the. metrics, pure large prominence. Yet there ' s others.
You might losing occasionally. is a catalyst for greatness. -I wear ' t disagree. However when you'' ve never shed. It'' s this, you ' ve never ever shed.
We ' ve never ever found someone. And the various other point is that. you need to'variable in 'also is longevity.
How much time he ' s, ' cause occasionally.

with a great deal of these guys, the sporting activity passes them by.You get younger people that are faster, this, that, and'the sport develops. Nobody ' s had the ability to defeat Jon Jones. Oh, and the various other thing that you measure is when you stated dominance, it'' s real.
If you ' re this guy that. has unbelievable power and you ' re just going in and you ' re just fucking. knocking everybody out and no one'' s ever before pulled you.
into the deep water prior to. That was when my opinion of.
Jon Jones began to alter. Gustafsson took him into the deep water. Gustafsson struck him with some.
shit he'' d never ever been struck with. Gustafsson checked him and.
put Jon Jones in an area where I bet if you rested down.
and talked to Jon Jones, going right into the deep rounds of that, Jon Jones assumed he was gon na die. You understand what I'' m saying? – [Lex] He'' s ready to go there. -And he maintained going. He was ready to do whatever.
it took to win that battle. – And it breaks my.
heart due to the fact that he defeated DC and DC is among the best of perpetuity. – That'' s things as well. And I think that DC doesn'' t. get the credit scores he is worthy of due to the Jon Jones thing.When you look at DC and. what he ' s completed. And Jon Jones beat him twice. It ' s indisputable. You can hate all you desire. Jon Jones is the best of all time.- Do you think Khabib was examined sufficient? -I believe that Khabib had the potential to be in the competing that. He just didn ' t stick around a lot. First off,'he had. injuries that, you recognize, he should have been.
where he got a lot faster had he not had the injuries that he had and the obstacles in his.
occupation, however there'' s no doubt.Khabib is among

the perpetuity greats.- What ' s the excellent, the bad and the hideous of your connection with Conor? – There'' s literally no awful. Conor McGregor has
been an. extraordinary partner to work with. Everyone believes that Conor, if Conor showed up to things on schedule, there wouldn'' t be one fucking negative thing I could claim about Conor,.
you know what I indicate? – [Lex] Just being late to shit. – If you fucking stated, placed a.
gun to my fucking head, right, and said, “” Don'' t lie, motherfucker. “Inform me all the negative things.
about Conor McGregor,”” I'' d claim the guy doesn ' t appear on'time.
That'' s it.
– That ' s it.- If Conor McGregor. revealed up to shit on time, and occasionally he does, sometimes he does, he ' s been a terrific companion. If you check out what a. massive superstar he ended up being, the fights that he was associated with, let me tell you what.
Conor McGregor never ever did.He never ever walked in an area and claimed, “” Conor, this person simply befalled. “” We want you to combat this guy.”” And he was like, “” No other way, I'' m. not taking this fucking danger. “” I'' m at
this factor in my. occupation “where my cash, “my this,” my that.” He was “like, “Fuck it,” let ' s do it “.”” You understand, he ' d always state, “Let ' s do it.” The various other thing that.
Conor McGregor never did, despite just how huge he. was or whatever it was “, when we were heading right into a battle, “Oh, Conor, “this guy just fell out. “Aldo befalled. “We were seeking “one more'. “Yeah, “I'' ll do it,
“yet I ' m gon na need. “one more fucking 200,000. “I ' m gon na require one more million bucks.

Dana White: UFC, Fighting, Khabib, Conor, Tyson, Ali, Rogan, Elon & Zuck | Lex Fridman Podcast #421

“” Conor McGregor never ever did.
that sort of hen shit, “” you understand, bullshit sort of things. “” He never ever did any one of that.”” Conor was as solid a man as.
you might possibly collaborate with. – Just fuck it, I'' ll do it. -I ' ll do it. Essentially would, there ' s really a scene, ' reason we were recording something, I'wear ' t recognize if it was embedded or what we were recording at the time. Me and Lorenzo walk right into his residence that he rented out here in Las vega. And I'' m quite sure it.
was when Aldo befalled. And we'' re telling him this, that, and we ' re checking out some options.He says, “I '

