EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job w/ Brad The Plumber – Plumbers Majestic

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job w/ Brad The Plumber

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

– No, I'' m not, it hasn ' t. been validated yet, so I'dunno what ' s taking place.- G ' day I ' m Jason, and. welcome to this very unique episode of Fit 4 FIFO. As you may have observed',. we are a day early to our typical Thursday launch. As a result sequel of Mike ' s interview will'be launched this coming weekend break. Well today we ' re gon na. introduce you to a young plumbing technician
from Brisbane that will. be flying out today, Wednesday the 11th of July,. to his extremely first FIFO task, and he ' s consented to offer us. regular updates each day, which we ' ll be submitting to our Facebook and Instagram stories. So excellent for you to sign up with.
him for the highs and lows of his initial swing over.
the following two weeks. See to it you'' re following.
us on Facebook and Instagram. We'' ve also provided Brad.
with a FIFO strategy template in order to sustain him.
with his FIFO trip. So hang around to the end to discover out how you can get a complimentary duplicate. Now, allow'' s go meet Brad. Brad, welcome to Fit 4 FIFO, companion. – Thanks, friend. – Inform us a little bit.
about yourself, friend.

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

– Well for starters, I'' m 25. I ' m from Brisbane, and. I presently deal with my brother and the old kid. I'' ve obtained my older sister
. that lives round the edge with two young kids and a partner, and after that I'' ve got another sister who lives just to north of us in North Lakes. – And what'' s your existing work?- Currently I'' m working. as an industrial and have been for the previous 10 years approximately. – [Jason] Simply here in Brissie? – Generally around Brisbane. I have done a little bit of job away, outermost being Blackwater,.
general to Airlie Coastline, Maryborough and Nanango,.
Gatton, and so forth, yet mainly in and around Brisbane. – All right, so you'' re nearly to start your very first FIFO gig? Tell us concerning that.
– Yeah, correct.Well I ' m taking a look at. flying out on Wednesday to
remote South . So it ' s rather interesting,. I ' m expecting it, ' cause it ' s undoubtedly something.
I'' ve never ever done prior to. Still plumbing, yet from.
once again what I'' ve gathered it appears a little bit more in the. site facility upkeep. -Do yo recognize just how much approximately you are from any kind of neighboring towns or cities, is that …? – It'' s really remote. I believe it ' s at
the very least. a five, six-hour trip with 2 trips. – Is your first job, is.
it operations center or is it a building task? – I'' m not a hundred percent sure, I assume it'' s procedures center. – … -What precisely is procedures center? -Procedures is like,.
much like a recurring, like operating, as.
opposed to construction, like if it'' s building and construction.
it'' s constructing the place. operations is like when.
it'' s ongoing, which is …( Brad mumbles) It is most definitely procedures. – You wan na ask that once more.
and I'' ll provide you a little bit more?- That ' s fine.So what do you carry out in.
your leisure, friend? – In leisure I play.
footy with the young boys, try and obtain to the coastline as high as I can, extra so in the summertime. Hang around with my nephews and all that, and typically just capture up.
with friends whenever I can. – Have you explored if there'' s any of this type of things'where you ' re going?- I haven ' t yet, to be. truthful, ' reason I'wear ' t understand what facilities I'' m gon na need to myself. That ' s something I ' ve obtained ta discover out, if I have accessibility to automobiles or people'have automobiles up. there that they can obtain away, yet it resembles I ' m. doing a 2 and'one roster, where I'function 7 days a week, so I ' m not certain what pause I ' ll need to venture out and explore, but that ' s something we ' ll. find out as it takes place.- Do you intend to just tell us
, I mean what you ' ve. been informed you are'doing, and like all the information. you know concerning the work?- So from what I ' ve collected,.

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

it ' s more so an upkeep side'of it, positive. and responsive plumbing.So just the facility that we ' re going
to is 40-odd years old, so. stuff ' s beginning to go, and seeking to maintain. it and obtain in advance of it and bring it back up to scratch. I wear'' t understand a great deal of the details. on precisely what I'' m doing, but I presume we ' ll locate that out after the initial number of swings. I think I'' m gon na get. partnered with someone, sorta discover the ropes.
and see what it'' s like.- And what regarding the camp,.
have you been informed anything concerning where you'' ll be. remaining and lodging? – It'' s remote north South , and I'' ve looked it up on Google, it resembles quite a big camp, they'' ve obtained general centers like a gym and all that type of stuff.I ' m not exactly sure what the resting.
lodging'' s like, but– -And what regarding food, have.
you listened to anything regarding food? – I haven'' t heard anything. about the food, but I do, the person that obtained me onto the. work was the chef manager and he'' s that it ' s always. usually respectable, so I
' m quite excited. to see what'it ' s like, and I really hope that it ' s. respectable, yet it appears to be rather a variety of food. there, which, so— And you ' re a vegan aren ' t you?- No certainly not, so … (Jason laughs) As long as there ' s a steak night.
once a week, I ' ll be pleasant. – And what are the points. you ' re most anticipating?- Something different, to be honest. I ' ve been doing the exact same type of point
around Brisbane for ten years approximately, and I seem like this is.
the very first time in my life that

