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Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool…What Can It Cut?

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

All right, men. Today we’re going to be
having a look at Milwaukee’s 3″ Compact Cut Off Device Set. Currently, I really like these
sort of devices due to the fact that they’re multidimensional, implying you can reduce a range of different
things, and that’s always truly practical when you’re on a project. So, allow’s open
up the box; take an appearance and also see what’s within. The model number on this is 2522-21XC. So
in situation you’re interested, that’s the number you need to search for at the store. Milwaukee did send us this removed device, but we do refrain from doing paid evaluations, which is necessary
for you to understand. Let’s open package. While we’re doing
that, I did wish to discuss that this is a brushless motor. So instantly, you can see this kit includes a bag, which is constantly nice.As.

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

I’ve mentioned previously, I love Milwaukee’s bags; they behave and also durable. You get 3.
different kinds of reduced off wheels; we’ll review these one at a time. This is the M12.
battery charger. This is kind of neat. This is a dirt extraction system. They’re becoming a lot more.
prominent as a result of OSHA policies. Yet it’s certainly a really nice safety feature as well. This is the M12 RedLink XC 4.0 Ah battery. So this is what you need to make use of with this.
removed tool. And after that finally, this is the device itself. As you can see, it behaves since.
you can simply hold it with one hand. It’s really tiny, for lack of a better word.And.

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

I’m really delighted to examine this out and also show you what it can and can not do. One of things I’m a little bit bummed about with this battery is there’s no power.
indicator on it. Commonly, with Milwaukee batteries there’s a power indicator on the.
front. For instance, this is a 5.0 Ah battery. As well as if you press the button here, you can.
see just how much power you have actually left. That’s truly, actually essential. Unfortunately, it’s.
not on this XC 4.0 Ah battery. So, bit of like eh … desire that was there. On the removed device itself, it has a wheel guard, which is great. And also from what I can.
inform, the wheel guard is not detachable. So on a common, for instance, angle mill,.
you can remove this; although, we leave ours on. There’s an onward as well as reverse switch.
right here on the side. There’s additionally a white indicator on the top of the tool that reveals whether.
or not it remains in ahead, neutral, or the reverse position. I’ve never seen that in the past,.
but it’s kind of a fundamental way of revealing that. The lock out button remains in the front of the tool.So you need to

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

push this and after that turn.
the pin up until it involves. This way you’ll be able to switch out or set up one of the.
blades. The trigger’s on the base of the tool. And also what I like regarding this is it’s really ergonomically easy to use. Now, Milwaukee offers you three kinds of wheels with this package. You have a diamond blade for.
cutting floor tile. You additionally obtain a metal removed wheel– and also these are all 3″ incidentally. And after that you obtain an abrasive wheel that’s meant for reducing a selection of various products– really,.
let me have a look. This is for drywall, fiber concrete board, and plastic. As well as we’re going.
to check all 3 of these wheels on various types of materials. So do not worry; we’re.
going to obtain around to that. Now, here’s the offer. The optimum rpm for.
this tool is 20,000. Since’s a fair bit since a lot of angle grinders as a matter of fact are.
just like 11 or 12 or 13 thousand; truly just relies on your angle grinder.So 20,000.

rpms? That’s quite impressive for this little device. The other point to bear in mind is.
this can suit both 3/8 of an inch and 7/16 of an inch arbor size. And they give.
you an adaptor below that you can put onto the device for a 7/16-inch arbor. So we’re going to place the initial blade onto this. As well as what we require to do is make use of the Allen.
wrench that they provide to you. So there’s a screw. Actually, you intend to turn this clockwise. There’s a leading flange. And after that there’s a bottom flange. You can leave the bottom.
flange on. Now, the most essential thing is to mount these blades properly. They.
have arrows on them that indicate the direction in which you need to put the blade onto the.
tool. Now, due to the fact that we’re just mosting likely to be making use of.
this diamond blade in the forward direction, we’re mosting likely to be aligning the arrowhead on.
the blade with the forward direction arrow. So it’s actually as basic as installing it.
like that. So you desire this to break right into place over top of the spindle. As well as you intend to put.
your leading flange on, and after that this bolt.And to tighten