m mosting likely to “the fitness center. “When I ' m done functioning out', let me know.” He just got up out of” bed,. he ' s in his fucking underclothing. And he obtains hit with this. And he ' s like, “” All right,.
I'' m mosting likely to the health club. “Let me understand when I obtain.
out that I'' m battling.” Doesn'' t care, doesn'' t wan na understand, doesn ' t want any even more cash, absolutely nothing. Fucking
programs up and he supplies.- Yeah. -Yeah.
So, you recognize, Conor has. been unbelievably effective. He ' s made a great deal of cash and, you recognize, he ' s had his ups
and downs. outdoors and inside the octagon. However as for an individual that was, you know, on the dole and was a plumbing professional, he'' s really an actually clever businessman. And he ' s been among the finest companions that I'' ve ever had
in. the background of the sport.- And a vital part. of the history of the UFC. – Big.- He opened it as much as.
all kinds of new eyes. – Yep. He actually, you know, set.
Europe, Australia, Canada, and lots of other parts of.
the globe on fire, man.He was our initial legit megastar. – And I directly think he.
doesn'' t obtain enough credit history for just exactly how excellent he was as a competitor. And people like to chat spunk concerning Conor. I mean that'' s part of his magic.- But it comes with success. When you ' re'successful, there ' s always individuals out. there that are gon na chat crap. You know, you constantly have.
a number of know nothing, not do anything fucking losers.
that love to talk spunk. – You think if you were.
to do it all over once more, Khabib is the best matchup? – Yeah, listen, the
. thing that you can'' t do is avoid matchups. You understand what I mean? This is what we'' re speaking about. When you talk about being a legend, Conor McGregor needed Khabib. Khabib required Conor McGregor. You can dislike each other.
as long as you want, yet you need to battle.
these various other legendary bad motherfuckers to.
yourself come to be a legend.I mean, it

' s like Jon.
Jones required Cyril Gaunt. And Cyril Gaunt needed Jon Jones '' cause if Cyril can have defeated John, the initial guy, if anyone.
can ever figure it out and defeat Jon Jones, it'' s a huge offer. And it'' s practically like your.
responsibility as a competitor. And when you consider Jon Jones became that he is today and the.
factor I'' m sitting here telling you exactly how terrific he is, since all these other people.
offered him the opportunity to defeat them. Or they beat Jon. It'' s everything about giving these.
various other men the opportunity.Saint Denis.

Poirier provided him the opportunity.
to come in and defeat him. That'' s exactly how this all jobs. -It ' s the two of them with each other,. both fighters together. -You have to have them both.
Listen, I might align. a bunch of no-name bums that Jon Jones could go through. That'' s what they carry out in all. the various other organizations. We would have absolutely nothing to.
fucking talk concerning today.

– That'' s why thankfully a.
excellent document in the UFC is not as crucial as that.
you dealt with, how you dealt with. – Yet when you have a.
ideal document in the UFC, divine crap. That'' s what you would certainly, when you can have a. excellent record in the UFC, you are absolutely one of.
the most special professional athletes on earth Earth. – You and Trump are buddies. I simply spoke with Ivanka last evening regarding her experience in the Miami occasion. She likes it. She'' s training as well. You were discussing.
getting girls to train. She'' s training also. – And the children are training, yeah. Her papa'' s the most significant. fucking battle follower on the planet.Calls me

regularly to.
discuss the battles. And Don Jr. said that I'' m. like the only individual in the world that he bros out with. It'' s amusing when you speak regarding.
just how effective combating is. This last Miami event, the head of state of Ecuador.
and the head of state of Spain both uploaded regarding the battles. Khabib defeated Conor. Putin got on FaceTime prior to he also made it to the storage locker area. Trump, resting president, ex-president, seeing all the battles, calling, wishes to speak about the fights. Valentina Shevchenko. Every time she goes home, she consults with the.
head of state of the country. The checklist goes on and on and on. One of the most effective, , Zuckerberg. I suggest, the checklist continues and on. One of the most powerful individuals worldwide are all obsessed with battling. – When did you initially find.
that Trump likes combating? – So I first found that.
Trump was a huge battle fan.Obviously, you

saw him.
a component of all the big, you'' re speaking about exactly how. big boxing followers we were. He belonged of all the.
big resist after that. But when we first bought the UFC, this point was so bad,.
places didn'' t even desire us. And we wound up doing our first occasion in Atlantic City at the Trump Taj Mahal. Currently think of this, back then, Trump brand name right here, UFC brand. I imply, I can'' t go low sufficient. And he had us at his place,.
two times back to back, turned up for the first battle of the night and remained till the.
last battle of the night. Then afterwards, any kind of excellent thing that would certainly ever before take place to me in my occupation, Trump would certainly connect. Whether it was, we were on the front web page of the New York Times at once, and he stated, “” Congratulations, Dana.

“” I always knew you guys were gon na do it.”” Little things like that,.
however that allow points and indicate a lot, particularly.
coming from an individual like him. – So he saw something in.
you, like this is gon na be- – 100%, he certainly saw it. And after that comes '' 15, ' 16, whenever. it was, I don ' t keep in mind. Yet he called “me and he “said, “Pay attention, “if you wear ' t wan na
do this,. I entirely comprehend. “” Yet I would be honored if you would speak “” at the National Republican.
Convention for me. “” And I'' m not an extremely political. person, you know what I imply? “” And everybody informed me not.
to do it, do refrain this.”” But I was like, “” Why would certainly I refrain from doing this? “” This individual'' s been excellent. to me, and I did it”.” And our relationship is just.
like, you recognize what I suggest? I take into consideration Donald Trump to be one of my really, excellent friends.