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

it ' s really matched doing. the FIFO kind of structure.So I dunno, I ' m actually delighted to venture out
, do something various. The idea of capturing. airplanes to work and things is once more various and interesting, so … And chance to find out a. little bit extra about the profession and see what it'' s like around, I presume. -What about the things you'' re. least looking onward to? – Most definitely the important things.
you'' re gon na miss out on out on, you know, obtained young nephews you'understand.
You wear ' t fairly know.
how difficult it ' s gon na hit up until I think you miss.
one of their birthday celebrations or right stuff that you take. for provided in around home that you

do week'in, week out.So that'' s the sorta things. that ' s gon na hurt a bit. Obtained a lotta mates that more than in London presently living, so. when they come back home it ' ll be a bit harder. You understand, they ' re doing things on weekends that you'' re losing out on. Like there'' s currently a camping.
journey that'' s been reserved and I think I'' m away for it, yet that ' s all part and.
parcel of it I presume. – Any nerves? I imply … – I wouldn'' t claim nerves,.
I'' d state'more fired up. I ' m really comfy with my trade that I'understand what I ' m doing, however possibly anxious about summer season and how tough that'' s. gon na hit, to be sincere. -[ Jason] It gets pretty warm. -Yeah, well that ' s it, like you recognize, it rises in high 30s in Brisbane, however when you ' re out in these remote areas it stands up over of. 40, 50, and damp as heck.

– And have you considered for how long you plan on doing FIFO for? – I'' ve always said from the beginning when this turned up, 2 years, but once again, until I recognize what it'' s. like, maybe longer. If I'' m suited to it and I'enjoy it, after that I ' ve obtained no factor not to stay in it, but once more in the exact same watercraft,. I can in fact hate it and tap out after a month or two. I dunno, I wan na offer it a good crack and see what it'' s in fact. like and provide it a chance, and yeah, really obtain right into.
it, however I'' d like to do at the very least 2 years.- Do you have any kind of economic goals, or like a quantity that.
you intend to conserve for or …

EP. #9 My Very 1st FIFO Job W/ Brad The Plumber

– Yeah, so I'' m truly looking at obtaining a foot right into the building market, so I truly wan na try and.
get the very first home from it. I'' d like to conserve 30 grand.
a year, estimate – [Jason] Number of years. – Yeah, for the next pair.
of years at least, you know. Try and get some money.
behind myself and do it, yet I put on'' t recognize, just obtained ta see what the way of living ' s like available, and I presume as soon as you start taking in all your lodging.
and food is spent for for two out of 3 weeks, I'' m not certain exactly how much. I will certainly have the ability to save, but it must be a fair little bit, ideally.

– Yeah good. Resembles, you salary clear with you? – Yeah, so they'' ve gone. over the pay package and all that kind of things, and it'' s substantially much more.
than what you get in Brisbane, and they'' ve set it out in a means that they annualize your.
wage so that weekly you earn money even when.
you'' re on your week off, to make sure that was something. I was stressed over is making large cash while I was away, and afterwards on that week.
off getting virtually like a retainer and being.
short on the ute payments or stuff like that. So they appear to even.
it out for you and afterwards any overtime or callout fees get included into that week especially, so there is a method to.
gain a bit even more cash there, which is good.

– What roster are you doing? – So currently it'' s. established up as a 2 and one with travel dates on the Wednesday, so eventually I travel on their time, someday I travel on mine,.
which is rather great, '' reason I had a couple of mates.
who exercised in Perth that had to take a trip on their.
day of rests, in their week off, so it finished up being 2 or.
3 on with 5 day of rests. To ensure that was constantly something.
I was worried regarding, however this seems fairly sensible. The lineup itself is based on 140 hours over there time on, the two weeks, so 7 days, 10 hours a day, which is rather reasonable I assume. – And so 2 and one.
is generally considered more of a lifestyle-friendly.