this screw, we’re mosting likely to transform.
it counter-clockwise. And we’re simply going to tighten it until it behaves and tight. And also incidentally, it’s a best practice to not have the battery in the device while you’re.
placing the reduced off wheel in position. So, one of the biggest questions I had was,.
” Exactly how do you put the dirt footwear setting up on this little, small device?” Well, I’m going.
to show you. Inside the dirt program setting up, there’s a.
bit, red tab. This stands out. When the dust shoe setting up is installed properly,.
that little red tab involves with the slot in this wheel guard. So truly the very first step.
is to comprehend the orientation of the dirt footwear assembly, and also this is how it needs to look. You should have the port facing the front of the tool.And after that the tool needs to move.
right into the dirt shoe setting up. And you intend to glide the device backwards to ensure that that little.
port in the wheel guard is engaged by that red tab. There actually isn’t much to it,.
and you won’t feel a great deal of movement. You’ll just really feel a refined involvement of that tab. So, that’s really all there is to it. And since it’s engaged, you’re great to.
go. Now, if you intend to eliminate this dust shoe assembly, you weigh down on the red tab below. And what that does is pulls that red tab inward, and then you can disengage the wheel guard.
from the dust shoe assembly. However for currently, we’re simply going to reengage that because.
we intend to use the dust shoe setting up. In general, it’s a quite glossy assembly. And also.
as soon as you do it a few times, it becomes rather very easy to take the dust footwear on and off. One of the things that I forgot to just point out though is you desire to have the depth of cut.
at its maximum distance to install the dust shoe assembly onto the tool.So actually, there’s. simply a wingnut back
here. You loosen it, and also you can relocate this depth of cut up and down. The various other terrific point exists are increments on the back of this deepness of cut, as well as those.
straighten with the arrowhead on the side right here. So you can conveniently adjust your depth of cut depending.
on the type of product that you’re making use of. So for example, if you’re reducing 1/4- inch.
thick floor tile, you can just simply loosen this nut and change the deepness of cut to just a.
little bit greater than a quarter of an inch. However the wonderful thing is that this is conveniently.
flexible, as well as you can put it anywhere you desire, as much as looks to be like about 3/4 of an.
inch. So there you go. That’s just how you adjust the depth of cut. Which’s truly good.
to have when you’re cutting tile.We’re mosting likely to begin making cuts on the.
porcelain and ceramic floor tile. However before we do that, constantly make sure you have your security.
gear. So listening to defense, shatterproof glass, gloves, as well as if you’re not mosting likely to be using.
the dust footwear, after that get on your own a silica dust respirator. We actually like these ones.
by Sundstrom. They’re remarkable. They don’t do so well for those people with face hair,.
yet absolutely worth the $50. The first examination that we’re mosting likely to make with.
the cut off device which diamond blade gets on a 12×12 inch piece of 3/8-inch porcelain.
ceramic tile. This is a very, really hard tile. We’re simply going to make a straight cut with.
it and also see just how it does. And incidentally, we are mosting likely to have this.
hooked up to a Shop-Vac while we’re doing the cutting. The battery installment is very easy. Just just push it in up until you hear the click,.
and you’re good to go. So this is a 1/4- inch Shop-Vac hose pipe that we.
linked to the port here.So it’s in there pretty snug. If I had my druthers, I would certainly place. some kind of Fernco system
on this to maintain it great and also protected. But it is quite tight,. as well as it is on a swivel. So we’ll see just how it performs as is. I’m personally stressed with digital brakes. Have a look at this set. Not as well worn-out,.
right? To ensure that’s a really wonderful security feature. We’re just going to be using a very inexpensive.
Shop-Vac on this. Undoubtedly, you can get a pricey HEPA Vac, as well, which we enjoy. However.
we’re going to utilize this 3.0 horse power Shop-Vac. So this very first cut is simply a straight puncture.
the 3/8-inch porcelain. And also as you can see right here, there’s still a whole lot of dirt capturing.
out from the reduced off tool. That’s mostly a function of the Shop-Vac.