– Any kind of preferred stories? – I mean, there'' s so lots of tales. I mean, once he won the.
election, I'' d be at job and I '
d be down the hall,. remained in the matchmaking space or whatever, and my secretary would certainly inform, “” The President'' s on the phone.” Fucking come diminishing the.
hallway and get hold of the phone. And he'' d wan na speak concerning. the fight that was coming up or the fight that happened. Or I'' d remain in my auto and. I ' d respond to the phone. It'' s like, “Hi, this is the White House. “” We have the President of the.
USA on the phone.”” That'' s a journey when that. first starts taking place. And afterwards just to sum him up, this is the kind of man that, you wan na talk regarding a boxer? This is one of the most resistant.
human being I'' ve ever met. If you see the spunk that this individual'' s undergoing publicly every day, and I'' ll phone call him on the phone as a close friend and be like, “” Hey, you good? “” How you doing?”” Unfazed, unfazed, like nothing'' s going

on.And he'' ll start speaking.
to me concerning odds and ends and all this various other crap. One-time, there'' s just been once', I ' ve never chatted concerning this publicly, but once I called.
him and he was not excellent. He was a mess. And I'' ve never ever heard him like that. And I'' ve never ever seen him. like that when Ivana died. The only time I'' ve ever. seen him screwed up. Certainly, as soon as I.
heard it, I reached out and I have never ever. They consider all the stuff.
that'' s gone on with Trump, all the bad things that they say, they'' re attempting to strike him, they'' re attempting to wreck him, unfazed. I called him that day and he was, that'' s the very first time I'' ve. ever before seen that man busted up and bad. – Yet that states something.
that that'' s the only time.That man is

, I imply,.
walking through the fire. – He does not get rattled. He will certainly stroll through fire. He'' s an absolute vicious. – You assume he wins the.
presidential political election? – I don'' t recognize, man. It ' s gon na depend upon exactly how this whole, politics is the many. dirtiest, scummiest point on earth Earth, male. And that understands exactly how this.
is all gon na play out. It'' s all dirty, it ' s all unsightly.
And certainly, I'' m rooting. for him and I ' m behind him and I wish he does, however we ' ll
see. -What ' s dirtier, the battling.'game in the early days or national politics? -There ' s absolutely nothing dirtier than national politics. Absolutely nothing, there ' s. actually absolutely nothing dirtier. It is the dirtiest point on earth Earth. -Just wished to get that on record. One more person who doesn ' t appear.
to be daunted by the fire, I'' ve learnt more about him as Elon.I have to ask you, it'' s a little fun. You were a part of reasoning.
about putting together Zuck versus Elon. I trained with both. I did a telephone call with Elon and you when we were educating on the floor covering. You actually believe that could.
have been a great battle? – It would certainly have been the.
most significant fight ever before done. – The phenomenon of it. – Two of one of the most powerful,.
richest guys worldwide. Great deals of people chat crap.
and go back and forth and file a claim against each various other and do all this. These two individuals were.
literally speaking about encountering each various other in the.
octagon and combating. There'' s nothing, and they'' re in an organization that ' s checked out as geeky,.
you understand what I suggest? They'' re technology geeks,.
they'' re this, they ' re that.
These are two guys that. wanted to toss down and battle and you recognize as well as I do. There'' s a great deal of public. conjecture concerning this. I was taking major live. and working with this point. I suggest, I had estimates, I had numbers. I was taking a look at venues. I was on the phone with the.
fucking Colosseum in Italy.You name it

, I was in it. These guys were serious.
and this was something that was really gon na occur.
and I'' ll tell you now, in the short amount of time.
that it was decreasing, it was fun, I was having a blast with it. – What do you think concerning Tyson? Tyson fighting Jake Paul. – I like Mike Tyson and I'' m not a follower of anyone battling at our age, yet he'' s a grown up man obviously and he'' s gon na do what he ' s gon na do, but a minimum of I know, I spoke.
to his better half a pair days earlier and he'' s taking it serious.
and he'' s training for it and you recognize, so we'' ll.
see just how it plays out. – Why do you assume he combats though? Like what is that around, is.
there a more comprehensive lesson there concerning fighters, around excellent boxers? – I believe that Mike Tyson is actually one of those distinct people who has actually crossed over.Any of these various other boxers from his era, they have no other way of making
money besides fighting.Mike Tyson has actually made a

great deal of cash beyond
combating. I suggest, Tyson still has that aura. You can be at a. dining establishment and he strolls in and you ' re like, holy.
fuck, Mike Tyson'' s right here. You recognize, he still has that kind of mood and power in a space and.
he makes whole lots of money beyond the ring. I simply, I believe that he.
wind up obtaining these deals that he can'' t refuse.