Do you intend on doing.
any type of plumbing or any work when you come back on your week off? – Right now I do, I said to myself I'' ll do 2 days a week. However that ' s likewise in the rear of my mind waiting to see how difficult this hits me with that 2 weeks.
away, 7 days a week. – And have you seen any kind of.
of Fit 4 FIFO episodes? – I have in fact. Probably the one that actually stuck out also was the holiday accommodation one,.
the scenic tour with a dorm, due to the fact that I worked remotely.
for a company I functioned for when I was a pupil,.
and the conditions we went were extremely average, to state the least, it was like a removable.
with 12 solitary beds in the one area, and– – [Jason] In the one room? – Yeah, so you know, you.
had scaffolders, painters, concreters done in there, blokes.
snoring, really loud like, which was something that I was really rather afraid of in the past.
I saw that, you know, what the sort of established is, what the expectations.
were of lodging, and then kind of seeing.
that you obtain a king single and a TV, your own bathroom.
and that type of things, simply an area that you.
can most likely to, maintain cool, and it'' s sorta your area, was rather encouraging as well.It ' s quite nice, and.
the various other one I saw was the food place and food hall. That again was quite comforting, like there'' s rather a. selection of food generally, and you'' re enabled, due to the fact that.
there'' s some nights where someone might toss pasta in front of you, and the last point you wan na eat'' s pasta.
So it ' s good just to. be able to go in there and kind of pick what you'want.- So you ' re the first visitor we ' ve
had that is actually, hasn ' t. remained in FIFO prior to. So'I ' m just wondering if you ' d more than happy to perhaps share your experience in the future of your assumptions. versus the fact of it? – Yep, definitely. -Possibly we do a couple of Instagram tales, and then possibly like a followup episode – Yeah most definitely. – Perhaps after your very first number of swings. – Yeah, see just how I'' m appreciating it. – Yeah.
– Just how it'' s all going.

– Seems good, so people can follow along. Yeah, so among our viewers, Jesse Seeker, has actually sent in a question for Brad. Just how has he prepared himself emotionally? – I wear'' t recognize if I ' ve done a. whole of preparation psychologically. I'' ve simply obtained a real attitude.
in the direction of taking it as it comes, and sorta attempting to.
take it of what it is, '' reason I ' ve honestly obtained no concept what it'' s gon na resemble available. So I guess the greatest thing.
is, it'' s just 2 weeks, and if I definitely hate it,.
which I don'' t assume I'will, I think I ' ll be fairly matched to it, however, it'' s only two weeks, and. it ' s something various ultimately, so I'' m truly. excited just to jump in and give it an actual great go.
and simply see what it'' s like and see what it ' s about.- And your 2nd inquiry is, does he have a monetary plan? – Yeah, definitely.Again, just trying

to get. right into the residential property market with it. I think being a little bit older. currently is excellent too, ' cause I assume if I ' d done. FIFO when I'was 20 or
so I would have been firing off to Bali or just pissing it up versus the wall buying jetskis and all that sort of crap, but I'' ve obtained an idea.
of what I wan na accomplish and highly trying to enter behind that and make that take place as.
fast as I can, really. – So, there'' s another thing.
I intended to show you. Something I'' ve discovered
in. FIFO is I mean people, especially when they'' re brand-new entering into it, they put on'' t have any kind of strategy, or anything to lead them, and afterwards they, I mean they make their. choices in the future based upon their circumstance if FIFO, like they obtain themselves.
right into a bit of debt, which is simple, '' reason you.
can borrow a shitload more– – Than what you'' re earning.

– You seem to enjoy your.
own cash a lot a lot more. So yeah, so I'' ve created.
this little strategy for you. Primarily, I'' ve simply.
place this with each other from, I expect my experience,.
and things that I'' ve observed that people experience.
with troubles and stuff. Well I wish you enjoyed that, and you'' re as thrilled as I am
. also see Brad'' s daily updates. If you ' d like a free copy. of the FIFO strategy template, click the web link below, include your e-mail, and as quickly as I work.
out just how to make use of MailChimp, I'' ll be sending you a complimentary copy. If you'' ve obtained any type of remarks.
or questions for Brad or myself, please leave them.
in the comments box listed below. Be sure to adhere to Brad'' s day-to-day updates on Facebook and Instagram, and keep an eye out for component two of Mike the Mechy'' s interview.
this coming weekend break. See you then.

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