It was a little.
little a battle to puncture this porcelain, and also one of things I would love to highlight.
is the truth that the blade may require to be put on in. But in this certain situation, it was.
a little harder to reduce through than it would certainly be with a standard angle.
mill. As you can see below, we struggled up until the end to make that cut. So it just.
took a little longer than I expected. Here’s my impression puncturing.
this porcelain: the tool looks like it has a great deal of power, yet the electronic devices closed it.
down whenever it starts to overheat or whenever it begins to really come to be pushed by the.
tons that it needs to puncture the ceramic tile. So in terms of long cuts, I’m not so certain.
regarding that. Now, here’s the bargain: this is just a 3-inch blade too.Typically, when. we

cut through ceramic tiles
, those blades are a minimum of 4 1/2 inches. So where a 3-inch blade comes.
in handy though is reducing through ceramic tile for electrical outlets. So allow’s see just how this.
cut off device works for that. The various other thing I wished to discuss, as you.
possibly saw, this Shop-Vac didn’t do the most effective at removing all that dirt. Certainly.
attempt to use a HEPA Vac for that. With a typical angle grinder, it’s a.
little difficult to eliminate a regular electrical box even if of the size of.
a 4 1/2- inch angle grinder blade. The 3-inch blade for this removed tool is best for.
this sort of project.And as you can

Milwaukee 12V Cut Off Tool...What Can It Cut?

see here, we’re working our way with the cut of.
this porcelain floor tile. It’s quite simple to puncture it. And most definitely, I very advise.
the cut off tool for this sort of job. The blade can handle the porcelain in short.
cuts and brief ruptureds. It’s just that whenever it’s a directly, long cut, I feel like the.
removed device and also the blade struggle a little bit.But in this particular instance, I love the. 3-inch blade and the truth that you can finish the cut on the back side of the ceramic tile. As you saw, it was pretty easy to eliminate the dimension for the electric box. There. are a few various problems here.
The blade is not that wonderful that Milwaukee materials. As you can see, there’s breaking in this porcelain along the edge here. Not way too much. of an issue with an electric outlet since the cover will certainly hide that. Yet the other concern. with this cut off tool is the tiny wheel guard right here.
On a conventional 4 1/2- inch angle. mill, the wheel guard is far more substantial since it’s 4 1/2- inch blade. This is extremely. small, as well as I very recommend that you put on at least some sort of eye protection, if not. full face protection, since I was getting shot at by a bunch of different items of. porcelain, slivers of porcelain.So be extremely, very cautious if you’re cutting porcelain. or ceramic

with this. It will certainly puncture it. Does it make a perfect cut with the blade. Milwaukee provides? Not. I think that one of the most significant recommendations I. have for Milwaukee is to come out with different types of blades that function a great deal far better with. porcelain as well as ceramic. The following examination is going to be with a carbide. unpleasant wheel.This is a little, tiny monster, as well as it’s made use of for reducing with drywall,.
fiber cement board, and plastic– so things like ABS and PVC. So keep in mind exactly how at the start of the video I said I was distressed concerning the battery indicator? Well, it’s in fact on the tool. So you reached press the trigger, and also that lights. up the battery sign right here. So congratulations to Milwaukee for putting the battery sign.
on the tool although it’s out the battery. So this is a test that we’re mosting likely to be doing to just eliminate a little electrical. outlet place in an item of concrete board. In this case, this is Durock. As well as it has a waterproofing. liquid membrane over top of it. So that’s just to include a little much more intricacy to. the test. So allow’s cut this out.
So we began the cut on the top surface with. the fluid waterproofing membrane layer. By the way, this is Ardex 8 +9, so it’s a quite. strong fluid membrane. Yet as you can see below, the reduced off device and also the removed. wheel do an actually great job of reducing throughout the surface area of this.It does develop. dust, no question. So if you can put the dirt
shroud onto the tool, that’s ideal. And I. would very recommend that you do that if you