– Oh, you think it'' s financial? So just how much, I imply, that ' s. an excellent concern to ask. You deal with a great deal of competitors. For the number of of them is it concerning cash and for the amount of is it concerning the reality, the pure love of fighting?- Well, the individuals that obtain. into it for the appropriate reason are the men who obtain into it for achievement ' cause you wan na be the fucking best.
And when you ' re in it.
because of that, right, you like it and you wan na be.

looked at as the ideal ever and you have the talent,.'the cash happens.Then you have various other people who get in. I think me, I ' ve taken care of fighters who simply intended to be well-known and simply wished to earn money.
You recognize what I indicate? And it ' s, you understand,
. pay attention, it is what it is. It ' s your life and you live. it the manner in which you desire and do your point, yet.
the ones that are cherished are the people that

really. wan na be fucking great.And they ' re the ones that are kept in mind. And I imply, when you look.
at Tyson in his early years when he turned up under Cus D'' Amato, I indicate, he was a pupil of the game. He loved whatever. He ended up being entirely.
fixated with the fight game. After that he became such an enormous superstar. It'' s practically like the whole. point begins to activate you.You know

, all the important things that.
come with you at a young age and that sort of money. And it'' s difficult,
it ' s hard. to browse and make it through. And you recognize, you state something like that, and people resemble, oh, bad him. He had fucking $100.
million and couldn'' t, eh. At that age and with all. the spunk that individuals talk and all the things that.
you obtained ta endured and the fame, a great deal of.
people handle fame.Some individuals handle it truly. well and some people don
' t. And the best instance of that was Forrest Lion and Stephan Bonner. You understand, they combated. that amazing fight on “The Ultimate Boxer.” Whatever blew up after that.” Forrest handled fame actually. well and Stephan did not.
– That was an unique battle.- It actually was.
– What do you think drawn in. individuals to that fight?
To make sure that made, that was.
a big jump for the UFC. – It was everything.
– It was whatever. – It was whatever. – Why do you think.
people enjoyed that battle? What drew in people to that battle? Why did they change every little thing? – Well, what happened that.
night is that the rest of the show was a disaster. You understand, we had the co-main.
occasion and the centerpiece. Diego Sanchez went through.
Kenny Florian in secs. Oh my God, that was horrible. And the fights that led up to that weren'' t anything to discuss either. After That Stephan and Forrest obtained in there and simply went toe-to-toe in.
this astonishing slugfest reside on totally free tv.
when wire still mattered. And what I heard was at the moment, you know, you had individuals.
picking up the phone going, “” Are you seeing this show?”” The numbers simply began climbing.Then you got a razor thin. choice, that ' s gon na win? You got the crowd stomping their feet. It appeared like a train.
was going with the area and everyone'' s chanting another round. Me and the Fertitta siblings.
obtain with each other and we speak. We'' re gon na provide ' em both agreements. So we provide ' em both contracts. and the location emerges. It just, it couldn'' t have. been a more perfect battle at the most ideal time. And it simply, all of it collaborated. So it'' s nearly like this was indicated to be.You understand what I suggest? So we had a lot of issues.
with Spike television at the time. Since halfway through the season, the head of state of the firm got fired. All things that we assumed.
we were gon na obtain that year, you recognize, we had this runaway hit program. And typically during that time, when you would certainly see runaway hit programs, there'' d be commercials,.
it'' d get on signboards, it ' d be
on the side of. buses in L.A. and New York City. Eh, we obtained none of that. We didn'' t also know if
we. were gon na get a second period appearing of that.And when that battle was. over, I swear to God, I was like, I wear'' t also provide a fuck. We'' re gon na wind up somewhere.
currently hereafter fight. And we didn'' t even
make it out. of the building that evening. The Spike men did the.
agreement with us in the alley on a fucking napkin after the fight. – So you already saw the.
magic of the fight itself. It captures every little thing.
– Once that occurred and all the crap, and at that time, I didn'' t know what the ratings, it'' s not like we were streaming and we might see what we were,. we had no idea, yet I recognized. -[ Lex] You just recognized this was coming'. -I recognized.- What is it? It ' s like simply two people being. ready to stand toe to toe and simply go to battle.- And when you believe. concerning what went to stake, there was an auto, keep in mind the Kia? The winner obtained a Kia. That ' s what was the fucking … And Stephan and Forrest, the will to win, they both wanted to win that battle so bad. – It was larger than the Kia probably.
– You understand, Forrest drove that. Kia to like 200,000 miles. The biggest error Kia ever before made was refraining a fucking business with Forrest Griffin about that vehicle. Forrest Lion liked that. cars and truck a lot he drove it. I believe he still has it.
It ' s obtained like 200,000. miles on it, that cars and truck.
I indicate, you couldn ' t have. a much better fucking commercial than that. And we got to out “to him too. I claimed, “Kia must recognize about this.” They fucking blew it.
You got a number of,. you know how those guys are in the company globe. They don ' t fucking obtain anything.- Possibly it had to do with the Kia after that.- It was concerning winning.They both wanted

to win The. Ultimate Competitor so bad. It ' s the Kia, it ' s the win, it'' s the agreement you.
obtain, the entire thing. – But I believe at that point,.
you even fail to remember every one of that. When you'' re therein, you most likely just, there ' s a primal thing where.'like, I ' m not backing down.- They ' re both poor dudes. They were both real fighters.
at the end of the day. That'' s why the fight was so
great.- Yeah. – You know what I imply?- Simply throw all
the caution. to the wind and simply fight. Those are several of the best.
minutes in the UFC also when the technique is.
not, type of breaks down and you'' re just like — Because you'' re in those deep rounds. You ' ve been through a battle. Currently it'' s everything about heart and pet. That can dig deeper and that'' s. obtained it and that desires it? That wants it? I indicate, all of us understand when that.
minute occurs in a battle, when you see that both of these.
men are fucking exhausted.And for individuals that are viewing this, individuals that wear ' t recognize a great deal of', everyone believes they.
understand a lot about dealing with. 99.9% of individuals out there.
put on'' t recognize fucking jack spunk concerning combating or what it takes.
to do what these people do. But when you enter into those later rounds and tiredness embed in, and afterwards tiredness makes you.
start to fucking uncertainty on your own. And afterwards you begin to ask yourself, can I also make it with.
the remainder of this round? And afterwards you begin to assume, am I gon na fucking pass away today? And these kids dig fucking deep. And they simply, like you stated, all the various other crap flies out the home window and currently they'' re simply on fucking. auto-pilot to fight and win.Those are definitely the very best fights you ' ll ever before see in any battle sport.- I suggest, that saying holds true. Like the fatigue. makes cowards of us all.
I imply, there ' s something around, ' reason I ' ve competed a whole lot in jujitsu. So there'' s the violence of being struck as well. But even simply exhaustion, it.
makes you examine every little thing. – So true. – It just takes you to some odd area where your brain begins to assume you'' re going to need certain. Your mind starts to assume like, why am I doing this? All these reasons, all this stuff.
– I love that shit.

– And afterwards the absolutely heroic activity is to state fuck it in that moment. And simply to obtain in there. – When you consider these battles that you see in the UFC.
every fucking Saturday, when these males and females reach this factor where they'' ve remained in a pet dog fight, yet they maintain fucking going.
and you maintain trying to win. You can'' t envision what ' s. going on inside their heads. Self-doubt and all these other.
things that enter into play when fatigue establishes in and they fucking power through it.

– Yeah, those moments,.
occasionally they'' re not, they wear ' t have a glorious.
ko at the end, but your choice in the.
3rd round or the 5th round to still maintain pressing.
forward, not running. – [Dana] 100%. – That doesn'' t matter what occurred. That is a person winning.
a battle over themselves. – So real. It'' s so real and it occurs.
every fucking weekend break. It'' s so outstanding. I state everything the moment. The individuals that are associated with this sporting activity are this much of the population. Individuals that make it to the top five are extremely unique,.
unique people, man. It'' s fucking outstanding. – You enjoy betting.- I do.
– What ' s the greatest win. of your gambling occupation? Possibly emotionally, if not financially.

– Well, 2 points. I won a million dollar hand one evening. It'' s took place one-time. A million buck hand.
one night at Manila Bay. And then one summer season, I.
beat Caesars for 12 million throughout the summer season. – Throughout the summer season.
– Yeah. And afterwards I'' m on a pretty. good run today too. – This is blackjack?
– Yeah. – What'' s the most significant loss?- Greatest loss was, I would call this the most significant loss for several reasons. This is what, you live.
and you discover in life and you figure things out as you go along. So one night I'' m over at the Rio. And they got large suites over there. So I discuss there with some friends and we got among the suites.
and we have some dinner and we begin consuming. So we'' re having some drinks at
. dinner and blah, blah, blah. Begins to increase, having a good time. And I make my method down.
to the Thai Limit Area. We begin betting and I proceed.
to consume alcohol, having a blast. I wind up leaving and going home that evening and I shed like 80 grand. So I get up the next early morning, I'' m like, “Fuck, those motherfuckers.
got me for 80,000 last evening.”” So I'' m at the office the following day and.
the host over there calls me and he says, “” Hey Dana,.
are you coming back? “” Do you still require the.
space that you guys had “” where you consumed and all the spunk you used?”” And I claimed, “” No, I put on'' t need the space, “” but wear'' t obtain too comfortable.
with my fucking 80 grand.