have to make a whole lot
of puncture concrete. board. However undoubtedly you do not necessarily need this device to puncture cement board;. it’s just something that’s going to quicken that procedure.
Nevertheless, it truly did. very, really well with this CBU. I reached say I’m pleased with the
cut. off wheel and the device cutting through this cement board. No issue whatsoever.
So, what’s. going to be our following examination? Let’s punctured a piece of PVC due to the fact that frequently when you’re. demoing things, you simply want to be able to puncture the PVC or if
you just need a. short piece of pipeline. So, we’re going to get PVC as well as do that test. Incidentally, that was
a 1/2- inch item of concrete board, as well as this is a 2-inch item of PVC. So we’re going to puncture this.As you could see right here, we’re cutting right. with the 2-inch piece of PVC. No problem whatsoever. This is a piece of cake, yet make. sure you keep the pipe good and tight if you remain in a scenario

similar to this one below. If you’re just mosting likely to be demoing, after that certainly you reached see to it that the pipeline. is safeguarded as well as you can make a
great, clean cut, and you can bond another item of PVC. I really felt that this removed tool did a truly great job of puncturing. As well as you can really. wipe the cut, too, fairly quickly. So if you need to make even that off, not a trouble. whatsoever.This is an additional angle of a cut. So this set’s. quickened, undoubtedly. Yet as you can see here, the device doesn’t have any type of issues reducing. via PVC, and also I really liked exactly how it performed. So no worry cutting through the

plastic. The only issue is, unlike with Sawzalls, you can’t go appropriate though the whole point. You have to revolve the pipe. Yet however, it’s a wonderful cut off device for that. So the. following examination is going to be on a selection of various sorts of non-ferrous metals. So we’re going. to be reducing via copper, some channel, as well as a U-channel that we made use of for placing in. glass doors as well as glass panels.We’re going to put the metal removed blade onto the cut. off device for these examinations. Metal test top: 1-inch kind L copper. Generally, it did cut extremely well with the copper.

I ‘d enjoy to recognize what your ideas. are, however, so allow us know in the comments. Oh, and also before I fail to remember, the regrettable point. about the set is it only features one battery. So I ‘d enjoy to see Milwaukee come out with.
a kit that has 2 batteries, and maybe there is one, I just don’t learn about it.
However. just having one battery with the tool is really, truly difficult, particularly because I have actually a. lot of various Milwaukee devices, yet I do not have that 4.0 Ah XC battery that is. needed for the removed tool. So, reached wait on it to bill. So this is conduit.And as you can see below, it does not take long for the reduced off tool. to go throughout it. As well as I believe this is a
testament not just to the power of the device. however additionally the blade that comes along with it

. Okay, that was quite quickly. It’s absolutely. not a problem cutting with the channel. Currently, the last test that I intend to do gets on an item.
of U-channel. This is the U-channel that we utilized to place in glass doors and also glass panels.
for showers.So allowed’s see exactly how the reduced off tool provides for that. I would highly recommend using this reduced off tool for a U-channel since it made a tidy. cut. All you need to do is
make it look a little bit nicer using a file. However you ‘d. need to do that anyhow if you reduced this on a miter saw. Okay, so what are the final thoughts for this device? Where do you get it
? And also what is the. rate? The final thought is this. If you’re
simply. doing electrical outlet cuts and also porcelain or ceramic floor tile, this is a wonderful tool for. that. If you need to make longer cuts, I would certainly state it’s not actually quote where I would.
desire it to be. And also I highly advise Milwaukee bring out different blades for this since. attempting to discover a 3-inch blade for a removed tool is really, really difficult.
What concerning reducing through points like steel and avenue and plastic? Well, this removed.
tool stands out at that.So if you’re mosting likely to be using it for those objectives, I very. advise it. Now, what is the price, and also where do you find. it? It’s about$ 130 for the device only.

About $199 for the kit that we just examined in. this video.
So it’s definitely not an affordable tool, but it’s extremely solid. Twenty thousand. rpms. Plenty of power. You just need to know that it does have constraints with the 3-inch. blade. As well as most definitely use your safety equipment when you’re using it, particularly with floor tile. Allow us recognize what your ideas get on this down in the comments.We’re always open. to various ideas as well as tricks on just how to utilize these tools. So if you have one and you have actually. utilized it, allow us know what your ideas are down in the remarks section. Many thanks for watching this video, as well as we’ll see you in the next one

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