“” I'' m coming back for it”.” Dead fucking silence. And he'' s like, “Dana, you
. shed $3 million last evening.”” (laughing) I said, “” What the fuck.
are you chatting regarding? “” I just have a million and.
a half dollar credit limit.”” He goes, “” Yeah, you made.
us call the GM of the resort “” and you started calling.
him a fucking pussy “” and dah, dah, dah, dah.”” And I went, “” Yeah, no,.
that sounds like something “” I would certainly do, yeah.”” – To ensure that'' s the genuine number.

– That was the actual number. And afterwards there'' s been a great deal of instances where people are in. Las vega and they ' re like, “Oh, I lost all this money “and they were giving me free beverages “” and I consumed also much and.
I was made use of.”” No, you silly motherfucker. Man up, you got fucking drunk. Alcohol is totally free, yet you don'' t. have to fucking beverage it. You understand what I imply? And this was a huge.
learning lesson for me. So I never consumed alcohol once more.
when I was playing cards afterwards night. However yeah, when you ask me, that'' s the one that attracts attention in my head one of the most regarding having a bad loss. And after that obviously I claimed, “” Call the GM,”” and I started calling him a pussy at three o'' appear the early morning. – [Lex] Naturally you did. – That is something I would absolutely do. – How do you manage.
those emotionally? Do you, when you wager,.
maybe this puts on fighting too, do you love.
winning or hate losing even more? – They go hand in hand.So the manner in which I play. is, I reside in Las vega, so 2024 is a war for me. I fight in '' 24, okay? All these evenings that I.
play are little battles inside the war that I will certainly battle in '' 24. Currently, at the end of the year, we will tally up all these little battles and see where I depend on victories and losses. And there'' s great deals of talk.
out there concerning my gaming, puts that I'' ve been kicked.
out of and points like that. And I do quite well. I do quite well, yet.
it'' s what I like to do. I wear ' t gamble in such a way that. I would certainly ever before harm myself or hurt my family or, you'understand, I ' m certain you ' ve listened to the. Standard Macdonald stories.
Standard Macdonald lost like. his entire personal wide range four times or something like that. Yeah, that'' s not gon na take place to me. -So you manage it, but.
just psychologically, you'' re able to be also
-. -Yeah, yeah. So'when I win, it ' s incredible.
It ' s always excellent to win. Winning is a fantastic feeling. in organization, in sports

, in life, and absolutely in gambling.Losing is'never ever fun, but. it ' s part of the game. You understand what I mean? If you wan na be in the. video game and it'' s sports, it ' s service or whatever, there ' s gon na be wins and. there ' s gon na be losses. And you need to take them both in stride and you need to have the ability to, you understand, there ' s a great deal of people, when you wager. And you shed and you enter into.
a deep, dark clinical depression. I ' ve seen this with men. that do it, obtain dispirited, gambling isn ' t for'you, you recognize? If you are the type of. person that ' s on social media sites and individuals state awful things. to you and you get depressed and you shouldn ' t be on social networks, you understand what I mean? These are all component of being in the game. When you'' re in the fucking video game, excellent points happen and. actually negative things occur. And you obtained ta take it all in stride and you got ta pick.
on your own up the next day, band your fucking shoes.
back on and venture out there and most likely to fucking war again.That ' s

exactly how it functions. – That'' s some
goggin ' shit. right there, all right. I love that motivational speech.- It ' s the reality though,. it ' s the truth though. Listen, every day when you obtain out of bed, life'' s standing right there to kick you in the fucking face, man. Might be anything, could be you stand up and you walk downstairs,.
you obtained a fucking level tire and you'' re late for job.
and you obtained this which. Life is gon na toss all.
sort of crazy spunk at you. And you need to await it and you obtained ta fucking handle it.Can ' t curl up into a ball,.
you can'' t flee from it, you can '
t conceal, you need to. take all this spunk directly.
You need to stand up, every. day when I'obtain up out
of bed, I band up and I ' m getting. prepared for fucking battle. ' Reason I know I ' m being available in here, I recognize a number of bad shit ' s gon na occur that I ' m gon na fucking'manage. And if that ' s okay enough, when I ultimately leave right here, I ' m probably gon na most likely to the casino and I'' m gon na enter into.
an additional fucking war.You understand

what I mean? I grow in chaos, I in fact enjoy chaos. Everybody speak about.
retiring, fuck that crap. What am I gon na do when I retire? What would certainly I do? What would certainly I, I such as to go.
to war, I such as to fight, I like to win, sometimes I shed, however after that I have to come back from the loss and I enjoy to build brands, I enjoy to establish temporary.
and lasting objectives and afterwards knock them all down. This is simply right stuff that thrills me. And whether it'' s business or betting, or I like being a follower of points also. I such as online music, so when.
I find a band that I such as, I obtain excited to go see the.
band live or the Celtics game. I love the fucking Boston Celtics and I like mosting likely to the.
video games and seeing them. This is the year, with any luck we'' re gon na. fucking win it this year. These are all things that make me delighted and delight me in my life. And it'' s amusing since there'' s this message that I post maybe three,.
4 evenings a week.I also like the city. I can'' t tell if the city of. Las Vegas was developed for me or I was developed for this.
fucking city, however I enjoy it. And there'' s this turn. on Summerlin Parkway. Every evening and it'' s dark. And from there you can see.
the whole fucking city and it'' s all fucking. lights and it ' s badass. And I ' m usually driving home after a fucking incredible day. This incredible day and this astonishing.
fucking life that I have.And I have

this just minute of gratefulness. Each time I take that turn and I'' m like, “God damn, I enjoy this fucking city.”” And simply every night when I go home, I'' m just so satisfied and happy.
for this life that I have. – So you'' re thankful, you'' re commemorating, also if the day contains spunk, packed with troubles you have.
to solve all of this, you'' re still able to put that behind you? – I enjoy that too.I love issue fixing. I love taking points that appear impossible and fucking, what'' s been spunk on greater than this fucking business right below? Power Slap. – Yeah. – This thing'' s a fucking beast. It ' s an outright monster.
In 13 months, that ' s the. most successful point I ' ve ever before belonged of. And I love every fucking min of it, specifically the negativeness. I like negative thoughts. – Oh, so you nearly feed upon it. That'' s excellent,

that ' s great.You ' re a develop for this.- I eat that shit for. fucking morning meal, male. I like it.- What ' s your favored film concerning Vegas? “” Gambling enterprise?”” – Yeah, it would certainly have to be “” Gambling establishment.”” No question concerning it. Do you ever see a flick.
that changed your life, that really influenced.
your life somehow, shape or create? – Possibly.
– Which one? – That'' s a great inquiry. I have to think. “Well, I” have a lot, a lot. “Gambling establishment” can be among them. Most likely showed me about females. You understand, “” Forrest Gump,””.
for me, it'' s a simple flick, yet it was an actually great movie to reveal. It reminded, '' reason I ' ve
been. really privileged in my life, like over and over and over, and I don'' t assume I should have any of it. So I just constantly felt like Forrest Gump. So when I finally saw it,.
it really gotten in touch with me.It resembled, alright, this.
world operates in odd means and stuff just emerges. And you just kinda be good to individuals, put that excellent fate out.
there and it takes place for you. So that was a film like that. – I'' m really extremely.
superstitious regarding that. I believe that what you.
put out, you return. And I think that when you have, you ought to look after other individuals and you should constantly try.
to bring people up with you and all that type of stuff. However the motion picture that changed the.
whole trajectory of my life was “” Vision Pursuit.”” – [Lex] Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, that'' s a good “one also,” yeah. – “Vision Pursuit,” male. I fucking love that movie. It'' s generally,
it ' s. telling the tale of a child who truly wasn'' t anybody in high college and nobody kinda knew that he was. He wasn'' t popular or any kind of.
of that type of crap. And he decided that that was the year that he was gon na make his mark.And he was

a good wrestler at 178 extra pounds, however he was gon na relocate.
to 160 something to take on the shoot, the.
scariest man and the whatever. Yet there'' s all these. little points in the motion picture that actually outlined.
what life is everything about. Among the parts is he'' s in a class and he'' s chatting about, the teacher ' s speaking about some poem. And he claims, “” What does.
this rhyme suggest to you?”” Well, this little lady'' s. going through the park and all the leaves are.
falling off the trees and she realizes that.
she'' s gon na die someday.And that a great deal of people
think they have all this time around so they fucking waste it. And they never ever head out and do
what they actually established out to do or achieve or do anything
great in their life. That'' s one meaning. Then'he ' s got the guy that

he'collaborates with at work.He ' s reducing weight and his nose is bleeding and all this crap. And this person maintains going, “” Why.
the fuck are you doing this? “” Pick that point up and consume it.”” Like a fucking man. “” This is ridiculous. “” I wear'' t understand why you ' re. doing this to on your own.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So after that when he satisfies the lady and he obtains to the point where he seems like he intends to quit.Where does he go? He mosts likely to that person'' s fucking house because he recognizes when he reveals.
up at this man'' s house “, he ' s gon na” go, “Yeah, fuck this spunk.” No, he went to function.
He went to function to talk'to. him and he wasn ' t at the workplace. He took the evening off.
So he reveals up at the fucking home, at the shitty little fucking. home that the man lives in and the man ' s putting his.

“fit and connection on and shit. He ' s like, “” They claimed you called in unwell. “” What'' s taking place?”” He ' s like, “” Well, yeah. “Aren ' t you battling this guy tonight?” And he ' s like, “Yeah, yet why would you? “You ' re gon na obtain docked a nice pay.” And “suddenly she. claims, “You know what, man?” After that all of it obtains laid out. I obtain the goosebumps even.
telling you this fucking component. – Is that the Pele speech? – Pele, yeah. When he'' s claiming about, “” I'' m fucking cooking in an.
overnight hotel fucking point “” and I reside in this shitty apartment or condo.”” A human being can raise himself.
upside down and backwards and kick a sphere into a fucking internet and the entire arena goes.
crazy and this person runs around and I'' m sitting here in. my fucking house alone and I begin crying. Yeah, I begin sobbing. So the individual who'' s been shitting. on him the entire fucking time in fact truly respects.
him of what he'' s done and sees what this child is capable of doing and all this crap. This fucking motion picture talked to.
me on many various levels and I assume it'' s most likely. the most underrated flick of all time when you actually.
break down the significance of what this film is about and it fucking really talked to me.

– That'' s possibly the best motion picture on individually fight. – I would agree.
– Ever before made. – I would agree. And especially if you can.
actually hear the messages that it'' s provided you in. this motion picture, it ' s exceptional. You know what ' s funny? They just did like the, and. I saw this after the truth which completely fucking pissed me off. They did like the 25 year.
or the three decades thing. It was shot in Spokane, Washington. They showed the film.
at a movie cinema there and the actors participants came.
out and mentioned it. I would have fucking flown there for that. Are you shitting me? I'' d have been there in fucking. 30 secs to rise there and be a part of that. That movie actually changed my life. – Yeah, I suppose me too. It made me wan na battle. I indicate, probably the factor I was, possibly it made me love, loss.
in love with fumbling. – Well, you recognize what'' s funny? I wasn ' t even into wrestling at all and I didn ' t need to be for

that film to. -[ Lex] Yeah, it ' s this basic human tale. – It'' s such a fantastic film. – I suggest, that'' s what battling does.
It highlights the fundamental,. like the mankind of a person and really like if the,.
for the people that pick to step up and action in the.
ring and after that go after greatness and really do it from.
like against the long shots, that'' s why it ' s a stunning game. – And it'' s so true. I mean, when you consider, like I'' m 54 years old.
now, like that. I imply, it simply fucking zipped. And you assume when you'' re young.
that you have all this time, you have no time.There '

s no time at all. I suggest, one of the quotes on.
the wall surface in the fitness center in there'' s,” “There “is no tomorrow,” from “Rocky III.” There is no tomorrow, fuck that shit. Let'' s get all this shit done today. – Do you think about your fatality? – I'' m not worried of death,.
not even a bit. I'' m not worried of it. I put on'' t understand if that ' ll be. the case when I'' m encountering it, when I ' m overlooking the barrel of it, stocking a health center bed somewhere. – However for currently, simply.
pressing as high as you can out of every day.
– 100%. I essentially, I don'' t also like to sleep. My life is so fucking amazing. I'don ' t even wan na go to bed in the evening. I put on ' t also wan na go to sleep. I wan na stay up fucking, I want I can fucking do 24. hours and never ever need to sleep.That ' s

just how much I enjoy my life. – What has viewing thousands.
of contest the years taught you about human.
nature, regarding us people? – I put on'' t care what shade you are, what country you originate from,. or what language you speak, we ' re all human beings. Fighting'' s in our DNA,. we obtain it and we like it. And it ' s real, fighting is in'our DNA. It ' s a component of who we are. And regardless of where you.
are, if a fight bursts out, it creates this fucking energy, this buzz, this feeling of concern. I indicate, a great deal of different.
feelings occur in individuals when battles break out. Yet one point that is constantly the case, everybody'' s enjoying, man.Everybody '

s fucking, all of.
their eyes are on the fight. I suggest, we were simply in Mexico. Fucking battle damaged out,.
like in the excellent seats, like right below, these.
seats are incredibly pricey. And safety never ever fucking came. They just let these people.
battle up until they gassed out. And after that everyone placed.
their chairs back together and unwinded down and fucking, I essentially got up from.
my table, walked over, and was viewing this fight at the battles. – At the fights.
– Yeah. – People fight and human beings.
love seeing fighting. – Absolutely. And that was my thought process.
entering into getting the UFC. And I think that this.
would function everywhere. And say thanks to God we were right. – Well, Dana, thanks for bringing this really human thing of battling, the art of it, the scientific research.
of it, the brave stories, the Vision Pursuit stories of it all. – Boom. – Actually appreciate you.
speaking to me, sibling. – Thank you. Enjoyment, friend. Thank you for the kind words. – Thanks for listening.
to this conversation with . To support this podcast, please take a look at our.
enrollers in the description. And now let me leave you with.
some words from Muhammad Ali.

“” Impossible is just a big word.
sprayed by tiny men who locate it simpler to live.
in a world they'' ve been provided than to check out the power.
they need to alter it. Impossible is not a fact, it'' s an opinion.
Impossible is not a. affirmation, it'' s an attempt.”” Thanks for paying attention and
. hope to see you following time.

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